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Battlegrounds Mobile India APK or BGMI APK is considered one of the best action and adventure games. It follows a battle royale gameplay.
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Battlegrounds Mobile India APK or BGMI APK is considered one of the best action and adventure games. In this game, you go to an island crowded with players fighting for their survival. When you jump off a plane and land, you have to make your way on a map where enemies will be everywhere. You must always focus on yourself and keep an eye on your back to ensure your opponents miss you.


BGMI APK  follows a typical battle royale gameplay. You have to go to endless opportunities and competitions. Players worldwide will be ready to fight online with you in this game, and you will have to fight them all. The priority of every player is to stand as the last survivor. Similarly, in some game modes, you can form partnerships that allow you to bring together different players as a team and work with them.

Visually, Battleground Mobile India APK landed with good-looking 3D graphics. Also, the controls are designed precisely according to the touch screen. That’s why you can easily use any weapon to attack your opponents. You will also have the option of multiple firearms, rifles, and shotguns to attack your rivals at each stage. Also, from time to time, you can access blade weapons and explosives for your use.

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This new battle royale has been introduced by KRAFTON, Inc., a South Korean company. If you are passionate about fighting terrifying fights, this game allows you to fulfill your passion. Here you can only win if you survive till the end by killing everyone.

As you progress through the island filled with dangerous elements, countless rivals will surprise you. However, they are well equipped with vehicles and other equipment to help you win against any opponent.

You will gradually find every indicator of the comprehensive map with a higher risk than it may seem. And what do you wait for at the end of all this? You can find yourself in this game’s upper part of the World Leader Board.

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Features of Battleground Mobile India

Different MODs and MAPs

The game offers the same gameplay experience as PUBG Mobile but with new, more unique features and modes. In this game, you will see a new mode, “EvoGround,” allowing you to experience futuristic gameplay.

The mod will require you to find 3D names on the map, hyper trains, self-driving cars, hover bikes, new buildings, and much more. This is not the end of the story, but the game gets new updates every month to introduce many amazing and unique changes to the current game mode.

Other modes include Battleground, Arcade, TDM, and EvoGround. There are many different and beautiful maps with different places and environments like desert, snow, hangar, forest, and much more.

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Enjoy the Gameplay of Battleground Mobile India

This is a multiplayer game that can be enjoyed with real-life friends or players from around the world. Each play has a unique ID that allows you to send friend requests to your friends. Also, if you link the game to Facebook, it automatically adds all your friends to the game.

Moreover, you can play it alone, in pairs, or in groups with friends. The voice chat feature will let you play while chatting with your friends. These features allow you to connect with friends, create real-time strategies, and face and defeat your enemies.

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  • Excellent graphics, gameplay, and a new theme (Flora Menace) make this game more enjoyable. 
  • It has the latest cell matrix, multiple live events to win rewards, and numerous gameplay modes like Infection Mode, Survive Till Dawn, Metro Royale, Runic Power, Payload 2, Titans: Last Stand, TDM, Arcade mode, etc.  
  • The maps include Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Livia, and Karakin. 
  • There are numerous superb and genuine weapons for the player’s survival. 
  • Moreover, you will also get a wide collection of outfits, bags, glasses, hair, shoes, helmets, parachutes, and others. 
  • There are additional characters with unique skills and characteristics.


  • The game may be addictive for your children.

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How to Download BGMI APK?

  • Step 1: Search BGMI on Google Play Store.
  • Step 2: Click Install, and it will be downloaded automatically.
  • Step 3: When the download is complete, some additional game data will be downloaded after opening the game.
  • Step 4: Once you download the additional source files, log in/sign up with your Google Account or your Facebook account.
  • Step 5: Now, you have got the BGMI game.

What’s new?

Ancient ruins appear in Erangel, Miramar, and Livia. Each ruin has its own secret, and you can check the location of these ruins on the map. The ruins are protected by mummy warriors and flying monsters. By defeating them, you can get the items dropped by the monsters. There are several types of ruins, In the jackal ruins, you can get a treasure box by solving the puzzle. You can catch the scarab beetles for item drops in the scarab ruins.

The emperor’s temple can be located in two areas on the map in Erangel. The pyramid will disappear sometime after the game has started, and the emperor’s temple will appear. A giant statue will carry the temple along the defined path.

Also, A sandstorm zone will appear in a random city on the map. You can find abundant supplies, including the scarab charm that lets you revive on your own.

The new weapon, Lynx AMR, is a powerful SR that has faster-shooting speed and with its great bullet speed and powerful damage a level 3 helmet can be destroyed at a single shot.

Don’t we all have that experience of immediate death from a car explosion while playing the classic map? Now, you will be knocked out but not dead, even if the car explodes while you are in it.

The latest released version of the BGMI APK is v3.0.2.

Features of the new version

  • The new Story Mode Map “Fort Ruins” is an excellent addition via the Non-Lethal Weapon “Violet Grenade.” It will let users play non-lethal fights in Fort Ruins. 
  • This version comes with new Street Gear in Shop to allow you to purchase four diverse street gear; a Baseball cap, Sporty Glasses, Sporty Jacket, and Tinted Glasses. 
  • It has a new leaderboard to contest with your friends.

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Extremely fun battle royale experience!….. Try to play with friends. It makes it better. I’d like to see more daily events with small rewards (like silver and bp) and around 3 big events per month (with outfits). We need a new vehicle and a way to trash items from our inventory. I got pet food from a free spin, but I don’t have a pet so yeah, Also make it so u can dismantle vouchers. THANKS FOR THE EXPERIENCE 💙🥰

Bilash Kua

Everything is good, but there is a small problem when I do land in a hot drop. I can’t pick guns suddenly because of that animation after landing… Please stop ruining the … This was a well when we were playing the game in 6 🥺

Sujan Banerjee

Nice game, but it should be improved for android low-rate phone versions like that of nongaming or some mid-range phones. The experience is very poor. But for apple and gaming phone users, it is like the best game. So the quality should be developed to satisfy the mid-range and non-gaming phones.

Yashwant Kumar

Nice game. This is my favorite game, But some issues are in this game, like bugs, network issues, matching time being late game did not start. When I restart the game, then it starts and plays it. To resolve this problem when the enemies come to our game very, very lack and the network is gone, so please resolve the same issue as soon as


Battlegrounds Mobile India is a game about combat and survival that is officially certified. It is inspired by the famous Battle Royale concept, where 100 players land on an island with the help of a parachute and fight among themselves until, at last, only one man survives.

This free-to-play multiplayer game comes with different gameplay modes and maps. You will get Unreal Engine 4 feelings to see animated imaginary worlds enlarged by 3D sound to shape a really incredible experience on a mobile phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which game is best, PUBG or BGMI APK?

Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG are almost identical. The only difference is that some restrictions exist on BGMI. For example, players under 18 will need to provide their parents’ contact information when they have frequent screen timeout reminders to register for BGMI.

BGMI APK will also offer a new tutorial mini-game when someone first installs and plays the game. This game removes player behavior during play and eliminates games that display extreme violence.

Why is BGMI APK better?

If you consider playing games on mobile devices, you probably won’t find a better game than BGMI. The high-quality textures and ultra-high definition (UHD) experience allows players to become more immersed in the game world. It also supports fast frame rates of up to 90 FPS on all devices for a smooth gameplay experience!

Is it possible to play BGMI APK through the PS4 controller?

Of course, you can play background music with the PS4 controller. But some people say that to play this famous war game; you have to follow some complicated and unusual rules.

What's new

  • New Story Mode Map "Fort Ruins" is an excellent addition via Non-Lethal Weapon "Violet Grenade."
  • It will let users play non-lethal fights in Fort Ruins. 
  • This version comes with new Street Gears in Shop to allow you to purchase four diverse street gears; Baseball cap, Sporty Glasses, Sporty Jacket, and Tinted Glasses. 
  • It has a new leaderboard to contest with your friends.





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