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YouTube Blue APK is a default application on all Android phones and we all love to watch videos, movies, songs, and much more on it.
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Youtube Blue APK is a default application on all Android phones and we all love to watch videos, movies, songs, and much more on it. We all get tired of watching ads and pop-ups during watching movies, videos, etc. it makes us annoyed to see ads at starting videos as well as almost after every 10 minutes pop-ups come and start bothering everyone.

It gets popular instantly as it comes. Most Android users loved to use this application instead of ordinary youtube. It is commonly used as youtube Blue but some of its features make it different from ordinary youtube. These amazing features get users’ attention and make it popular day after day.


Youtube Blue APK has an ad-blocking feature in its interface. That helps you to enjoy videos without interruption. The option of sharing videos and links is much more modified in this application. The dark mode option is also present in youtube blue.

When you watch something on youtube you have to stop watching if you want to do something else at that time on your phone. But youtube blue has an inbuilt option of playback option so you can easily watch and do something else at the same time. 

Youtube Blue APK is free. This is another amazing feature to make it popular among the Android family. It is the second largest downloaded application on the Google play store. It is readily available on the top search engine of Androids. Youtube Blue has the highest rating because it is equally liked by all age groups of people. People loved to use this application all around the world.

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Main Features:

Here are some amazing features that help you to choose between Youtube and Youtube Blue APK.

Simple and understandable interface

Youtube blue has a user-friendly interface. Its interface is commonly similar to simple Youtube.  Very easy to use and tackle with it.

Free to use

Youtube Blue APK is free to download and use. This feature makes it more popular among Android users. 

Quick services

Youtube Blue APK provides quick service. It provides instant results when you search for something on it and also gives relevant options to watch. 

Content is in different languages

Content is present in different languages than actual. So if you get bored by watching the same content from your country you can easily switch to another one. It also dubs movies and dramas that originated in other languages but you can watch them easily in your language. 

Inbuilt ad blocking

No ads to interrupt during watching. If you get tired of so many ads while watching something on Youtube. But, Youtube blue makes it easy for us to watch something without any interruption from ads and popups.

Playback feature

If you want to watch and work at the same time on your phone, no need to worry anymore. You can easily enjoy movies and other stuff on Youtube blue and also work on your phone at the same time because of its amazing feature of playback.

Multiple resolutions

You can set resolutions as you want like 240p, 360p, 1080p, 720, 4k, and much more. It will help you to watch movies, dramas, tv shows, and more with good quality. If the resolution is good it will make users happier to watch.  

Fast downloading

Youtube Blue APK has a fast downloading feature in its interface. On youtube we download something, but after some days it will automatically be removed or we need to re-download it to watch again. But, on Youtube blue, there is no need to re-download.

If we download something on it it will remain present on downloads. We have to delete it on our own. You can watch downloaded things offline.

Provide recommendations

Youtube Blue APK provides smart recommendations to its users. It updates you about upcoming movies and also provides recommendations to watch popular movies. You can easily watch famous movies, series, and dramas that are not accessible on other platforms.

Explore themes

If you get tired of seeing the same theme on youtube then stop watching ordinary Youtube. When you switch to Youtube blue there is a multi-theme feature. As mentioned in the name its actual color is blue but you can switch to the other color as well. It also provides the latest theme to enjoy. 

Zoom out and zoom in

On Youtube blue zoom-in option helps you to notice something if you want. In ordinary Youtube, the size of the screen is fixed but on Youtube blue, you can use the zoom in and zoom out option to set a screen by yourself according to your need.

Option to Watch later

Youtube blue has the option to add movies, songs, dramas, series, and much more to add to the list of watches later, and whenever you have time to watch you can easily access them. It saves you time from searching.

Repeat option

On youtube blue, the repeat option is amazing. If you want to listen to the same song, again and again, you can set it on repeat. And no need to play whenever it ends.

Paused history

You can also pause your history so that whatever you see is not going into history. But it has disadvantages like Youtube blue recommends videos according to your interest that is known by searching or watching history. If you pause history, it will stop providing you with the latest recommendations.

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How to use

Youtube Blue APK helps you to watch videos, movies, dramas and so many others in HD quality, and if you don’t have time to watch you can download them and watch them when you are offline. You can make a list to watch later if you have no time to watch it right now.

In Androids youtube is present as the default app but it is too old to use. When we have an option of Youtube blue apk with a lot of amazing features why do we use so ordinary and old apps on Youtube? 

Its amazing features and its amazing interface that we discussed earlier help you to switch from Youtube to Youtube blue apk. It has inbuilt ad-blocking features that are the main reason to stop using ordinary Youtube.

The other interesting feature that helps you to choose Youtube blue is the playback option. You can enjoy this feature by doing several things at a time. The video continues at the back even if the phone is off.

This application is totally free to download and easy to use. It is very famous among the Android family.


  • No adds to interrupt during watching movies, videos, etc
  • The Playback option helps users to chat and watch at the same time. 
  • Set resolution according to your interest
  • You can use the repeat option to play something again and again
  • Different themes to enjoy
  • It also has a screen for kids
  • You can set the brightness on the screen during watching by yourself
  • You can also watch restricted videos, not available on other platforms


  • You have to update this application manually, it will not update by itself.
  • It provides restricted videos as well, which is not good to watch.

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How to Download Youtube Blue APK

  • You can easily download Youtube Blue APK from our site, we provide a link on the screen.
  • Go to your phone settings
  • Enable unknown sources

How to install Youtube Blue APK

  • After downloading
  • Go to File Manager present on your phone
  •  Apk file appears there 
  • Click on it
  • There is an install option
  • Click on it
  • Wait, it takes a few seconds
  • Now you can use this application 

What’s new

The latest released version of the Youtube Blue APK is 19.07.39.

Features of the new version

  • The Playback option is present in the latest version.
  • Performance enhanced in the latest version.
  • You can turn on ads while watching.
  • Also, ad blocking is an inbuilt feature of the Youtube Blue APK.
  • Lags are not present in the pro version.


Youtube Blue APK has interesting features to enjoy and these features help users to choose between ordinary Youtube and Youtube blue apk. It has all features that are present in ordinary youtube with a lot more of its own.

It also has a pink or red version. If Youtube blue creates trouble you can try the other one. You can change its themes and also use the dark mode option. Ad blocking features make it more interesting.

Once you start using youtube blue you will never stop yourself from using it continuously. This application is free of any cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is Youtube blue available on the Google play store?

No, this application is not available on the Google play store. You should download it from our site.

Is Youtube Blue APK free?

Yes, it is free to download and use.

Is it creating trouble after downloading?

No, all lags are fulfilled in its latest version so it is safe to use.

Why does this application need permission from the device before downloading?

Because you need a third-party source to download this application. A third-party source is not always safe, so it needs permission before entering into the device.

What's new

  • The Playback option is present in the latest version.
  • Performance enhanced in the latest version.
  • You can turn on ads while watching.
  • Also, ad blocking is an inbuilt feature of the Youtube blue apk.
  • Lags are not present in the pro version.