Hay Day MOD APK Latest Version v1.55.93 (Unlimited Coins/Gems/Seeds)

Supercell launched Hay Day MOD APK on 21 June 2012 from the "Simulation" category. It is a popular farm game that can be played on android.
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Supercell launched Hay Day MOD APK on 21 June 2012 from the “Simulation” category. It is a popular farm game that can be played on android. This fun game is similar to games like Green Farm 3 and Farm City. Its catchy character turns the graphics into a sharp and stunning platform.


The gamers should know that they can only play it online with a smoothly running 3G or Wi-Fi connection. It is the main reason behind this game’s low capacity. A limited amount of equipment can be used in-game. Otherwise, the access speed becomes lower.

It is a simple, easy, and gentle game that does not require much gaming expertise. The beautiful farm game has animals, crops, agricultural products for trading, and many more related to farms and agriculture.

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Hay Day Mod Apk by apkasal.com

How to play? 

  • Egg collection 

The game starts with the collection of eggs. Chickens are the game’s first character that becomes a gamer’s friend. Collection eggs are quite an easy and simple step. First, press and hold on to the chicken cage. Then, drag a basket toward the chickens so they can lay eggs in it.

Whenever chickens get hungry, they feed grains from the ground. Keep dragging the food icons for every chicken so they can feed well. If they are all well-fed, they will lay eggs. Unfortunately, the game itself provides few chickens. To get more, you have to purchase from an online store located in the lower-left corner.

The farm welcomes the people who want to visit. The visitors can be a neighbor, a farmer like you, or a friend. When you click on the character who came to visit your form, you can see what they are talking about. The first visitor asks about the farm’s name. A username is usually used as a farm name, but you are allowed to change it.

  • Buy items and harvest crops. 

The Hay Day online store is always available to purchase for your animals, like food or other material. In addition, you can buy decorations for your farm and other building materials.

The limit of items to purchase depends on your level. As the level goes up, your limit to purchase things also increases. So, do not get sad whenever you have a shortage of things and want to buy but face the sign of not yet available on your level.

The lower corner on the right side has a humanoid icon. At this corner, you can contact a helper, follower, or friend. Connect your game account to Facebook to make more friends that are playing Hay Day. Purchase a bakery first and place it at the correct location. If there is a red mark on that place, it means it is either unsuitable or insufficient to project a bakery.

  • Development and enlargement of your far 

After purchasing a bakery, buy a food factory to make food for livestock. You have to touch the machine and drag whatever you want to make food. The game provides six plots for farming. Click on each piece of land and pull the seeds of whatever you want to grow, like corn, wheat, or maize.

The seeds grow after some time and are ready for harvesting. To expand the farm area, buy more plots from the store. A beautiful girl will be the second visitor of your farm who wants some bread in return for 15 golden coins. Click “yes” if you’re going to sell and “no” to deny.

  • Upgrade level

Trucks coming with huge orders are a significant source of increased income. Click on each truck to see the order. Check their requirements to know if you have enough stock for sale. Produce crops according to their needs so that you can earn more blue stars and gold coins.

If you have completed the number of blue stars in the level bar, your level will be upgraded. Upgraded level rewards your diamonds and gold. A higher level is essential to get access to more items.

Increase your farming activities to get to the highest levels quickly. You can see the order name and money on the left side of the order bar. The right corner contains other details of the order.

Hay Day Mod Apk by apkasal.com

Tips to win high levels in-game 

  • Plant the crops that take less time to grow and harvest 

Corn and rice are the two fastest-growing crops in-game. Maize took 5 minutes to grow and harvest, and rice took just 2 minutes. However, maize takes more time but earns more value than rice. The gamers should also check the capacity of storage.

If the gamers have to use all storage places, then use the leftover maize, corn, or rice in the food factory to make animal food. For example, you can make rice cakes, slices of bread, and other things and sell them in your bakery. 

  • Treasure chest 

It has always been a valuable thing. Search the treasure chest at the neighbor’s house. Use low-level materials to open the chest quickly. Be aware of the sparking light because the sparking light indicates the presence of a treasure chest. Click on the screen edge for loading to unlock the treasure chest.

If it fails to open on your first try, then make another try. If you successfully open it, you will get a reward for your hard work.

  • Tom Maid 

He is a helpful maid that you can rent for a day on a free trial. You should know how to use his services. Don’t miss the chance to use this opportunity. Ask him about tasks that need more time and coins.

At a low level, hire this boy and ask him to collect tools like axes, saws, and shovels. If you earn a high level, then ask tom to get a higher level.

  • Exchange your items with other farms

You can take and exchange things with a neighbor or friend playing the same game. Exchange items for mutual benefits. Join Facebook groups of Hay Day for beneficial, trustworthy, and convenient exchanges.

  • Purchase items from roadside shops 

It is the final method to get valuable things. It needs high effort and good luck. The task is to wait for a long time until you get a notification. Then, run towards the newspaper and purchase it quickly. If it works, you can purchase worthy things.

Hay Day Mod Apk by apkasal.com


  • The game has unlimited coins and diamond chances to win.
  • There are also unlimited XP, gift cards, Vouchers, and Puzzle Pieces.
  • It is free to download and safe for the device. 
  • You can install it on almost all android versions. 
  • The game has auto-update functionality.
  • It does not need any rooting requirements for your device.


  • The game has an outstanding visual representation.
  • It has an appealing and attractive user interface.
  • It is entirely free to download and play.
  • The game has numerous features like unlimited gem coins, growing animal farms, owning forest animals, different crops, and a wide variety of fruits.
  • This game is the deep world of dreams.


  • It is so addictive that it can be time-wasting for you.
  • It has high app buying rates.
  • There are challenging ending levels that can cause trouble in your final victory.

How to Download Hay Day MOD APK?

  • Click on the download link.
  • Once the file is downloaded, click on it.
  • Allow the third-party app to source and install the application.
  • Open the app and enjoy its working.

What’s new in Hay Day MOD APK?

The latest released version of Hay Day MOD APK is v1.55.93.

Features of the new version

  • Now there is the latest and modern Valley theme.
  • The player can catch run-away animals and send them back to safe places for tokens.
  • Load your truck with more than three animals simultaneously to avail the most tokens.
  • However, keep your eyes open! Animals can get fidgety and run away from your truck. Even though they live nearby, take a path and catch them again!


In addition to some of the structures accessible or bought at the initial level, there are further unlocked buildings in the next stages of Hay Day MOD APK, like wells, field food stalls, and board events.

Furthermore, it has exciting features such as interacting with neighbors, visiting neighbors’ homes, and participating in events at the following levels to give a richer and better gaming experience than ever before.

Moreover, installing this game on IOS will show you all information, tips, and features used, including seeds and growth times, machines, and procedures to combine materials with setting up products. So don’t hesitate to install and enjoy this exciting game!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About Hay Day MOD APK

Does the app installation need a device root?

No, rooting your device to install this game is not necessary.

Is this safe for my device?

Yes! It is 100% safe and secure for your device.

Which device version should I have to download this game?

You should have at least Android 4.1 and above version, requirements to download it.

How much larger is this game?

It is 136 MB in size.

How expensive is it?

It is free of cost.

What's new

  • Now there is the latest and modern Valley theme.
  • The player can catch run-away animals and send them back to safe places for tokens.
  • Load your truck with more than three animals simultaneously to avail the most tokens.
  • However, keep your eyes open! Animals can get fidgety and run away from your truck. Even though they live nearby, take a path and catch them again!