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PayPal APK is a fresh way of depositing and sending money to your family and friends. Paypal has a simple and user-friendly interface.
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PayPal APK is a fresh way of depositing and sending money to your family and friends. This application helps you to manage your accounts, add funds, deposit money, send and receive money and much more. Paypal provides free services and no charges on any further performance.

Paypal has a simple and user-friendly interface. You can easily handle this application on your phone. Now,  you can manage your bank accounts well from home on your phone.


This application is for PayPal account holders. You can avail of its services online easily and securely.

Without interest, you can easily make your purchases on Paypal. You can easily scan codes for immediate payments. When you purchase from Paypal, it will announce rewards, deals, and coupons and also have a feature to earn cash back.

Crypto services are also available on the Paypal app. Household bills are also payable on Paypal. This application is very common in the U.S. by using Paypal balance and also by bank accounts you can easily send and receive money from others.

If you want to purchase something and pay through Paypal you can do your transaction securely. In case of any mishap, you can easily file a complaint that is instantly noticed by Paypal experts.

You can do your transaction with someone new or unknown person in your accounts with full confidence. without paying extra charges or any type of taxes or service charges you can easily handle your transaction on the PayPal APK.

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Main Features

Pay in 4/pay later

Through PayPal APK, you can buy something and pay later easily. You can also divide your payment into 4 parts and pay from time to time without any interest on it. Firstly you just pay the down payment and for the remaining three you can pay later.


On PayPal, you can also manage your cryptocurrency like bitcoin, litecoin, etc. you can receive cryptocurrency as well as send it from your Paypal account to someone else. You can also buy bitcoin from this application.

Send and receive money safely

On Paypal, you can send money to anyone easily and safely. You can also send money to an unknown person if he/she has a Paypal account. You just need to write your name or account no on the search bar and Paypal provides you further details about him.

Users can also receive money on Paypal from others. You can increase your balance on Paypal by depositing money.

Get notification

When you log in to a Paypal account, it will provide you with a notification about your activities of sending and receiving money.

Magnanimity network

You can also share your money to donations, helping institutes, and also fundraisers all around the world on a Paypal account. You can even set a schedule for every month or year or Paypal automatically sends the instructed amount to the chosen charity center or more.

Secure network

PayPal APK is a secure and safe network for every type of transaction. You can trust it for your personal information. Its services are available 24/7.

User-friendly interface

Its interface is so simple and understandable. If you have any problem with the account you can file a complaint. Your complaint is instantly noticed by experts and given answers from them. They will take quick action on any complaint.

Free to use

This application is free to download and use for Paypal account holders. No extra charges, service charges, or any type of taxes paid by customers. It also announces allowances, gifts, or an opportunity to earn money from Paypal.

Pay in person

No need to handle credit cards, cash, or cash books wherever you go. On Paypal, by scanning QR codes you can easily pay through them.

Pay bills

You can easily pay your household bills online through Paypal without any charges or taxes.

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How to use PayPal APK

The Paypal app is mostly used by Paypal account holders. It is commonly designed for Android users to manage their Paypal accounts. This application makes transactions more easy and simple now. Users can easily transfer money through Paypal all around the world.

Paypal has 254 active users and 17 million merchants are held through this application in different countries. It provides users an opportunity to shop for something from home and also allows them to pay for these purchases in more than three to four parts without interest or taxes.

You can always have your account information on your phone. This application is safe to use. Two-factor authentication and fingerprint protection protect your account from unknown people. 

Their services are divided into three different forms of account.

Personal: When users use an account just for shopping or to save their personal income

Premium: When users use accounts to receive money from others or from other countries like vendors.

Business: this account is specially used by companies to send, receive, and make money through online businesses.

Indeed this application is safe and secure to manage your accounts as well as do transactions within the country or out of the country.

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  • Secure and safe payment for online shopping
  • Receive payments from all over the world
  • Manage account and transaction
  • Request to transfer money from your close ones
  • Send money to anyone
  • Provide notification of every transaction
  • Pays bills from home
  • Lightweight application


  • For purpose of the merchant, their fee is high
  • Receiving money on business days is very hard
  • Rules and regulations are quite tuff, in case of disobeying your account will be free for almost 2 months.

How to Download PayPal APK

  • Go to your phone settings, and enable unknown sources.
  • You can download the PayPal APK from our site.
  • Don’t forget to enable unknown sources after downloading. 

How to install PayPal APK

  • There is a Paypal app in your file manager.
  • Click on it.
  • There is an install option 
  • Click on it
  • After the complete installation process, a form appears
  • You have to fill it
  • It is categorized as name, father name, CNIC, and some more account details
  • After filling out the form, submit it
  • Now you can set fingerprint or 2 digit authentication to save your account from an unknown person
  • Then enjoy the account on your phone.

What’s new

The latest released version of the PayPal APK is v10.25.0.

Features of the new version

  • Scanning QR codes and then paying through them is the feature present in the new version.
  • After receiving or sending money you can send a message to the receiver.
  • Provide amazing deals to earn money and gifts
  • When you use Paypal for shopping you earn cashback for thanksgiving.
  • Power packed


You can continue your transaction and manage accounts well through Paypal. It is a simple and convenient app for Android users. It is most commonly used in the U.S. This application is free of cost and no extra service charges or interest will detect it.

You can also use the PayPal APK on your tablets and laptops. You just need a Paypal account and safely start transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is it free to use PayPal APK?

Yes, the PayPal APK is free to download and use.

Is Paypal helping to do transactions in other countries?

Yes, through Paypal you can easily transfer or receive money from all around the world.

Is this application safe to use?

Yes, the PayPal APK is safe to use on your phone.

What's new

  • Scanning QR codes and then paying through them is the feature present in the new version.
  • After receiving or sending money you can send a message to the receiver.
  • Provide amazing deals to earn money and gifts
  • When you use Paypal for shopping you earn cashback for thanksgiving.
  • Power packed



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