5 Best To Do List Apps With Homescreen Widget (Android)

You never know when you will come up with an idea or have in mind something you need to do later. So it is important that whatever to-do list you use works well on your phone, the devices you most likely have near you at all times. But Android does not come with a to-do list; users must discover something to manage their work independently. You can head to Google Play, but the 300+ selections are quickly overcome.

Our smartphones have different uses, from playing high-quality mobile games and surfing the net to helping us complete daily work. Combining the best Android phones with a solid to-do list app lets you keep track of your essential chores and errands. This helps you to get away from having Post-It notes tacked all over your home, helping reduce the overall paper clutter. Whether you require a basic to-do app to manage your grocery list or a task manager to handle vast projects, there’s something for everyone at the Google Play Store.

5 Best To Do List Apps With Homescreen Widget (Android) by APKasal.com

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Tick Tick is the errorless answer when looking for an app that can handle your to-do list and a large project effortlessly. It sports a sleek, instinctive user interface and packs many useful points. You can make checklists, join loose ends, add notes, and upload feelings, so everything is in one place for the simple, not hard, way in. TickTick makes it simple and easy to put a stopping point and list of details coming back repeatedly with its considerable power of thought date parsing workings.

To-do list & planner

Todoist is one of the market’s most in public eye work business managers telephone operations and a specially supported among android police working group. Do Not let its simple connection fool you into having thoughts. It exists without the middle part and the heart points you have in mind to have. Todoist offers everything you need to keep up with your ends and purposes.

Microsoft To Do

After Microsoft got it, it made its own work business managers’ telephone operation, To-do. It is simple to use with organization telephone operation that offers the common points you have in mind in a to-do telephone operation, including memory help, and because of, concerning days. The connection is soft and smooth and able to adjust to the user’s needs, with chief ideas, lines and a dark, most frequent number to take in your eyes during the late night hours.

5 Best To Do List Apps With Homescreen Widget (Android) by APKasal.com

Google Tasks

Google was late to the game managers, but it was well worth the wait. Works are Google’s office that possibly takes place in addition to Microsoft To Do, and it gets mixed without breaks with Gmail and table-giving days. You can come into existence, make additional detailed notes, and group because of, in relation to days. It is straightforward and to the point.


Open starting point supporters will have special rights Tasks.org since it is design with user conditions of being clear while offering able to help points. It is a great detail, wide range free work business managers telephone operation and is great for power users.