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Google Chrome APK is launched by Google, and because of its amazing features it is known as king among all other browsers.
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Chrome APK is an application that is mostly downloaded on every Android phone. Google Chrome is used all around the world. Google launched it. Its interface makes it easy to use and increases speed. It is very reliable and comfortable to use. That is why Google Chrome is called the king of browsers.


Google Chrome APK is also used as a web browser on laptops, computers, and tablets. It makes functions easy for desktop users. This application has amazing features for desktops like a bookmark, set links for regular visiting sites, visiting web history, etc. 

For Android users, Google Chrome makes searching for anything with one touch easy. When you type on Chrome search, it will provide quick, personalized results about your needs. 

Other features of Google Chrome on mobiles are fast downloading speed, fast web searches, bookmark option, Translate languages, voice saver option, and saving history for future use.

After downloading Chrome, you set the password for your account so your personal information is safe from misuse. You can translate language on Chrome into any other language according to your demand. There is an option to save passwords on Google Chrome, which helps users not remember passwords every time.

On Google Chrome, just one touch is needed to get your favorite content. You can add your favorite sites on the home page and get updated about the content.

Google Chrome APK is a safe browser. This alerts users about harmful content on their phones, so you can save your phone with a web browser. Google Chrome has a download option for many contents, so you can easily and comfortably download anything from Chrome.  

Google Chrome is an incognito mode that allows users to search anything beyond the history option. You can search freely without saving it in history.

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Main Features:

Voice search

Google Chrome APK has the option to search with voice. You can talk about the content that you want and get results. This application also helps you read things if it is not easy to read or understand.

Translate built-in

Google Chrome can translate content into different languages that the user can understand. You can set language on Chrome that is easy to understand and in regular use.

Smart recommendations

When you type about content, chrome will start providing recommendations related to your search so you can easily pick one and start working.

Search fast and type less.

There is no need for Chrome to write a full sentence or paragraph you start writing, it will start providing quick results related to your searches.

Save your phone

Google Chrome has a saving browser. It will provide alerts when you start to access dangerous or harmful sites. It makes your phone work securely and safely. 

Fast Download

Google Chrome APK has its download option, which helps users to download anything quickly and safely. You can download movies, songs, and more and see them offline.

Across devices

It is specially designed for Android users, but you can also use it on your desktop, tabs, laptop, etc. You can easily log into other devices with a single account. You can make different accounts on different devices. 

Save data

You can save data on Chrome and search again from history. You can also save passwords or download photos to catch later.

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What does it do

Google Chrome APK is designed for Androids, but it is love to use Chrome on desktops. You can click on a new tab and start watching or working simultaneously. It has a bookmarked option so you can easily access things. Visiting sites are on top of the search option, and you have all updates about that search.

Even Though there are so many alternatives like Firefox, opera, dolphin, etc., Google Chrome is the most used app worldwide. It is very fast and quick with searches, a fast downloading option, a Google translator, a voice option so there is no need to type much, bookmarked, and many others that make Chrome popular between them.

Users have an opportunity to search privately through incognito mode. No need to reset the history every time. Chrome provides recommendations related to search history so you get results quickly.

Chrome has a fast download option, so you can download movies, web pages, or fundamental research and watch when offline. The fast search option is very common in browsers. You type and get fast results.

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  • Accessible Interface that makes navigation easy
  • Syncing capability
  • Bookmarked option 
  • Voice search option 
  • Fast downloading speed
  • Also, have the desktop version
  • Fast speed 
  • Easy interface to access 
  • Saving browser history
  • Saving phones from harmful sites by providing alerts
  • Effortless design


  • When you close the tab suddenly, it won’t give you an alert, and you lose data immediately.
  • No support for extensions
  • No support for Flash player

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How to Download Chrome APK?

  • Before downloading, check if the Chrome version suits your phone’s operating system.
  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Enable unknown sources to download Chrome APK.
  • Download from our site.

How to install Chrome APK?

  • After downloading
  • On your Android or desktop, go to Google Chrome
  • Click on it
  • Click on the install option
  • Click on accept option
  • Make an account on Chrome 
  • Save the password for further use
  • Before browsing check the home page 
  • Start browsing

What’s new

The latest released version of the Chrome APK is 118.0.5993.48.

Features of the new version

  • The latest version of Chrome APK  is 118.0.5993.48, free for Android users.
  • This new Chrome has many latest features like a bookmark option, saving browsing history, and setting links to get updates.
  • It is very fast and accurate for searches. Provide recommendations related to web history.
  • The new version of Chrome is safe and easy to use on Android or desktop.
  • Open many taps at a time, work, and enjoy simultaneously easily.


Chrome APK is a safe and secure app specially designed for Android users and it also has a version to use on desktops with many amazing features. Search engines are very fast and provide accurate information related to web history.

No need to use your hands. There is an option for voice setup where you can speak and get results. Chrome is the most used application all around the world. It will make work faster and easier for us.

With just one click, it will solve our queries and provide suggestions.

It provides recommendations and also shares the experience of experts about certain content.

Because of its easy user interface and amazing features, it is the most likely usable and downloaded app world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is there a need to update Chrome?

Chrome will update automatically as there is a need to update. No need to update manually.

Is Chrome APK safe to download?

Yes, it is safe to download from the Google Play Store and also safe to download from our site before posting a link if Google checks it.

What is the size of Chrome for Android?

Its maximum size for Android is 217MB, so no need for extra space to download and install Chrome on your phone. 

What was the latest update about Chrome?

From some stable channels, the news rolled out that Chrome will be updated in the coming days or weeks. 118.0.5993.48 for desktop Windows and 118.0.5993.48 for Android and Mac.

What's new

  • The latest version of Chrome APK  is 105.0.5195.124 free for android users.
  • This new chrome has many latest features like a bookmark option, saving browsing history, and setting links to get updates.
  • It is very fast and accurate for searches. Provide recommendations related to web history.
  • The new version of Chrome is safe and easy to use on Android or desktop.
  • Open many taps at a time, work, and enjoy at the same time easily.



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