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Armobsoft FZE launched the Tivimate premium APK from the "TV App" category. It requires Android version 5.0 plus.
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The way we consume television content has significantly evolved in recent years. With the rise of Internet streaming services and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), users now have more options than ever to enjoy their favorite shows and movies.

Tivimate Premium APK emerges as a powerful and feature-rich application that enhances the TV streaming experience on Android devices. Offering a plethora of functionalities and customization options, Tivimate Premium APK has become a go-to choice for television enthusiasts.


Tivimate Premium APK is a specialized software package for Android devices with an advanced IPTV player. With its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set, Tivimate Premium transforms your Android device into a personalized TV hub. Whether accessing live TV channels, catching up on your favorite programs, or exploring on-demand content, Tivimate Premium APK delivers a seamless and immersive television experience.

Tivimate Premium APK also offers advanced playback features that enhance the viewing experience. Picture-in-picture mode allows users to multitask while watching TV, while the multi-view layout enables viewing multiple channels simultaneously. The application also supports adaptive HLS streaming, which automatically adjusts the streaming quality based on the internet connection, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted playback experience.

Overall, Tivimate Premium APK delivers a comprehensive and customizable TV streaming experience on Android devices. Its intuitive interface, EPG functionality, support for multiple playlists, and advanced playback features make it a preferred choice for users looking to elevate their TV viewing. Whether a casual viewer or a dedicated TV enthusiast, Tivimate Premium APK offers a powerful solution for enjoying your favorite shows, movies, and live TV channels.

Tivimate premium APK by apkasal.com

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Main Features:

Free to download

Tivimate Premium APK is completely free to download and use for everyone. You can use such admirable apps that are available for free now. All features are unlocked, and users are free to enjoy this fantastic application whenever possible.

Ads free

Tivimate premium APK is free from unwanted ads. You can enjoy this exciting application without any disruption. To enjoy the app without disturbance, download it with APK from our site. It removes all ads.

Intuitive User Interface

Tivimate Premium APK boasts an intuitive and visually appealing interface, making navigating through channels, programs, and settings effortless. The interface is designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable user experience, ensuring quick access to your preferred content.

Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

One of the standout features of Tivimate Premium is its integrated Electronic Program Guide. This comprehensive TV guide lets you browse upcoming shows, view program details, and schedule recordings, ensuring you get all your favorite programs.

Multiple Playlist Support

Tivimate Premium APK supports multiple playlists, allowing you to organize your channels and content according to your preferences. You can create separate playlists for different IPTV services or categories, making accessing specific channels or genres easier.

Recording and Timeshifting

With Tivimate Premium, you can record your favorite TV shows and movies directly to your Android device. Additionally, the application offers timeshifting functionality, allowing you to pause, rewind, and fast-forward live TV programs, giving you complete control over your viewing experience.

Customization Options

Tivimate Premium provides a range of customization options to tailor the app’s appearance and functionality. You can choose from various themes, customize the channel logos and order, and configure the player’s aspect ratio to suit your preferences.

Advanced Playback Features

Tivimate Premium offers advanced playback features such as picture-in-picture mode, multi-view layout, and adaptive HLS streaming. These features enhance your viewing experience by allowing you to multitask, watch multiple channels simultaneously, and adjust the streaming quality based on your internet connection.

Parental Control

Tivimate Premium includes full parental control options, enabling you to restrict access to specific channels or content based on ratings or categories. This feature ensures a safe and controlled viewing environment, especially for households with children.

Automatic Updates and Backup

The application provides automatic updates, ensuring you have the latest features and bug fixes. Additionally, Tivimate Premium allows you to back up and restore your settings and playlists, making transferring your preferences to different devices convenient.

Unlock all features

Tivimate Premium allows users to use and unlock all premium features of the application. It provides unlimited support, unlocks the latest tools, upgrades the features, and more. APK helps you to enjoy every single feature of the app.

Safe to use

The app is free from malware and another virus. You can safely use the application on your phones and other devices. Tivimate Premium is entirely safe and accessible for Android and other users because this apk is checked by our expert team.

Tivimate premium APK by apkasal.com

What does it do?

Tivimate Premium APK functions as a dedicated IPTV player for Android devices. It integrates with IPTV services or playlists and leverages the internet connection to stream live TV channels, on-demand content, and recordings. When you launch Tivimate Premium, you can add your IPTV playlists by entering the relevant URL or importing the M3U file.

The application fetches the channel list, program information, and electronic program guide data from the playlist and organizes them in a user-friendly interface. You can then browse the channels, view program schedules, and access on-demand content.

Tivimate Premium utilizes various video codecs and streaming protocols to ensure smooth playback of the TV content. It supports features like adaptive streaming, which adjusts the streaming quality based on the available internet bandwidth, delivering a seamless viewing experience.

MORE ABOUT Tivimate Premium APK

Tivimate Premium APK is a game-changer for TV streaming on Android devices. With its intuitive interface, advanced features, and customization options, Tivimate Premium transforms your device into a powerful IPTV player.

Tivimate Premium APK is a feature-rich application that offers Android devices a superior TV streaming experience. Its intuitive user interface and extensive functionality make it a go-to choice for TV enthusiasts seeking a personalized and seamless viewing experience.

One of the standout features of Tivimate Premium APK is its Electronic Program Guide (EPG). This comprehensive TV guide allows users to browse upcoming shows, view program details, and schedule recordings. With EPG, you can easily plan your TV viewing and never miss your favorite programs.

Another notable feature of Tivimate Premium APK is its support for multiple playlists. This means you can organize your channels and content based on your preferences. Whether you have different IPTV services or want to categorize channels by genre, Tivimate Premium allows you to create separate playlists, making it convenient to access specific content anytime.

Tivimate premium APK by apkasal.com


  • Free for everyone
  • Fast to download
  • Straightforward to use
  • A vast number of users present
  • No need to root your device
  • Registration is not required
  • Provide notification to keep you updated
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and content discovery.
  • Integrated Electronic Program Guide for comprehensive program information.
  • Support for multiple playlists, organizing channels and content efficiently.
  • Recording and timeshifting capabilities for flexible viewing.
  • Customization options to personalize the app’s appearance and functionality.
  • Advanced playback features enhance multitasking and streaming quality.
  • Parental control ensures a safe viewing environment.
  • Automatic updates and backup features for convenience.
  • Exciting graphics
  • Enjoy premium features with unlimited items
  • Ads free


  • Limited to Android devices, excluding other platforms.
  • Requires a stable internet connection for optimal streaming performance.
  • Premium versions may require a one-time purchase or subscription.

How to Download Tivimate Premium?

  • Go to your phone settings,
  • Enable unknown sources
  • It is also available to download on our site.
  • Click on the given link
  • It will be downloaded in minutes

How to install Tivimate Premium?

  • Click on the downloaded file
  • There is an install option
  • Click on it
  • It will take a few minutes
  • Than installed
  • Give necessary permissions
  • Enjoy the app

What’s new

The latest released version of the Tivimate Premium APK is v4.9.0.

Features in a new version

  • Remove lags
  • Fix bugs
  • Updated system


Tivimate Premium APK is a fantastic smartphone application you have ever used. Once you start using this excellent app, you will never stop using it. Its exciting graphics indulge people. If you are also interested, check our site to download this fantastic application on your phone.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s)

Is Tivimate Premium APK safe?

Yes, the app is safe and sounds safe from viruses or malware. Anti-malware tools check it and then posted on the site.

Is Tivimate Premium APK free?

Yes, this fantastic application is 100% free to download and use. You can download it from our site.

Is It Compatible with all devices?

You can use it on your laptops, Windows, and tablets. It is also definitive with IOS and other Smartphones.

Which app competes with Tivimate Premium?

Smarters Players is the biggest competitor of Tivimate premium APK; this application still has more followers than the other related apps.

What is the maximum size of Tivimate Premium?

The size of the app varies through devices. Almost 5 GB RAM is necessary to use the application on Windows.

What's new

  • Remove lags
  • Fix bugs
  • Updated system





DeveloperArmobsoft FZE
UpdatedFew second ago
Size10.8 MB
Requirements5.0 and up
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