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Last Shelter Survival mod Apk is like diving into infinite tactical fights against equipped foes. The game has an exciting display.
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IM30 TECHNOLOGY LIMITED launched Last Shelter Survival Mod Apk from the “Action” genre. It revolves around setting up techniques to murder zombies for survival. The player will have to face a constant battle against zombies to survive. Each new day would be like a challenge for you to find refuge among the lifeless.

The game has an exciting display and a great story. Here you have to build your city, survive and secure others from zombies. You will start with a small part of ​​a building and then will grow faster and more solid. As you win, you will be expanding your area.


The game’s story is based on the future of the world. It shows the future in which the world is at the edge of destruction, and few people are left alive playing games. We are stuck in the dispersed shelter with few other people, and the rest of the world and humans are destroyed.

Due to endless war, explosions, zombies, and a huge number of crazy, furious monsters. The monsters are so cruel and mindless that they only want to destroy and kill.

Players will play the role of chief commander of a small group in the shelter who bravely saves their life from zombie attacks. Enemies are huge in number, but we need to fight back to save our families and children. Otherwise, there will be nothing to do for our survival. Find your identity in the post dangerous world and also search for the signs of a previous civilization.

We can’t change our past, but some things in our past can help fix our future. Find certain points that will help you in fixing the destruction. Start your healing process with the preparation of a base. Save your family and the few people that are alive around you and look to you for help.

Collect resources that can help you to fight zombies and other opponents. Shift to another shelter that is safer and generates alliances to save humanity and the world from monsters.

You also need to focus and destroy the corrupted people that are taking advantage of a disastrous situation. The whole game is a war for life, glory, freedom, and humanity.

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Here is a list of exciting and immersive features of Last Shelter Survival;

  • Design shelter for survival and manage the workforce 

Gamers have a full chance to find interesting and comfortable gameplay with incredible features. They must feel comfortable creating their shelters for families and people.

The gamers will arrange food and safe shelter for them and prepare the force for war. The defense strategies created by gamers will defend people from enemies’ attacks like monsters, alliances, and zombies.

  • Perform different technology base research to empower the base 

Gamers can do different technology research for the strongest base. Technology research looks like real-life research in which scientists and experts work to find the solution. Gamers will also find the technological solution to win the war against earth. This feature boosts the production, defense strategies, and troop strength that lead to victory.

  • Select the desired commander class and be ready to face challenges 

There are different classes of commanders from which you can pick and start the adventurous game. Select your desired class and pick the right one. Many boosts can start your challenges with monsters, alliances, and zombies.

  • Explore different war vehicles and vessels 

Different kinds of units are offered to the gamers, and the ability to select a lot of units in various categories. Every unit has a specific strength and unique ability to stand in war. Pick the warriors that can fight with monsters and shooters to clear the monsters with their heavy guns. Multiple vehicles and vessels add more power and interest to gameplay.

Last Shelter Survival by

  • Pick the capable heroes to get the victory. 

Different kinds of units turn your army into a powerful group of troops but introducing capable heroes can give you the right path to victory. There are a variety of heroes with specific abilities and powers. You can pick one that is suitable for your army. Upgrade the army troops and heroes frequently so they can fight efficiently.

  • Enjoy the universal war with different powerful enemies. 

It is the first game that allows android users to explore universal war and fight with global enemies for humanity and glory.

When you find more shelters, then expand your fights with enemies and win more safe places. Shift your family and other people to the safest shelter from attacks from monsters and deadly zombies. Make a strong foundation to create a new protected civilization.

  • Meat the casual objectives and complete challenges to win rewards 

Pick the starter missions and follow the guidelines and other instructions. These instructions teach the beginners survival strategies and awareness about the cruelty of monsters. At the start, the missions would be according to your experience.

But as you win the fights and clearly understand all the rules and strategies, you can pick tough challenges and wars. The tough challenges also contain more demanding and helpful rewards. Other rewards are also available on completing daily objectives.

  • Select events to participate in and win special rewards. 

The game contains unique realistic events and allows the players to join and participate. This kind of event can expel the effect of typical boring fights. Find out monthly events and select different events of your desire.

Assist your commanders and design the strategies to strengthen your powers. These events also have incredible rewards for players that are not available in everyday challenges.

  • Join other forces with friends or others and empower your army 

Gamers can join an alliance or create by themselves to empower their fighting group. There is the capability of joining gameplay with your friend. It means you, with your friend’s force, can battle with monsters.

You will experience an epic war together with one or more friends and successfully target the earth’s enemies. Enjoy the realistic gameplay and fight the opponent along with your designed alliance.

Free to play 

The surprising fact is that you can play the game free with all these mesmerizing features. So we can say that you can access Last Shelter Survival easily because you need fast running the internet and an android. Just go to the play store, search for the game and find it without spending a penny.

Enjoy ad-free gameplay with the latest modifications. 

Gamers may still get irritated with continuous pop-up ads in-app purchase notifications. To eliminate the irritation, it is better to take our modified version. After getting this version, you will experience very comfortable, smooth, and add-free gaming. Just download the latest Last Shelter Survival Mod Apk.

Follow the instructions given for proper installation and enjoy the game.

  • Graphics/Visual

3D graphics provide stunning visual quality that is very near to reality. You feel completely absorbed in a game that has amazing graphics. Everything seems clear. The game is designed with amazing features like immersive graphics. When the players play this game, they find themselves in a real future world surrounded by different wars.

  • Audio/Music/Sound 

The game brings a fantastic quality sound effect for gamers. The amazing voiced game characters turn the digital fight as clear as real. The best sound quality makes all the activities running in-game very enjoyable and relatable. The stunning background tracks during the war cover emotions and makes the game fully enjoyable.

Last Shelter Survival by


  • This game is free to play.
  • It is safe and secure for your device.


  • The file is huge.
  • It may cause hanging issues for your phone.

How to Download Last Shelter Survival Mod Apk?

  • Click on the given link and start downloading.
  • Click on “Allow Unknown Sources” on your device and start installing the app. 
  • Open APK and enjoy its playing. 

What’s new in Last Shelter Survival Mod Apk?

The latest released version of Last Shelter Survival mod Apk is v2.3.23

Features of the new version 

  • The new version upgraded the display of the Doomsday Shop and the Token Shop.
  • Now there is no problem where the military information page was blank after the capture of the launch center in the war.
  • This version has also resolved the bug where the senior officer had not returned to the rotating area or had not been moved at all after going into émigré in Aden.

Last Shelter Survival by


Last Shelter Survival mod Apk is like diving into infinite tactical fights against ugly beasts or equipped foes. You have to build your base and secure a lot. The game has a lot of exciting gameplay for you to enjoy. In addition, our amazing mode will make the game playable, even for the most doubtful gamers.

Here you will face the world of an enormously multiplayer zombie survival challenge. You will be the leader of your shelter. Yet, others will come to you. So, you have to prepare your resources to protect them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can I play this game offline?

No! It is an online game.

How much larger is this app file?

It is 239Mb.

Is it safe to download this game?

Yes, the game is 100% safe for your device.

What's new

  • The new version upgraded the display of Doomsday Shop and the Token Shop.
  • Now there is no problem where the military information page was blank after the capture of the launch center in the war.
  • This version has also resolved the bug where the senior officer had not returned to the rotating area or had not been moved at all after going into émigré in Aden.



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Requirements4.1 and up
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