How To Download and Play Tekken 7 on Android (Step By Step)


Tekken 7 is an application used for gaming. This game provides the thrill, action, blood, violence, and force of fighting. It makes fighting games more interesting. During the war, it provides the latest weapons to fight with. 

The main aim of users during fighting is to win. This app confirms that you have succeeded in any case. It provides fantastic features that serve users. It has a simple user interface. Users can easily access and understand it on the phone. It provides exciting graphics. Its characters work so realistically that you start thinking of some natural persons fighting in front of you. Watching someone else playing on it is also so exciting and unforgettable.

Namco launched this application in March 2015. Firstly it does not have an Android option. You play the game on your desktops. But now, you can also play it on smartphones, Android, and IOS. The one who plays this game on a desktop and now plays it on an Android phone will know the difference better than others.

[How-to] Download and Play Tekken 7 on Android (Step By Step)

How to play Tekken 7?

The acting of characters during the war is so practical; for example, if you hit someone, they act as if they were hurt in real life. This feature makes it so interesting for teenagers and all age groups. You can easily use this application as you use other gaming apps. Choose characters first, make the team, choose rivalries, and start fighting with them. Its playing speed makes it more realistic. 

You must move your fingers left or right according to commands, and the character obeys your command instantly, acting as if you are playing with someone’s mind. It is one of the games that started in the 90s and was later owned; its users increase daily. Millions of people love this application and have already downloaded it to their phones. If you are also an action game lover, you will love it.

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Features of Tekken 7

  • Amazing Graphics
  • Available online as well as offline to play
  • New Battles Mechanics and moves
  • Amazing animated characters
  • User-friendly interface
  • All age group people use this application easily
  • Provide great moves
  • Dimensional side moves are available
  • Smooth responses to commands
  • Near to authentic fights
  • No hilarious powers to entertain users
  • Amazing features available

[How-to] Download and Play Tekken 7 on Android (Step By Step)

How to Download Tekken 7?

  1. Open Play Store and search for “Gloudgames”, and install it.Download and Play Tekken 7 on Android
  2. Your phone must be Android 5.0+, only then all the features will work seamlessly.

Step By Step Procedure For Installation 

  1. Open GloudGames and search for “Tekken 7”. (Before digging you can also select the best server from which the game is to be downloaded)
  2. Now click on the install button. (The downloading process will begin now, and you have to click on it manually to install).
  3. Now open the game and start playing it without any issues.


Tekken 7 is an action specially designed for fighting game lovers. It provides the latest weapons, teams, and more to fight. Its processing speed is impressive. Characters act so realistically that you can never believe this is a game or fighting. 

It provides many unique features that we discussed earlier. If you are also a game lover or love to fight during games, download this exciting application on your phone and enjoy its features.