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FourThirtyThree Inc. launched the Boxing Star MOD APK from the Sports category in 2018. This 529 MB size game is a world of stressful challenges.
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FourThirtyThree Inc. launched Boxing Star MOD APK from the Sports category in 2018. This 529 MB size game is a world of stressful challenges. It is an exciting game with excellent 3D graphics and attractive gameplay. Boxing star is the best stage to fulfill your desire to become a boxing champion.


It will be a long journey from street fighter to world leader. It has different gaming modes like Story mode and League mode to fight directly with other fighters. Here you will train your character to make it more potent in the competition. 

Moreover, this game also trains defenses to avoid opponents’ nests. For this, you have to integrate custom gloves with a strong punch. Hence, no one can beat you. 

Mainly Boxing Star MOD APK leans toward online fighting. Here, players communicate with other fighters all over the world. Moreover, it has an attractive user interface that is simple to understand for beginners.

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Immersive features of the Boxing Star MOD APK are here;

  • Multiple control Mods and Flexible Movement Modes

The first time you jump into this game, a computer will observe and match the movements of two boxers. The Grave and Joe King represent different styles with their fighting style. So it’s important for you as an athlete to know what they are doing.

This guide should help provide some insight into making your character more effective during the fight. It needs to understand these basic techniques in boxing matches, such as hooking punches or using footwork to stay in balance.

Boxing Stars is a game that allows you to interact and control more with every punch. You can make many customized movements. So it’s the perfect option for all those who want their creativity in this world of boxing.

  • No opponent will stand between you and victory.

Boxing is a challenging and competitive sport. You have to work hard if you want it all. An inexperienced boxer will get training with Emma. Emma is the strict manager of the boxing club. Guides are available for beginners. So they can understand everything about their new game. They will learn how the interface works or what happens when they succeed during one of their fights.

The game is easy to play and has three different body types. The largest of these will satisfy you if you’re looking for an opponent that’s tough enough. After choosing your character, the interface looks appealing with its user-friendly features—a feature task list in one corner and rankings next to Emma’s face.

We can win by fighting other boxers throughout the Fashion Alliance kingdom. Every victory awards four medals.

Support items are placed in the right corner. Boxing Stars have two modes. Story mode and Alliance Mode require your character’s journey in this sport to be an exciting one with many challenges along with it! In story mode, there will always be something new every day as he or she competes against other competitors.

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  • Get training to be Stronger.

Players can upgrade their character’s power in the boxing game with several built-in features. Training will be where you find your entire personality and additional skill sets specific to this sport, such as blocking or offense moves for when your opponent gets too close.

Protect your fighter using protective gloves so nothing happens if someone lands a punch while wearing them. The sponsors themselves come with different levels of sponsorship. So take note when choosing what kind is right for your needs.

  • The characters 

After choosing your character’s appearance and outfit, you are brought to an open world. The first time through this area may be a little intimidating for beginners, but don’t worry. There is a choice of three characters, and you can select one among them. Don’t get sad at the wrong choice because you can customize everything after starting the game.

The game has 3D graphics and an exciting and competitive battle system with a wide variety of clothing options for your character. It is a game that will make you want to keep coming back again and again because it’s so much fun.

  • Opponents in Games

The characters in Story mode are realistic and lifelike. They move according to their script during fights. But it’s easy at first because you’ll know what moves come next on an opponent’s part. As the level increases, difficulty also increases. This is a chance for improvement as well, so keep practicing those boxing skills of yours. It makes the game more exciting.  

  • League Mode

The Boxing Stars mode has several battle modes, including Alliance, where you can take on other players worldwide. Compete to win rewards like gold and stars.

These rewards allow you to unlock new items. It is not difficult as long as you are ready with your skills made to order. The matches happen faster than ever before so make sure that you understand to command on every move.

  • Control Method

The control is easy and intuitive, so you’ll have no problem mastering it. Swipe to punch your opponent and avoid an attack on-screen will be large enough for this game’s mechanics. Rapid movements in any direction at all require quick fingers and a firm control mechanism.

  • Table of Options

Boxing Stars is a great game that you can play on your own or with friends. The menu might seem confusing and unorganized at first. But after just one or two taps, it starts making sense. It becomes very simple to navigate through all of the features available in this fun boxing match-up experience.

  • Pay Attention to each detail.

Five stars go to the graphics in this game. Developers have designed different characters with great styles. Your character also has its distinct look, which is 3D but still authentic. Thanks for all those muscles you can see on FourThirty-Three’s face.

If that isn’t enough realism for some people, developers also added motion blur when they punch or block an incoming blow. So hits feel actual while gameplay progresses at a smooth pace without any lag time between moves. It was the priority of the developers to make sure that gamers had real-to-life boxing animation.

The Boxing Stars MOD APK offers a variety of play modes. It has different settings and not just one boring location. So you could fight on the street while practicing, for instance, or at home with family members in attendance.

  • Animated properties 

The Boxing Stars animation is love. The characters are just like real humans, and it looks like they’re boxing. Most exciting of all is when you make them fight each other. Their movements look stunning thanks to this moving effect which makes things easy for players.

In addition, there’s an instruction panel where everything can be controlled easily without feeling confused about how these animations work out in practice. Everyone knows what should happen at any given moment during gameplay anyway.

This game has a lot of strategies, and beginners may take some time to understand it properly. But if you’re persistent, then the rewards will make your efforts worthwhile. After two or three fights, anyone can master what they need for victory.


  • This free game has smooth and attractive graphics.
  • Each competition consists of different background settings to keep you entertained.


  • As the game proceeds, it will be challenging to play.
  • It has in-app purchasing to make your character stronger.

How to Download Boxing Star MOD APK?

  • Click on the green button to start downloading.
  • Now go to the settings section of your device and obtain the required permission.
  • Click on it to install the Apk file.
  • Open the game and play!

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What’s new in Boxing Star MOD APK?

The latest released version of Boxing Star MOD APK is v4.2.1. 

Features of the new version

  • It comes with the stunning improvement of the Omega System.
  • Now, you will see a set of three new gloves. 
  • The updates expand the story mode.  


Boxing Star MOD APK is the best choice for fighting lovers. It will support the player in training his responses and intelligence. The game has appealing graphics and a good appearance. The different control features support you in performing actions in numerous alternates. The PvP mode will support improving your skills and fighting against your opponent’s fighters.

Moreover, the gaming story will remind you of the life stories of a boxing champ.

At the start, it will be easy, but as you proceed, you will face challenging phases. You must show your patience and become more powerful and advanced to beat others. This game, like all others, has some disadvantages, but its appealing sides are more influential than its cons. So, if you want to try a highly interactive fight game, this is the best choice. Download and try it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is Boxing Star MOD APK an online game?

Yes, it is an online game.

Is Boxing Star MOD APK a free game?

Yes, it is free to play. However, few items will demand your money to buy them. But it is not mandatory; it is optional.

Is Boxing Star MOD APK a single-player game?

No, it is a multiplayer game.

Can I customize my character in the Boxing Star MOD APK game?

Yes, you can customize it according to your preferences.

What's new

  • It comes with the stunning improvement of the Omega System.
  • Now, you will see a set of three new gloves. 
  • The updates expand the story mode.