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MrDots Games released the Dating My Daughter APK on May 20, 2019. We know that the father relationship is complicated and emotional. In this game, the main character has not seen his 18-year-old girl for many years after the divorce.
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MrDots Games released the Dating My Daughter APK on May 20, 2019. We know that the father relationship is complicated and emotional. In this game, the main character has not seen his 18-year-old girl for many years after the divorce.

Because the situation between him and his ex-wife was highly hurtful, it ended up with a trip together where they could get acquainted again to celebrate her graduation from high school. But things take an interesting turn when you have to decide what direction these two should go in!

I’ve been playing this game called “Dating My Daughter” on my phone that deals with some pretty heavy subject matter like love & relationships but also includes humor which makes it enjoyable while telling stories about memorable moments throughout each day or week as we play through different scenarios by choosing dialogue options at points during gameplay.

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The main idea

If you want to download a dating simulator game called “Dating My Daughter APK,” this is the right time. This is an opportunity for those who are afraid or nervous with girls in real life. You can date the different female characters, do your thing at school, and on dates. All while avoiding awkward parent conversations! If this sounds like an intriguing experience, then check it out now. 

The game is beautiful, and the plot progresses at a good pace, with each new chapter containing more mysteries. It’s also versatile enough to download on any device – if you have an Android phone, go ahead and grab that APK.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to act like a divorced father and build a relationship with your daughter? If so, this conversation is perfect for you. You’re going through some tough times and need someone who understands; maybe she can help!


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The choices you make in this game will ultimately determine how your relationship with each person changes. Two terms change over time: friendship and love, which can be seen to the right of where it says “date.” You’ll see them at different points throughout each chapter.

For instance, when looking at these characters’ asses, they will lose one point towards either affection. It affects how close you feel to another person over time. Of course, you can also just straight up to get intimate without consenting too.

Membership allows:

  • Viewing this user’s profile will give you a complete but restricted approach to viewing their content, whether it is offline or downloadable for the future.
  • How do you feel about giving your star a hand? The support of others can go a long way in the right direction.
  • You’re not required to stay subscribed if you don’t want to.

Main Features:

Check out the below for an in-depth overview of this game. We have spent a lot more time writing about our favorite features than usual, so make sure to read on if you don’t know all there is!

Multiple Characters

You’ll never run out of things to do in this fun and exciting game. You can date tons of different characters. Each character has a unique personality. You can encounter them while playing through story mode or just messing around in casual dating matches.

There is always something new. The game’s main character is an attractive female that you’ll play the role of.

There are many other females in this adventurous game as well, and they’re all pretty great. It’s no secret that dating simulators are a popular trend in gaming today. But as you can tell, this one is entirely different. Because the goal isn’t to get your character married or even find love, it is all about having fun!

Eye-catching Graphics

The graphics have significantly improved, even on low-spec devices. You’ll be able to play the game with excellent quality; thanks for being optimized according to your device.

Everything Unlocked

The Dating My Daughter APK will make your game a lot easier. The game is excellent, but it can be challenging to complete all the missions independently without any help from the instruction section.

Dating my daughter APK is like having an extra toy that will make your experience more fun and engaging. This will make it easier to chase your tasks without any problems.

Cheats options

 The cheats option is a fantastic feature. It will give your character an unfair advantage when competing with other players. But be careful because misusing them can ruin everything for good. You can skip missions and access different items with cheat codes. The cheat code can even unlock future missions. 


The developer of this game was thoughtful enough to remove the ads so you can enjoy it without any distractions. So now we gamers will be able to enjoy our time without interruption by pesky pop-ups or banners that want us to click on what they’re selling right away before anyone else does.

Dating My Daughter APK New Updated (Chapter)

In this most recent update, Cassandra investigates her relationship with D and the strain between her daughter and her closest companion, Elena. Model opponent Thera finds an open issue with D and joins her daughter and Georgina in another house. This update had a ton of show that worked out to restore me and a puzzling call just before the finish of v35.

This new release lets you see who the guest is and their goals. You’ll go through the night with both D and Jennifer (or simply your little girl). Also, when Cassandra lets them know her aims, things get hot.

Your daughter will likewise attempt with you a few new things she has never finished, and we will see one more petal in this update, give us three petals Just left!

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  • The user can easily download this app from any third-party website.
  • The downloading process is just a few seconds.
  • It has great tips for young people to develop their relationships.
  • The game provides the opportunity to grow.
  • It is the best story to tell.


  • The game lacks privacy.
  • It will not be updated directly.
  • The story seems mere imagination as meeting your neighbor can be either a myth or a nightmare.

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What is the Minimum Requirement for Dating My Daughter MOD APK?





2 GB 4GB


2 GB 4 GB


Mali, Adreno, PowerVR i3 7th Gen, i5 4th Gen, or More

Android Version

5.0+ Windows 7, Windows 10/ macOS Sierra

How to Download Dating My Daughter APK?

You can download this app on both IOS and Android devices. Just follow the simple steps to get it;

  • Hit the download button to start the downloading process.
  • Tap the permission section of your device and permit a third-party source to be installed. Start to install the app.
  • Open the app and enjoy its features.

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What’s new in Dating My Daughter APK?

The latest released version of Dating My Daughter APK is Ch. 1-4 v2.0.

Features of the new version

  • The new version comes with all features unlocked.
  • Now it has a Mod version to download and enjoy.
  • There is no headache with annoying ads.
  • It fixed all the previous version’s bugs.
  • Now there is an option to skip more than 12 pages of your savings at a time.
  • The new updates come with a more user-friendly interface.

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Dating My Daughter APK is an exciting game for Android and IOS device users. It is free to download and use. You can also play it offline once downloaded. This famous game is the best recommendation for all worldwide Android gamers. It is not just a game to enjoy a significant source to learn new things to date your friend or neighbor.

Reviews about Dating My Daughter

The reviews are provided by some of the users who played the Dating My Daughter game by downloading the APK file from Let’s read what they said about this hot game.

Kristen: I didn’t love such games to play. One of my colleagues introduced this Dating My Daughter game to me when I started playing a fantastic game, and I enjoyed it a lot. Now I play it in my spare time.

Maurice: Fantastic game, the storyline is full of emotion, adventure, and the necessary humor to balance everything out. One of the best dating My Daughter games, if not the best, role-playing simulation games I’ve played throughout my years

James: This is the best-experienced romance of life. The three girls are troublesome, but in the end, three girls open up and show real kind people. I say I enjoyed this Dating My Daughter game.

Joshua: It was a great game and exceeded expectations; my only disappointment is not having a certain character as a 4th choice. Overall, I love this game, especially the characters involving our protagonist. I downloaded the Dating My Daughter APK in just a single click. Besides this, the concept used in this game is new.

Elizabeth: The whole story was packed with twists and turns, and it has been one of the best Storyline games I’ve ever played. Don’t waste your time getting rubies in the mini-games and trying to get the premium choices since, in the end, you’ll choose your love. The premium choices just give an extra spice to the story, but nothing much oh, and also, my favorite love was RazorX Since the beginning, but anyhow best Dating My Daughter, and I recommend it.

Oof Erson: I enjoy Dating My Daughter! I’ve had a few problems here and there, but nothing too unmanageable. One big issue I’ve had, though, since the new update, with the little mini-games you have to play after making a choice, has been stopping stuff up. I was playing a game, and the mini-game came up. I have absolutely zero problems with it. It didn’t show anything except a white screen and has been completely stuck like that ever since. Besides that, it’s a cool game!

Emily Thompson: Dating My Daughter is an incredible experience! It’s a beautifully crafted game with a compelling story that kept me hooked from start to finish. The character development is outstanding, and the choices feel meaningful. Highly recommended.

Jacob Williams: As a gamer and a parent, Dating My Daughter resonated with me on so many levels. The narrative is engaging, the graphics are stunning, and the game offers a unique blend of emotion and humor. Thumbs up!

Olivia Parker: Kudos to the creators of Dating My Daughter! The attention to detail in the storytelling and character arcs is exceptional. It’s a refreshing and enjoyable game that stands out in the visual novel genre.

Mason Brooks: Dating My Daughter is a masterpiece! The writing is superb, and the relationships feel authentic. The game tackles sensitive topics with grace and offers a genuinely immersive experience.

Ava Roberts: I thoroughly enjoyed playing Dating My Daughter. The character dynamics are well-crafted, and the choices you make impact the story significantly. It’s a game that stays with you long after you’ve finished.

Liam Turner: Dating My Daughter is a rollercoaster of emotions! The writing is top-notch, the visuals are stunning, and the overall execution is fantastic. It’s a game that tugs at your heartstrings and keeps you invested.

Isabella Foster: This game is a gem! Dating My Daughter skillfully combines a captivating narrative with meaningful choices. The characters are relatable, and the overall gaming experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Ethan Carter: Dating My Daughter exceeded my expectations. The developers have created a game that is not only entertaining but also thought-provoking. The story unfolds beautifully, making it a must-play.

Madison Hayes: Dating My Daughter is a masterpiece of storytelling and character development. The game explores complex relationships with depth and sensitivity. An absolute must-play for fans of visual novels.

Nathan Scott: Dating My Daughter is a triumph in interactive storytelling. The writing is powerful, and the game’s ability to elicit genuine emotions is unmatched. A remarkable experience that deserves all the praise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the Latest Version of Dating My Daughter?

If you have been playing this game for a long time, you know that the developer of this game updates the game from time to time, which means you have to update the game as well. Otherwise, you won’t know the stories to come. You should update the game to the latest version to avoid missing out on new features and upcoming stories. The latest version of Dating My Daughter v1-4 v0.35, you can download this version from this website.

How many chapters are there in my daughter’s game?

Currently, the game has released four chapters. Soon chapter 5 will also be out.

Is it possible to play this game offline?

Yes, you can play this game offline after downloading it.

Is this game free to download and safe to use?

Yes, the game is free to download and 100% secure to use.

Is it possible to install this game on a rooted phone?

Yes, it is possible to install it on a rooted device.

Can people below 18 years old play this game?

They can, but it is not recommended.

What's new

  • The new version comes with all features unlocked.
  • Now it has a Mod version to download and enjoy.
  • There is no headache with annoying ads.
  • It fixed all previous version's bugs.
  • Now there is an option to skip more than 12 pages of your savings at a time.
  • The new updates come with a more user-friendly interface.
  • All chapters Unlocked
  • No Advertisement
  • Lag Fixed





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