Wonder Zoo MOD APK Latest version 2.1.3a (Unlimited Money/Gold/Coins)

Wonder Zoo Mod Apk is a kid's game with many different missions to complete on the animal theme. It is a free game to access and play.
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Wonder Zoo MOD APK is a kid’s game with many different missions to complete on the animal theme. As an agent, you will take down these pesky thieves who have been terrorizing innocent animals for too long! The graphics are developed in realistic 3D design. So that children can get into this pretend world they’ve created at home.


As you step into Wonder Zoo, a dreamy and immersive environment awaits with the help of skilled animal keepers. In this unique game, you’ll experience an exciting adventure through several destructions to save your favorite animals from several defeats. The habitats are filled with cuddly creatures like dinosaurs, zebras, rhinos, and elephants.

Gameloft SE launched this game from the “Casual” category. It is an online game with a virtual world map in seven different zones. Players can search for dinosaurs and other animals in these spaces; pick them up at your zoo if you’re lucky enough to have one, or head back through time using this unique feature.


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Every animal in Wonder Zoo needs your help. You are the keepers of their lives. Now it is up to you if they live or die. So take care of all these furry friends with disasters ready around every corner. But don’t worry because there is an entire staff here at The Zoological Society. The team will work side-by-side on this challenging task; ask them anything when things get tough.

In this game, you get to explore a world filled with giant creatures from all around the globe. The twist in this adventure, though, has players getting sent back into history and being able to take home any extinct species they come across, such as dinosaurs. Dinosaurs haven’t been seen for centuries.

For placing these majestic creatures beautifully amongst lavish greenery on our Zoo map. It feels incredible owning one piece of them again after so long.

The gameplay is very engaging, thanks to its management elements. In Wonder Zoo, you can make your zoo or just manage the growth and take care of animals. You’ll also have an opportunity to design and change the structure of the zoo how YOU want.

But be careful if there’s not enough space for all these creatures in their natural habitats. Because things will get pretty crowded here at “Wonderland.”


  • The game will let you earn unlimited gold and money to keep your gameplay more enjoyable.
  • It has stunning and attractive graphics to present a natural environment.
  • The player will enjoy wonderful circumstances, beautiful creatures, huge dinosaurs, and imaginary stops to life.
  • You can create and feed your desired zoo.
  • The player will get bonuses and extras on growing up creatures.
  • The game does not need any rooting requirements for installation.
  • It can also be played and enjoyed without any internet connection.
  • You can search and save the desired animal-like Dino Breeds from a huge variety of large animals.
  • The game will give a chance to unlock the legendary species.
  • Its anti-ban guarantee makes sure that it is 100% safe and secure.
  • You will also enjoy its worldwide safari while searching for animals on 7 maps, including Savannah, wilderness, mountain, enclosure, and polar.
  • Large numbers are customized to offer guests the best social results.
  • You can decorate your vision zoo with attractive plants, beautiful gift shops, wishing wells, and cafés.
  • The player can communicate with his friends, visit them, and support each other to create a real Wonder Zoo Mod APK full of exciting animals at their stop.

Wonder Zoo Mod Apk by apkasal.com


  • It is a free game to access and play.
  • This lightweight game is just 51.36 MB in size.
  • You will get unlimited money, gold, and gems.
  • Moreover, you can also play this offline.
  • There are no annoying ads to disturb your gameplay.
  • It has inspiring and immersive graphics.
  • You will get five different game maps to find animals.


  • The game has a particular focus on in-app purchases.
  • It claims ads are free, but it is not.


How to Download Wonder Zoo Mod Apk?

  • Click on the given download button to download it.
  • Permit device settings to install the game.
  • Finally, launch it, open it and enjoy playing.

What’s new?

The latest released version of Wonder Zoo Mod Apk is v2.1.3a.

Features of the new version

  • The new version comes with fixing all previous version glitches.
  • It has also updated its awesome graphics.


The game will drive you on a journey to beautiful locations where you can restore the health of animals and then turn them over for safekeeping at your private zoo. To make it come alive with fully immersive buildings, there’s something special about breeding rare creatures.

These creatures not only bring benefits but their parents’ genetics also get passed down. So, anything in the zoo has notable advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How can you grow a zoo into a wonder zoo?

You can grow it after filling it with more and more habitats, buildings, and decorative items. The player can point to the menu by tapping on the outside of the zoo fence. However, it is also possible by tapping “Expand” in the tool menu.

How to win more coins in wonder zoo?

To win more coins, you should start by collecting and nourishing the springboks and lions. It takes minutes to ‘pay’ them back. It means that you can recollect them later in the game once you’ve taken care of all other remaining animals.

What's new

  • The new version comes with fixing all previous version glitches.
  • It has also updated its awesome graphics.



DeveloperGameloft SE
UpdatedFew second ago
Requirements2.3 and up
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