Soccer Stars Mod APK Latest Version v34.0.3 (Unlimited Money) Free launched the soccer stars mod apk from the "Sports" category. It is 59.79 MB and free to download from the Google play store.
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Soccer stars Mod Apk follow the entire gameplay exactly like the football game. The game does not include any human characters. You can use the coins to advance the football.

It will let you move your player to the right and left. There are two teams, and each one has a player, a goalkeeper, and a net. Each team includes four players and one goalkeeper. You can easily enjoy this gameplay on all android device versions, including low-end to high. Overall, it is easy to control small coins.


The team with three goals will win the match. In every football matchup, every player can use the flag design in their shirts. However, the game offers players a country banner flag design on the top of the thin coin. Coins will never move.

The player can use their fingers to move small coins to hit the ball into the net. When you touch the coin, it will move. Comparatively, this gameplay will move like a real football and tricks to put the ball in the net. You will earn prizes and loots at winning each game.

Soccer Stars mod apk is an exciting game with a lot of fun and amusement. The gameplay will entirely communicate with its disc-like players. There are different teams, including five different players in each team.

Here you have to authorize your disc players in different directions and with variable power stages. You have to shoot your disc player across the board as you play your tricks against your opponents. Either use the size of the ball to shoot it for the opponent’s goal or to prevent the enemy’s ball from entering your goal.

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This gameplay is the best choice to dig into the different actions. It will take you through the evolution of epic competitions, difficulties, and levels in the universe of plate soccer.

You can also enjoy this gameplay with your friends online from all around the world. You can use easy touch controls to learn the game quickly. So, appreciate the wonderful game modes with mind-boggling features. Here is the list;


Simple, intuitive, and fun gameplay

You will immerse yourself in the great football gameplay of Soccer Stars mod apk in this new and exciting mobile title. So, get easy but fun matchups where you can enjoy accessible football gameplay.

You can shoot your disc player towards the ball, authorize the direction, and be forced to hit the ball towards the enemy’s area. There is the chance to defend yourself and win the game when you accomplish the given goals. This simple and fun gameplay will surely impress most Android players in Soccer Stars mod apk.

Touch controls available for better interaction

In addition, to make the game interesting, you can compete in your Soccer Stars with open touch controls. Here, you can safely control the disc players and the ball using in-built touch movements to coordinate your shots. Change the power by simply dragging the bolt. It’s similar to Score Hero, in which you’ll end up playing with in-built and entertaining touch controls.

Take the level of epic in-game soccer levels.

Just as you end up participating in a game, Soccer Stars mod apk also makes it possible for Android gamers to have a good time activating the game’s levels. Here, you will encounter different matchups with shifted rivals. Compete on different levels with different challenges and be consistently satisfied with enjoyable movement in the game.

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Realistic ball physics and attractive guide arrangements

In addition, you will have the option to fight your rivals on different football fields, each highlighting its own unique and interesting matchups. Go ahead and jump into the awesome ongoing gameplay as you use interesting ball physics and enjoy map arrangement in Soccer Stars to instruct your player’s progress as accurately as a ball.

Compete with friends and online gamers in great competition

Soccer Stars also support Android gamers to immerse themselves in epic online interactivity with friends and other online gamers to make the game appealing.

Here, you can have a good time in various in-game competitions, fast matchups, and exciting constant fights worldwide. You can freely play against real people as you participate in your endeavors without limits. Compete with your friends and get your proud privileges as you progress.

Freely share your memories online.

You can share interesting gameplay and its memories with your friends. Just capture a screenshot of your important moments in the game and show them to your social friends within a single click. Save the moments for yourself or share with others.

Enjoy the game without the internet.

It is possible to have a good time playing soccer games offline. While this will stop online interaction with your online friends, you can still enjoy the interesting gameplay accessible on your cell phones.

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Combine different groups and change your board.

In addition to the exciting interactivity, Soccer Stars gamers can also customize their game competitions securely with different freely accessible features and objects. Here, you can combine different groups without any tension, edit your boards, and have a good time playing your football interactivity in shifted situations. This makes the game significantly more fun and exciting.

Play many exciting mini-games

Furthermore, even if it is not appropriate, you can play a lot of exciting mini-games from the soccer stars collection. It will support gamers to immerse themselves in the different gameplay like a slot machine, gold, and many more to keep engaged. 

Multi-language Support

Android gamers can dig themselves fully in indoor and outdoor game competitions with numerous accessible language choices to make their in-game competitions significantly more interesting at Soccer Stars. Select your desired language and enjoy soccer.

Free to play

Also, despite the great features, the game is freely available for Android gamers to enjoy on their cell phones. It means that you can freely download and install games from Google Play Store.


Participate in fun and intuitive player plans that will help you remember interesting visual memories of head soccer. Moreover, its natural disc-like player and ranking will permit the gamer to dig into the competition fully. Besides this, attractive design and responsive physical science will amuse the player.


In addition to captivating visuals, gamers at Soccer Stars mod apk will also get stunning and appropriate sound effects. There is an excellent combo of soundtracks. This game will certainly permit Android gamers to immerse themselves in activities.

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  • It is free to download and play. 
  • You can enjoy it with your online player all over the world. 
  • The game has excellent graphics and sound quality. 


  • There are no dark sides to this game.

How to Download?

  • Click on the given link and download the game.
  • After downloading, complete the installation process while permitting a third-party app source. 
  • Open the game and play it. 

What’s new?

The latest released version of the soccer stars mod Apk is v33.0.3.

Features of the new version

  • The game comes with a more sleek design and structure. 
  • There are new players to select and new matchup additions. 
  • Now there are no bugs. 


Soccer Stars mod apk is interesting gameplay for you in your leisure time. There is a wide range of pre-built mini-games of different gameplay to entertain you.

The game offers easy controls to move your player. You will win extras once you win a match. Furthermore, you can also share your success and memorable events in your social circle and invite your friends to play with you. Conclusively, the game is easy to play and win. Just download the game and enjoy its gameplay. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download soccer stars from the google play store?

Yes, you can download it from the google play store.

How heavy is this game?

It is 59 MB and doesn’t need much space.

Are there any region restrictions to Download this game?

No! You can play it from anywhere all over the world.

What's new

  • The game comes with a more sleek design and structure. 
  • There are new players to select and new matchup additions. 
  • Now there are no bugs. 


Size59.79 MB
Requirements4.4 and up
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