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Google Pay APK is a wallet app used for transactions for online workers. Online payment is much easier now through this application.
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Google Pay APK is a wallet app used for transactions for online workers. Online payment is much easier now through this application. It’s effortless to use. It is a safe and secure application to deal with your money.

It provides a manageable account of your spending and savings. Through this application, you can easily send money worldwide and receive money from anywhere. It also has a feature to get a reward for your daily payment, which means if you do a transaction through Google pay daily, it will give you some bonus for using this application as an everyday tool.


You can purchase anything from anywhere through it. This application updates its users about their financial condition. 

It will help you to deal with payment methods safely and efficiently. Nowadays, it creates trouble to carry cash with us all the time. Although it is not safe. Google Pay APK helps us to deal with this problem. You can easily send and withdraw money from this application no matter where you are.

It saves your time from going to the bank always for just a matter of things. About one million people use this application to manage their accounts from all over the world. It is a convenient and reliable app. When you add your credit cards to it by using a camera, you can easily withdraw your money from anywhere and send money no matter where you have been. 

It also has a tracking feature. You can easily track where it spends and when. You can also read barcodes on it and then pay through this application. It also has a desktop version.

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Main Features

Security provided through Google

Google is a safe and secure app with a lot of features. Everybody could trust it. Google pay has particular securities on your account that Google provides. Professionals will check this security system, making it easy to trust Google pay.

Set reminders

You can also set reminders for spending or receiving on Google pay, like gas bills, household bills, purchasing specific things on that day, etc.

Give rewards

On your transaction basis or payment schedules, this application provides rewards. You can also get bonuses on your small payments.

User friendly

Google pay has a user-friendly interface. It is a helpful application for every smartphone user and account holder. Its interface is so reliable and convenient.

Use QR/barcodes

Google pay has a feature to read QR codes and pay through them. Instead of carrying cash in markets or stores, you can pay for your purchases by reading barcodes on this application.

Book tickets1

You can also book train, bus, or flight tickets through Google pay. No need to go manually on stations anymore. You can easily book your tickets from home now.

Sending and receiving money

Google Pay APK is an application used to send money to others and receive money from all around the world quickly and safely.

Language support

This application has more than 5 languages inbuilt. You can choose a language on Google Pay that is convenient for you. The languages are English, Hindi, Urdu, Kannada, etc.

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How to use Google Pay

Google Pay APK is a financial application that deals with sending and receiving money and managing your account for daily use. It is an effortless application for users.

Almost millions of people use this application to manage their accounts from all around the world.

This application has inbuilt language support features. So, there is no problem for those who can’t understand English anymore. You can also receive rewards and cashback on your payments. This application will pay you for your transactions through it.

It is one of the best wallet apps for online purchasing and spending. You can purchase anything through this application from anywhere. Its security system is so high and fast.

You can also trace your money, where it is spent, and when. It will provide complete data on your activity on this application, so if you forget about your spending no need to worry. Just check your activities on this application, and you will know everything you do through it.

It is the safest application. Pin or 2-digit verification codes must be entered into the account every time. So it can save your account from an unknown person or hacking. The security system is provided by Google and checked by professionals 24/7.

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  • You can grow your money by referring this application to others. It will provide rewards and cashback.
  • Safe and convenient application to make purchases
  • Faster service for sending and receiving money
  • You can send money to others without extra charges
  • Make purchases instant through QR codes
  • A sound security system that helps you to save your personal account information from others.


  • Not able to work on every phone
  • You always depend on your phone for any purchases

How to Download Google Pay APK?

  • Go to your phone settings, and enable unknown sources.
  • It is easy to download this application from this site.
  • You can also download it from our site.

How to install Google Pay APK?

  • Open the application from the file manager
  • There is an install option 
  • Click on it
  • After some seconds, it will successfully install
  • Add your credit or debit cards to it 
  • Confirm your security by setting a pin code or fingerprint
  • Turn on notification on every transaction
  • Don’t forget to turn off unknown sources; they will harm your phone.
  • Do and enjoy the app

What’s new

The latest released version of the Google Pay APK is 4.163.485164435.

Features of the new version

  • Faster security
  • Easier to pay household bills
  • Set reminders on your spending and purchasing
  • Read barcodes
  • Receive cashback and rewards
  • Book multiple tickets on multiple platforms
  • Online payment is much more accessible and safe through this application now.


Dillon Riley

It was working fine up until about a few hours ago. I use contactless pay every day, so I don’t have to lug around my wallet at work. Now I can’t use it at all because my phone does not meet the security requirements. After updating the app, it still doesn’t work. (Update) after the bug fix, everything works fine. Really helps out.

Arjun Mishra

It’s good and can be used to send or receive digital money from friends and shops. I sometimes find the transaction gets stuck, which creates issues since the transaction in between was not sent nor failed. There should be only one status, either success or failure, not in between. It is a suggestion.

Parmar Kamlesh

This app is amazing and always best survives, I get to return my money which I failed while recharging, But I don’t like one thing that is the reward; the reward is useless, like a merchant and another online shopping voucher. I have one suggestion for that give cash back on bill payments and giving a reward that is easy to redeem, like recharge, bill payment, DTH, and money transfer.


Google Pay APK is a wallet app for every Android user. Online transactions are much easier because of Google pay. Purchases from all over the world are now safe through this application. It has the feature of scanning barcodes. So, you can pay through it at every grocery store where this application is available on the other side also.

Google Pay manages your bank accounts and makes you informed on every transaction. It makes spending money easy. This helps you to enhance your financial status through rewards and cashback on every transaction. It is a fantastic app for account holders to deal with accounts from home. You have to download this application and enjoy its unique features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is Google Pay APK free?

Yes, Google pay is free for Android users.

How to contact Google pay APK helpers?

1800-419–0157 is its customer care number. If you face any trouble, you can connect them with this number.

Who are the actual customers of Google Pay APK?

Small business holders are the actual customers of Google pay.

Is the Google Pay APK application safe to trust?

Yes, it is safe because develops it. Its security is checked by professionals 24/7.

What's new

  • We're giving the app a fresh new look.
    Enjoy the latest features and offers, from Groups experiences to convenient card payments!
  • Faster security
  • Easier to pay household bills
  • Set reminders on your spending and purchasing
  • Read barcodes
  • Receive cashback and rewards
  • Book multiple tickets on multiple platforms
  • Online payment is much more easy and safe through this application now



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Requirements5.0 and up
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