Cheat Engine APK Latest Version 7.5 [Pro/Premium/No Root] 2024

ChecnEngine launched "Cheat Engine APK" from the "Tools" category. Cheat Engine is a powerful editing tool that lets you cheat your games.
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ChecnEngine launched “Cheat Engine APK” from the “Tools” category. This 1.6 MB free-to-download application is compatible with the 5.0 and above Android version.


If you want to patch a game on your Android phone, you are in the right place to find the best solution. Cheat Engine is here to serve you for free and provide all the necessary elements that you have to pay for premium games.

Did you notice that you are crazy to play games but are beaten mainly by other players? Why? It is because they are using premium versions of the game. But don’t worry; you will also become a pro user with Cheat Engine without paying a single penny.

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Cheat Engine Apk by

Main Features:

Game Hacking

Cheat Engine APK allows you to hack and modify different aspects of games, such as the number of lives, coins, or other in-game resources. You can also use it to unlock levels or characters that are otherwise locked. This feature makes it a popular choice for gamers who want to have an edge over their opponents.

Memory Scanner

Cheat Engine comes with a powerful memory scanner that allows you to scan the memory of your device and identify values that you can modify. This feature is useful for finding and modifying values such as scores, lives, or any other in-game resources.

Trainer Maker

Cheat Engine APK also comes with a trainer maker that allows you to create custom trainers for games. A trainer is a program that runs alongside a game and allows you to modify different aspects of the game. With the trainer maker, you can create your own trainers with custom cheats and hacks.


Cheat Engine also has a speed hack feature that allows you to speed up or slow down the game. This feature is useful for games that have a time limit or for games where speed is an important factor.

Lua Scripting

Cheat Engine APK supports Lua scripting, allowing you to create custom game scripts. With Lua scripting, you can create custom cheats and hacks unavailable in the default cheat tables.

Multi-platform Support

Cheat Engine APK is available for various platforms, including Android, Windows, and iOS. This feature allows you to use the app on multiple devices, regardless of the operating system.

Open Source

Cheat Engine is an open-source app, meaning the source code is available to everyone. This feature makes it a popular choice for developers who want to create their own custom modifications for games.

User-friendly Interface

Cheat Engine has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The app is designed to be easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savvy.

Free to Use

Cheat Engine is a completely free app, and there are no hidden charges or fees. You can use the app to hack games without spending any money.

Regular Updates

Cheat Engine is regularly updated with new features and bug fixes. The app has an active community of developers who contribute to its development and ensure that it remains current with the latest game hacking trends.

More Features

  • This free app offers non-stop cheats for Android games.
  • You will feel it working like SB Game Hacker and GameGuardian.
  • This game memory editor quickly scans game memory.
  • Moreover, users can get help from video instructional tutorials for easy understanding.
  • Its customized chat support will provide something different and new for each gameplay.
  • Its table file creation feature can keep your chat active.
  • It is possible to link to the Wi-Fi remote process using internet protocol.
  • You can also modify its interface colour and the process.
  • There are adjusting levels and multiple functions opening the system.


  • It will allow you to modify the gaming interface.
  • It will support you to get the pleasure of endless health, time, and shells to cheat in almost all PC games.


  • It may cause virus threats to your device.

Cheat Engine Apk by

How to download Cheat Engine and use?

  • Root your device and download Cheat Engine from APKasal.
  • Install it after permitting third-party app source installation from the security setting of your Android phone.
  • Now open the cheat engine and click on the” Launch Ceserver’ option.
  • Connect it to the internet connection.
  • Play the desired game to earn free unlimited coins, health line, gems, diamonds, helps scores, etc.
  • The app will show you the “CE” icon, hit it, and allow access to the application to link with the game to hack its resources.
  • After it, pause the game and provide the value of the resource. You can also scan it.
  • Choose the” All values” option and get free reach to all pro resources.
  • Set the resource number and scan it. It is done.

Cheat Engine Apk by

What’s new?

The latest released version of the Cheat Engine APKis 7.5.

Features of the new version

  • Now there is no scroll bug.
  • The address list browsing function is ready and working again.


Cheat Engine APK is a powerful editing tool that lets you cheat your games. Like “Killer App, SBman, and Game Guardian English,” Cheat Engine will help regulate any game and software memory data. This is an excellent tool app that does almost different things during gameplay. You can play your game in your style without any restrictions. So, there are no reasons not to download it and try it.



Cheat Engine APK is a must-have app for any serious gamer. It has helped me get past difficult levels and beat my opponents in online games. The memory scanner and Lua scripting features are my favourites.


I have been using Cheat Engine APK for years now, and it has never disappointed me. The app is user-friendly and works on most games. The regular updates are also a plus.


I was skeptical about using Cheat Engine APK at first, but I decided to give it a try, and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s easy to use, and the trainer maker feature allowed me to create my custom cheats for my favorite games.


Cheat Engine APK has made gaming more fun and exciting for me. I can now modify values and unlock levels without spending money on in-game resources.


I have tried other game hacking apps, but Cheat Engine is by far the best. The speedhack feature is a game-changer for me, especially in games with a time limit.


Cheat Engine APK is not just for gamers. As a developer, I find the open-source nature of the app interesting. It has allowed me to learn more about game hacking and create my modifications.


I have been using Cheat Engine on my rooted device, and it has worked flawlessly. The app is powerful and can modify any value in the game’s memory.


I highly recommend Cheat Engine to anyone who wants to get ahead in their favorite games. However, be careful not to get banned from the game.


Cheat Engine APK has saved me a lot of time and money in games. I no longer have to grind for hours to get resources or pay for in-app purchases.


I’m not a gamer, but I find Cheat Engine fascinating. It’s amazing how much you can modify in a game’s memory with this app. It’s a testament to the power of technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cheat Engine APK?

Cheat Engine APK is a game-hacking app that allows you to modify various aspects of games, such as in-game resources, characters, and levels.

Is Cheat Engine APK legal?

Using Cheat Engine to hack games is considered illegal in most countries. However, some game developers may allow it, provided it’s for personal use only.

Is Cheat Engine APK safe?

Cheat Engine APK is safe to use, provided you download it from However, using it to hack games may have consequences, such as getting banned from the game.

Can Cheat Engine APK be used on all games?

Cheat Engine APK may not work on all games, especially those with tight security measures in place. However, it works on most games and is continuously updated to support more games.

Is rooting required to use Cheat Engine APK?

Rooting is not required to use Cheat Engine. However, rooting your device may allow you to access deeper levels of the game’s memory and modify values more effectively.

How do I install Cheat Engine APK?

You can download the APK file from APKasal and install it on your device like any other app.

What permissions does Cheat Engine APK require?

Cheat Engine APK requires permission to access your device’s memory, storage, and other system resources. This permission is necessary for the app to scan and modify values.

Can I get banned for using Cheat Engine APK?

Using Cheat Engine APK to hack games may lead to a ban from the game, especially if the game developer detects unusual activity on your account.

Can Cheat Engine APK be used on iOS devices?

Cheat Engine is primarily designed for Android devices. However, there are similar apps available for iOS devices.

Can I modify values in online multiplayer games using Cheat Engine APK?

Modifying values in online multiplayer games using Cheat Engine is not recommended, as it may lead to unfair gameplay and consequences, such as getting banned from the game.

What's new

  • Now there is no scroll bug.
  • The address list browsing function is ready and working again.



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Requirements4.4 and up
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