How To Play Contra on your Android Phone (Step by Step)


One of the few games that don’t need an introduction is Contra. It is a legendary title that has been played by millions of people all around the world. With this feeling of nostalgia, it’s hard to believe that people can live without playing this game again and again.

Due to the demise of 2D video games, it is now very difficult to play them. We tried to investigate this matter and discovered that there are many people who are looking for ways to play Contra on Android.

If you are 9x and 8x, then you will most likely remember Contra, the game that was once associated with your childhood. It is a simple yet attractive action game that combines shooting and running. It has been a part of many people’s childhood memories.

Now you can enjoy the splendor emotions of your childhood in this amazing contra game on your Android phone.

How To Play Contra on your Android Phone (Step by Step)


To play this fantastic game on your Android devices, you must have to download the NES Emulator app on your phone. First, complete the download process, then press the install option. When it is completed, you must open the application and follow the instructions.

Download NES Emulator

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How to play Contra (Step by Step)

  • Download the NES Emulator app for Android
  • Please install it
  • Open the app
  • There is a list of games that appear on the screen
  • Choose Contra game
  • Click on it
  • The game will open without any issue
  • Multiple modes are available in the game, like multiplayer, single-player, and others that are already present in the game.
  • Enjoy the game.

How To Play Contra on your Android Phone (Step by Step)


In concussion, Contra is an incredible game that brings fun as well as adventure. We provide all the necessary instructions to help you play Contra on your Android phones easily. Contra is the best game for those who want a short-term break from work or those who want to try long-term challenging games that question their skills. So what are you waiting for? You must have to try Contra at least once. I am sure you will never quit again.