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YouTube Premium MOD APK is the most recent version of YouTube that shows the latest features. It changes the whole structure of YouTube. It provides us with ads, free movies, dramas, songs, etc., and unlimited stock of content from all over the world. 
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Google LLC launched YouTube Premium MOD APK from the “Media and Video” category. YouTube Premium is a very demanding application all over the world. No matter your age or you are from which human category is it introvert or extrovert? Everyone wants entertainment in their lives. Entertainment makes us fresh and happy after such a hectic work day.

At early ages, youtube is just used to share videos with friends and others, but as time passed, it modified its features, components, structure, services, tools, and in everything. It is updated from time to time and is now the most useful application worldwide.


YouTube Premium Mod APK is the most recent version of youtube that shows the latest features. It changes the whole structure of youtube. It provides us with ads, free movies, dramas, songs, etc., and unlimited stock of content from all over the world. 

YouTube Premium provides a playback option that is most useful for every music lover. As we are not able to listen to music and do something else on the phone, but with YouTube Premium Mod APK, now you can do whatever you want on your phone, and music still plays on the back.

It provides high-resolution or HD graphic videos to watch. It also offers short videos maximum of 60 sec to watch and enjoy. You can easily download anything on it. Its search option is much faster and provides instant results.

YouTube Premium Mod APK is free to download and use for its users. I am sure you will love it when you start using it. You left ordinary youtube and switched to this fantastic premium features youtube. It is accessible for you to download from our site.

YouTube Premium Mod APK by

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Main Features:

Free to download

YouTube Premium Mod APK is free to download and use all over the world. You can easily switch from your ordinary youtube to the latest premium mod. You can enjoy premium features in it for free.

Ads free

It provides movies, series, videos, songs, etc., free from ads. Or you can disable ads on your own. Nothing will disturb you while watching.

High-resolution HD graphic

It provides HD graphic videos with high resolution. No one ever questioned the quality of the videos. With its premium feature, you can conveniently enjoy quality movies, series and others.

Unlimited movies, dramas, etc

It had a high stock of unlimited movies, dramas, series, songs, and others. The content on it covers the whole world. The latest and most popular content is updated from time to time. It also provides suggestions to watch famous content.

Playback option

Its playback option is exciting—no need to go back and play every time. You can use the repeating option, and your songs or videos play repeatedly. It only stops if your phone’s charging is over and your phone is off. Or, you can stop it manually.

Live to stream

YouTube Premium Mod APK provides live streaming of cricket matches, football matches, and others. It also offers live news to watch instantly. This is the most popular feature among cricket lovers.

Quick search

It provides a quick search option to discover anything quickly and fastly. It gives results about your search quickly. You can search for anything with a name on it.

Short videos

It provides short videos maximum of 60 seconds to watch and enjoy. Those videos are funny and make you happy. These are some short clips of movies, dramas, or shows. 


You can download your favorite movies, drama, tv shows, or others on it quickly to watch them when offline. It saves you time from searching at the time of the screen. Or when you have no internet to watch online. You can also add your favorites to the watch later list and watch them later online.

Enable and disable info

It provides all information about movies, series, dramas, shows, or whatever you want to watch. If you don’t want that information, you can easily disable it.

HDR brightness and volume

You can easily set the brightness and volume on the screen while watching. You can also lock the screen while watching. The brightness and volume you put on the screen are just for the screen while watching, not for your phone’s home page.

Enable dark theme

It provides a dark theme option. You can use it to save your eyes from the direct effect of lightning.

YouTube Premium Mod APK by

How to use

YouTube Premium Mod APK is a safe and secure application free from viruses. Nowadays, the youtube premium mod feature is a demanding application, loved and used by everyone. It provides premium features of youtube that are not available on ordinary youtube.

It provides the best downloading speed for movies. You can quickly download any movie on it and watch it offline. Its playback feature is very interesting. You can easily use your phone’s other applications, like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, while listening to music on youtube.

Its ads-free feature makes it more popular among people. It also has a kid screen full of animated movies, series, and cartoons. The content uploaded on it comes from all over the world. You can easily watch the content of other countries.

It also has a desktop version. You can use it on your laptop, tablet, computer, or other devices you have. It has many advantages that indulge you in having this fantastic application on your phone.

YouTube Premium Mod APK by


  • Free to download
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • No ads to disturb
  • Set the quality of the video on your own
  • Use repeat option
  • Download to watch offline
  • You can disable the watermark
  • You can change the speed of videos
  • You can use the dark theme option
  • The fast search option helps you to discover new things
  • Provide suggestion
  • Upload the latest and popular content daily
  • A vast number of users present
  • Add your experimental player
  • Set the volume during watching


  • It had bugs.
  • Sometimes its performance becomes slow.

How to Download YouTube Premium Mod APK

  • Go to your phone settings, enable unknown sources
  • You can download this application from our site.
  • Click on the given link
  • It will be downloaded in minutes

How to install YouTube Premium Mod APK

  • Click on the downloaded application 
  • There is an option to install
  • Click on it
  • Wait a few minutes
  • It will be installed
  • There is a search option on the top 
  • Search your desired song, movies, drama, etc., and enjoy

What’s new in

The latest released version of the YouTube Premium Mod APK is v19.43.36

Features in a new version

  • Latest content updated
  • Browsing speed enhance
  • Quick search
  • Security measured
  • Lags removed

Final words

YouTube Premium Mod APK is the most popular application ever downloaded and used by millions of people worldwide. It provides premium features of youtube that everyone wants to enjoy. This application is 100% free and easily accessible to everyone. Its features match ordinary youtube, but most of the features are advanced and not available on simple youtube. If you also want to download the YouTube Premium Mod APK then go and easily download it from our site.



I love YouTube Premium! It’s so convenient to be able to watch videos without any ads interrupting my viewing experience.


The ability to download videos and watch them offline is a game-changer for me. I love being able to watch my favorite content on the go.


The access to exclusive content and original shows is a nice bonus. I’ve discovered some new shows that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.


The audio-only mode is great for when I’m on the go and can’t watch the video. I can still listen to my favorite content, like a podcast.


The family plan is a great deal. My family and I can all enjoy YouTube Premium without having to purchase separate subscriptions.


The recommended videos feature is really accurate. It’s helped me discover new content that I’m interested in.


I love being able to play videos in the background while using other apps on my phone. It’s a convenient feature.


The interface is easy to use and navigate. I appreciate that everything is organized and easy to find.


I’ve noticed that my videos load faster with YouTube Premium. It makes for a smoother and more enjoyable viewing experience.


The ability to customize video playback speed is a nice touch. I can watch videos at a faster speed without the audio being distorted.


I’ve had great customer service experiences with YouTube Premium. They’ve been quick to respond and helpful with any issues I’ve had.


The ad-free experience alone is worth the price of the subscription. It makes for a much more enjoyable viewing experience.


I appreciate that YouTube Premium supports content creators with their revenue share program. It’s important to support the creators we enjoy watching.


The ability to create and save playlists is a great feature. I can easily organize my favorite videos and watch them whenever I want.


Overall, I highly recommend YouTube Premium to anyone who watches a lot of videos on the platform. The features are worth the price, and it’s made my viewing experience so much better.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s)

Is YouTube Premium Mod APK safe and legal?

Yes, this application is entirely safe and legal to use. It is verified by google. It provides high security.

Is YouTube Premium Mod APK free?

Yes, YouTube Premium Mod APK is free to download and use for all Android users.

From where do we get YouTube Premium Mod APK?

It is convenient and accessible for you to download it from our site.

Can I upload videos on it?

Yes, by creating your own channel, you can easily upload videos on YouTube Premium Mod APK.

In which country YouTube Premium APK works as a paid app?

In the United state, it works as a paid app.

What's new

  • Latest content updated
  • Browsing speed enhance
  • Quick search
  • Security measured
  • Lags removed





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Requirements5.0 and up
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