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Netflix Premium APK is an application that provides a variety of movies, series and TV shows, animation, documentaries, etc.
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Netflix was launched on August 29, 1997, by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings on the Google Play Store. NETFLIX APK provides the best online services and is most popular among people in more than 130 countries worldwide.

In films and TV shows, their services are top-rated by the world’s social media industries. Netflix provides high streaming quality of 4k and HD, full copyright. It also allows users to use Netflix from various platforms, is available in a mobile app, and has a TV version.

NETFLIX Premium APK is an application that provides a variety of movies, series and TV shows, animation, documentaries, etc. NETFLIX Premium APK is a paid video application with a lot of entertainment. This application allows users to watch movies, TV shows, and series on one platform.


One person can buy a screen on Netflix and share it with five others so that with one payment, six people can enjoy more and more entertainment at once. Nowadays, Netflix has become the most favorite and beloved app worldwide.

NETFLIX Premium APK is the most installed app on the Google Play Store. Over 500 million people install this app on their phones and laptops/PCs. As much as your internet connection is good, you can enjoy movies and series online quickly and suitably.

Netflix specially cooperates with production studios and distribution channels. This application provides teasers for upcoming movies and series and also shows suggestions for famous and high-rated movies worldwide. So users can easily approach famous movies.

Subtitles are also present when you watch movies, so you can also understand other languages. Netflix has a video player, which is very convenient to handle. This player has many features like rotate, pause, lock the screen, volume up and down, set brightness, and more.

If you swipe the screen, you get a list of movies while watching and a list of other series episodes if you are watching the series so that you can play the one accordingly. All episodes are titled and numbered with full descriptions. 

NETFLIX Premium APK has the most popular and latest content for its users from all around the world. These days there are so many apps like Amazon, Disney, and many more to enjoy movies and series altogether, but Netflix is the one that is so cheap and convenient for everyone.

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Main Features

Movies library is more manifold than the other apps

NETFLIX Premium APK has a huge library for movie lovers. Most are the latest and very popular, which is not easily accessible on other apps like Amazon, Disney, etc.

It gives a free trial of one month.

Netflix provides their users a one-month free trial so that they can enjoy a lot of entertainment for the whole month without any cost.

No usage fees

Netflix has no special usage fee. You can pay a subscription fee once and enjoy the whole month without any disturbance or extra charges.

Create many screens

You can create more than 5 screens on NETFLIX Premium APK and share them with your friends so all of you get entertainment on one paid subscription. It is also an opportunity for those who are not able to pay, so more than five persons collect money and pay, then enjoy it at a low cost.

Adjust the brightness and volume on the screen.

Netflix has a video player, which helps users to adjust the brightness and volume on-screen while watching movies. This video player has more features like a lock screen, pause, and rotation.

If you are watching the series, you can swipe the screen upward and get suggestions for other movies or the next series of episodes.

Kids profile

Netflix also has a kid profile so that kids can get a lot of entertainment. In the kid’s profile, there are animated movies and games to enjoy.

Watch 4k HD quality movies and series.

The quality of movies, series, games, and others on Netflix is very good. In 4K, HD-quality movies and series are presented to the users. 

Have subtitles in different languages

Netflix provides subtitles. So it is very easy to understand other languages and helps to enjoy Korean stuff.

No adds to break the interest.

It is very stressful to watch ads while watching, and it wastes time. NETFLIX Premium APK has no ads, so there is no disturbance while watching movies and series.

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How it works

You can download the basic application from the play store or google on your phone. It provides movies, series, and TV shows you want to watch.

NETFLIX Premium APK allows users to download movies and series with no space issues to watch later. It allows its user to watch free trailers of upcoming movies. 

Netflix leads their users about new ones according to their interests.

NETFLIX Premium APK provides so many programs on one platform, which is good for those who are fond of doing it.

This application has amazing features to enjoy,y like my favorite list where you store the things to watch later, smart download, an amazing video player, search with one click, and suggestions of the latest movies and web series. In short, Netflix is full of entertainment apps, and you never get bored.

Netflix has stuff from more than 130 countries. This application provides Korean stuff, which is very rare on other apps. Among many streaming applications, NETFLIX Premium APK is one of the best.

You can connect Netflix with your excellent internet connection and conveniently enjoy movies and web series.

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  • You do not need to set up anything; log in on NETFLIX Premium APK and start watching.
  • Provides a variety of movies.
  • You can download it first and watch things later offline.
  • It gives a fast speed of downloading.
  • No ads to interrupt while watching.
  • It provides subtitles in all languages to understand easily
  • Advanced search button
  • Easy and accessible interface 
  • Description of movies and series also available
  • Latest and most popular content available
  • Cool games available to play 
  • Make your list of favorites


  • This application is a little bit costly after trial. In return, you can enjoy movies and series without ads or with good speed.
  • Mostly subtitles in English are quite hard for those who don’t understand English much.
  • Lack of Asian movies and a slow speed to upload.

How to Download NETFLIX Premium APK

  • Open your device settings, enable unknown sources
  • Download the NETFLIX Premium APK file from the play store.

How to install NETFLIX Premium APK

  • After downloading, install the APK file
  • Click on the APK file
  • Go to your phone settings 
  • Allow permission to download from unknown sources
  • Click on the link given below 
  • This application is installed automatically
  • Open the application
  • You get an option to choose a player which you want to watch.
  • Choose a player and enjoy watching movies.

What’s new

The latest released version of the NETFLIX Premium APK is 9.75.0.

Features of the new version

  • The latest version of NETFLIX Premium APK is 8.40.0, which can overcome the limitations of the old version of Netflix.
  • This new version has amazing features to enjoy. It provides the latest video player with many features like volume up and down while watching movies, set brightness, lock screen to remove disturbance, and many more.


Indeed NETFLIX Premium APK is a great application for enjoying many movies, TV shows, and series altogether. It makes holidays more enjoyable with so much entertainment. Nobody wants to miss their favorite shows not present on ordinary apps. Netflix provides great access to those with quality and features.

NETFLIX Premium APK holds all the latest and most popular content from all over the world. On one account, you can enjoy different profiles. You can share your screen for more entertainment.

Netflix is a low-cost application with much more entertainment on one platform.

So go and download NETFLIX Premium APK first and enjoy watching, don’t forget to share your experience with us and comment about the information we provide. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to download NETFLIX APK?

You can download the NETFLIX app from the play store or through a Download button.


YES, it’s safe. This application is thoroughly tested before coming to market. You can safely watch movies and others without hesitation.

Which country has a free NETFLIX APK?

Kenya is the one where NETFLIX APK is free of cost.

Can we download NETFLIX APK for free?

Yes, you can download NETFLIX APK free from our site to download NETFLIX free of cost.

Is there a need to subscribe to NETFLIX Premium APK?

Yes, if you want to enjoy features provided by NETFLIX Premium APK, you have to get a membership. For this purpose, you have to pay an annual or monthly subscription fee.

What's new

  • The latest version of NETFLIX Premium APK is 8.40.0, which can overcome the limitations of the old version of Netflix.
  • This new version has amazing features to enjoy. It provides the latest video player with so many features like volume up and down during watching movies, set brightness, lock screen to remove disturbance, and many more.



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