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Google LLC launched Google Translate APK from the "General" category. It requires Android version 8.0 plus.
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In our increasingly interconnected world, language should never be a barrier to communication. Thanks to technological advancements, we now have tools to bridge this gap and enable seamless communication across different languages. Google Translate APK.

One tool that has revolutionized how we overcome language barriers is the Google Translate APK. Google Translate is a powerful mobile application that provides instant translation services, allowing users to translate text, speech, and images in real time. With impressive features and accuracy, the has become essential for travelers, language learners, and global communicators.


Google Translate APK has transformed the way we communicate and break language barriers. With its comprehensive features, including text, speech, and image translation, offline capabilities, and innovative tools like camera translation and conversation mode, Empowers users to communicate effortlessly across different languages.

While there are limitations to its accuracy and context sensitivity, the app continues to improve through machine learning. Whether traveling, learning a new language, or simply needing quick translations, Google Translate APK is a reliable and robust companion that enables global communication and fosters understanding in our diverse world.

Google Translate APK is a game-changer in breaking down language barriers. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, the app has become an indispensable tool for users worldwide.

The text translation feature allows users to effortlessly translate written text from one language to another. Whether you’re reading a foreign article, navigating through a menu in a different language, or need help understanding a phrase, Google Translate APK provides instant translations to make communication easier.

The speech translation feature furthers communication by enabling users to have spoken conversations in real time. By speaking into the microphone, users can have their words translated into the desired language, facilitating seamless conversations with individuals who speak different languages.

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Main Features:

Free to download

Google Translate APK is completely free to download and use for everyone. You can use such admirable apps that are available for free now. All features are unlocked, and users are free to enjoy this fantastic application whenever possible.

Ads free

Google Translate APK is free from unwanted ads. You can enjoy this exciting application without any disruption. To enjoy the app without disturbance, download it with APK from our site. It removes all ads.

Text Translation

The text translation feature of Google Translate APK allows users to enter or paste text in one language and instantly get a translation in their desired language. With support for over 100 languages, users can communicate effectively across different linguistic boundaries.

Speech Translation

The speech translation feature furthers translation by enabling users to converse in different languages. Speak into your device’s microphone, and Google Translate APK will translate your words into the desired language, making it ideal for real-time conversations and interactions.

Camera Translation

One of the standout features of Google Translate APK is its camera translation capability. Users can point their device’s camera at written text, such as signs, menus, or documents, and the app will instantly provide a translation on the screen. This feature is handy for travelers navigating unfamiliar environments.

Offline Translation

Google Translate APK offers offline translation support, allowing users to download language packs and use the app without an internet connection. This feature benefits those traveling to areas with limited connectivity or when data usage is a concern.


The phrasebook feature allows users to save commonly used phrases and expressions for quick and easy access. This feature is handy for language learners or travelers who frequently need to communicate specific phrases in a foreign language.

Handwriting Recognition

Google Translate APK supports handwriting recognition, enabling users to write characters or words on their device’s screen for translation. This feature comes in handy when dealing with languages that have complex or unfamiliar scripts.

Conversation Mode

With the conversation mode feature, Google Translate APK is a virtual interpreter, facilitating real-time two-way conversations between multiple participants. This feature revolutionizes communication, making it possible to have meaningful interactions across language barriers.

Pronunciation Guide

The pronunciation guide feature provides audio pronunciation of translated words or phrases for language learners. This feature helps users improve their language skills and ensures accurate pronunciation in foreign languages.

Unlock all features

Google Translate allows users to use and unlock all premium features of the application. It provides unlimited support, unlocks the latest tools, upgrades the features, and more. APK helps you to enjoy every single feature of the app.

Safe to use

The app is free from malware and another virus. You can safely use the application on your phones and other devices. Google Translate is entirely safe and accessible for Android and other users because this apk is checked by our expert team.

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What does it do?

Google Translate APK utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to provide accurate translations. When a user inputs text, speaks into the microphone or captures an image, the app analyzes the input, identifies the language, and generates a translation based on its vast database of linguistic data.

The app considers various factors, such as context and grammar, to provide the most accurate translation possible. Google Translate APK not only translates individual words or phrases but also considers the broader context and context-specific nuances.

It understands idiomatic expressions, cultural references, and language intricacies, delivering translations that are more than just word-for-word conversions.

MORE ABOUT Google Translate APK

The app continuously improves accuracy and performance through machine learning, ensuring users receive the best translations.

One of the standout features is its camera translation capability. Using the device’s camera, users can capture written text in real-time and translate it on the screen.

This feature is beneficial when navigating foreign environments, as it allows users to instantly understand signs, menus, and other written information. Whether exploring a new city, visiting a museum, or deciphering a document, Google Translate APK’s camera translation feature provides a convenient and efficient solution.

Furthermore, Google Translate APK offers offline translation support, which is particularly beneficial when traveling to areas with limited internet connectivity. Users can download language packs in advance, allowing them to access translations without an internet connection. This feature ensures that users can rely on Google Translate even in remote locations or when data usage is a concern.

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  • Free for everyone
  • Fast to download
  • User-friendly interface
  • Straightforward to use
  • A vast number of users present
  • No need to root your device
  • Registration is not required
  • Provide notification to keep you updated
  • Supports a wide range of languages for seamless communication.
  • Offers text, speech, and image translation for versatile usage.
  • Provides offline translation capabilities for convenience in areas with limited internet access.
  • It helps language learners improve their skills and pronunciation.
  • Constantly improves accuracy through machine learning.
  • Exciting graphics
  • Enjoy premium features with unlimited items
  • Ads free


  • Accuracy may vary depending on the complexity of the text or language pair.
  • Context-specific translations may only sometimes capture the intended meaning.
  • Requires an internet connection for some features and real-time translations.

How to Download Google Translate?

  • Go to your phone settings,
  • Enable unknown sources
  • It is also available to download on our site.
  • Click on the given link
  • It will be downloaded in minutes

How to install Google Translate?

  • Click on the downloaded file
  • There is an install option
  • Click on it
  • It will take a few minutes
  • Than installed
  • Give necessary permissions
  • Enjoy the app

What’s new

The latest released version of the Google Translate APK is v7.17.60.578892159.1.

Features in a new version

  • Remove lags
  • Fix bugs
  • Unlimited translation
  • Updated system


In summary, Google Translate APK is an essential application for anyone looking to overcome language barriers. Its text, speech, camera translation features, and offline support make it a versatile and reliable tool. Whether traveling, learning a new language, or engaging in international communication, Google Translate APK provides the means to bridge linguistic gaps and foster global understanding. If you are also interested, check our site to download this fantastic application on your phone.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s)

Is Google Translate APK safe?

Yes, the app is safe and sounds safe from viruses or malware. Anti-malware tools check it and then post it on the site.

Is Google Translate APK free?

Yes, this fantastic application is 100% free to download and use. You can download it from our site.

Is It Compatible with all devices?

You can use it on your laptops, Windows, and tablets. It is also definitive with IOS and other Smartphones.

Which app competes with Google Translate?

Microsoft Translator is the biggest competitor of Google Translate APK; this application still has more followers than other related apps.

What is the maximum size of Google Translate?

The size of the app varies through devices. Almost 7 GB RAM is necessary to use the application on Windows.

What's new

  • Remove lags
  • Fix bugs
  • Unlimited translation
  • Updated system





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