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Deezer Mobile launched Deezer Premium Apk from the "Music & Audio" genre in 2016. This 34 MB app will require a 4.4 android device version.
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Deezer Mobile launched Deezer Premium APK from the “Music & Audio” genre in 2016. This 34 MB app will require a 4.4 Android device version.

There are numerous music streaming apps on Google that will work accordingly. Deezer Premium is also a well-known streaming application for those who prefer listening to songs day and night. 

The app offers excellent services to deliver top-notch music. It will let you enjoy music anywhere at any time. You can also use it on IOS and computer versions. Like Spotify and Pandora, this service is working in more than 180 countries worldwide. It is accessible online as well as offline.

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Its library provides more than 30,000 radio channels dedicated to music purposes. The paid and free version has a quality difference of 128kbit/s and 320kbit/s. The free package provides six Skips per hour; however, the paid version gives Unlimited Skips. 

You can choose your desired artists’ music albums, including Justin Bieber, Alesso, Taylor Swift, Kesha Pitbull, and Zayn Malik. Millions of modern songs include Big Bang, EXO, GOT7, SNSD by T-ARA, and Black Pink. It will allow you to play a music playlist from a pre-created playlist. 

The application offers functions of modes, shuffle, and loop. These functions make it more worthwhile and support you to enjoy your boredom while listening to your favorite songs. 

Its 360-reality audio quality support makes it high technology like Dolby Atmos. Let’s look at the different plans and features of this amazing application;

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6 Price Plans of Deezer Premium APK

1. Deezer Free

  • This plan is free to use without showing any ads. 
  • You can access TV, Hifi, car services, and Google Chromecast. 
  • You cannot use this plan offline.
  • There is no polishing.
  • It offers six skips per hour.

2. Deezer Student

  • This plan is available at $4.99 for one month with a free trial.
  • There are unlimited scrubbing and skips without any irritation.
  • This plan is accessible offline.
  • It will offer you TV, Hifi, car service infinite, and Google Chromecast. 

3. Deezer Family

  • You can access this package while paying $8.99 for 30 days. 
  • It gives unlimited skipping and scrubbing without showing ads. 
  • It allows offline mode, offering TV, HiFi, infinite car support, and Google Chromecast.
  • Moreover, this package supports six entire accounts.

4. Deezer Premium

  • This Deezer premium is available at $5.99 for one month.
  • It will not show you sponsored ads and provide infinite skips. 
  • You can use its offline mode to access unlimited open TV, HiFi, cars, and Google Chromecast support. 

5. Deezer Annual

  • This plan will charge you $99.9 for 12 months, which costs $8.32 monthly.
  • There are no ads, and offer offline mode support.
  • It supports unlimited skipping, open TV, HiFi, cars, and Google Chromecast. 

6. Deezer HiFi

  • This final plan with free trial support will be accessed after paying $8.99 for 30 days. 
  • It does not display advertisements and offers unlimited skips and brushing. 
  • You can use its offline mode, unlimited open TV, HiFi, cars, and Google Chromecast support.

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  • Its map chart will show you the top 50 tracks or top ten K-POP tracks you’ve played recently. 
  • You can reach millions of the latest songs, podcasts, and radio with a single click.
  • The app supports users in selecting songs and playlists based on their past activities. It will display songs according to their classifications. Hence, you can enjoy pre-created songs or prepare your own playlists and add songs to them in the future. 
  • It permits you to share your preferred playlists with others. 
  • This app will also let you enjoy classic or local songs rather than trending content. 
  • Deezer updates its song library after 24 hours. So, you can get new and new songs while utilizing its shuffle mode. 
  • It will suggest songs according to your liking. 
  • There are numerous radio and podcasts, including English podcasts. 
  • You can download songs to listen to offline while traveling. 
  • Its 320-kBps audio quality support will deliver an outstanding song experience. 
  • Besides the above, the application can work with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Sonos sound systems.
  • There is no advertisement irritation to disturb your non-stop song-listening experience. 

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How to modify the settings of your Deezer App account?

A setting feature at the right of Deezer will help you change and personalize the app setting. Here are some setting tips that can be used by just tapping;

  • Manage My Account: Using this function, you can shift your email address, change your password, or change personal data. You can also enable alerts and notifications to get Deezer’s latest updates. 
  • Display Settings: This function will allow you to choose monochrome and dark modes or turn them off. 
  • Audio Setting: There are Better, Balanced, Compact, and Custom sound quality options for audio. If you are using Wi-Fi, “Balanced” will increase audio quality. To enable fewer data mode, click on the “Compact” function. The “Custom” will allow you to change audio quality settings. Its “equalizer” features work to improve the song-listening experience.
  • Share Settings: This feature lets users share music on social networks like FB and Twitter.
  • Music Playback: “Music Playback” function pauses and resumes playback directly when you receive a phone call. This feature permits users to hide tracks in their region. You can also hide obvious material from the suggestions.
  • Disk Usage: When you download songs from Deezer, you can see your Android device’s storage space condition.
  • Connected Devices: This feature will support you to see all devices linked to your Deezer account.
  • Offline Mode: It will allow users to enjoy songs without an internet connection or using data.

Tips to use Deezer Premium APK

  • Recover your Playlist

If someone mistakenly presses a wrong function or removes his Playlist, he can recover his Playlist. You can back up more than 50 playlists if you are on a computer.  

  • Upload songs on the app.

If you have composed your MP3 music collection on your mobile phone, you can upload it to Deezer. After going to the Deezer website, click on the “favorites” section, and hit “My MP3s” to upload your tracks. 

  • Make your Playlist specialized.

You can make your Playlist attractive and modify the cover art. For this, hit the “pencil icon” on your Playlist. Moreover, you can also select a picture from the library or get a live image. 

  • Handle your linked devices.

The “Deezer Family plan” will allow you to create an account for more than 13 devices for almost six profiles. The “My Connected Devices” function will help you view the linked devices. So, you can remove anyone or add a new one. 

  • Manage your audio setting.

There are numerous customizing music bass features to increase or change your bass. They consist of the vocal booster, dance, pop, etc. Click on the “Favorite tab” and enable the “Activate Equalizer” slider to manage the audio setting. 

  • Enjoy music according to Your Mood.

If you want to chill, romance, or be in a happy or sad mood, you can select music accordingly. So, search the track according to your preferences. 

  • Shortcut Keys for Computer Users

If you are a computer user of Deezer, there are multiple supported shortcut keys. After opening the application, click on your keyboard’s ‘H’ button and use different shortcut keys to adjust volume, play, replay, etc. Click on the ‘M’ button to mute music and use the arrow to move backward and forward the music. These features are accessible to Desktop and Mac users.

  • Ban aggressive lyrics

If there is any aggressive music on Deezer, you can hide it with explicit tracks and cover art. After banning, you will never see them.


  • You can choose desired songs from more than 56 million collections.
  • The users can create unlimited playlists of their songs at one stage and share them with their friends.


  • The free version does not offer HIFI quality.

How to download Deezer Premium APK?

  • Tap the security setting and permit third-party app source installation from your mobile.
  • Download and install Deezer from the given button.
  • Open and enjoy desired music streaming.

What’s new?

The latest released version of Deezer Premium APK is v8.0.13.0.

Features of the new version

  • Get updates for the latest songs after every 24 hours. 


Deezer Premium APK is an excellent music streaming application with millions of songs tracks. Download this lightweight application from our page and enjoy listening to the latest and old songs day and night. It comes with different packages, including the free version. It is up to you to choose the right plan according to your desires. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How to import a Playlist from Spotify?

  • Click on the playlist converter application from your PC and hit the “Convert” button. 
  • Choose “Deezer” as a location.
  • Sign in to your Deezer account and allow the converter to reach your account. 
  • Choose the Playlist that should be converted and tap the “Converter” button. 
  • Finally, the Playlist will be shifted and added to your Deezer account. So, enjoy their offline listening. 

Which is better, Deezer or Spotify?

Deezer has 53 million tracks in 183 countries, while Spotify includes 40 million songs from 78 supported regions.

What's new

  • Get updates for the latest songs after every 24 hours. 



DeveloperDeezer Music
UpdatedFew second ago
Size34 MB
Requirements4.4 and up
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