Stick War Legacy MOD APK Latest Version 2024.1.54 (Unlimited Money)

Max Games Studios introduced Stick War Legacy MOD APK from the "Strategy" category. It is 104M and requires the Android 4.4 version.
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Max Games Studios introduced Stick War Legacy MOD APK from the “Strategy” category. It is 104M and requires the Android 4.4 version to run. This free game is also available offline to play.  

In this gameplay, you must establish a territory and save it from the opponents’ attacks. The player will select the plan to develop the realm, access numerous resources, and attack the foes. 

Simultaneously, the assortment in the military also set particular varieties of choices. Hence, the player has to pass numerous matches and collect unique resources. The users can also adjust the skin of their troops while unlocking it.

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The game will support you to unlock the Undead skin to see remarkable shifting in your army appearance. They will be in front of you in an amazing and impressive outfit, referring to their readiness to participate in the war. 

Aside from opening new skins, you can’t overlook some changes in this game’s endless dead mode. With their new outfit, you will perceive that your army is stronger and more aggressive. This model has different game styles to choose the excellent struggle for convenience. 

All at once

the gameplay of this style is evident as you will handle your military to fight the constantly advancing zombie armies. They are enormous, so you must build a lot of power and accessories.

You will find an area full of resources and an important statue for protection in the gameplay. In the first stage, you must defeat a gold digger and send them to the zone of gold resources. Similarly, you have to detect his actions by moving to mine ore.

The right side of the screen refers to the orders to withdraw. Here you will also secure orders to handle the characters as the total number of characters will grow and answer if enemies attack. In this situation, you must raise a specific number of troops to attack the competitor from the opposite side. 

Enemy territories are like yours, and if you abolish their statues, you will win and open inspiring prizes. They may include close-range militaries, archers, and even giants with striking power. In this gameplay, you must gain power while opening numerous troops.

Military equipment and upgrades are the two real processes to support you. The Upgrade section will let you see hordes and elements accessible in your zone. Hence, you can empower your troops, advance the gold amount and decide according to your preferences.

The gameplay will also allow you to purchase special items to inspire your troops, like quickening creation or hastening recovery to downfall opponents.

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Gaming Modes

The games come with three amazing modes, including;

  • Survival Mode: You must keep secure from the zombies’ attacks. The game will be fast, and you must use your best stick-fighting strategies to win the war.
  • Tournament Mode: This mode lets you face many opponents in violent battles. The player has to ensure that you defeat them to be crowned Inamorta. Remarkably, all your enemies are computer-created (AI) gear. Though, you will only encounter AI enemies who are within your skills.
  • Campaign Mode: In this mode, you will face the world of Anamorta, a neighbor of very selfish states who show prejudice against your territory. Rather than that, they are dedicated to empowering their knowledge and invention to regulate other countries.

This mode comprises each country with different ways of protecting its region. Every nation trusts its techniques, methods, weaponry systems, machines, guns, and missiles to defeat its opponents. 

This perseverance will initiate the beginning of the war! When that ensues, the player must collect his army to fight for his faith. You must use the latest stick-fighting strategies to outdo your competitors.

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  • The gameplay includes a fun and thrilling stick battle. 
  • You can modify the required items for your characters. 
  • You will find a wide range of helping materials, each particular owing characteristics. 
  • Moreover, the player will find the gameplay exciting and thrilling in zombie mode.
  • It has visual cinematic introductions.
  • The campaign mode will support you in getting the Crown of Inamorta.
  • The free gameplay comes with excellent graphics and effective sound quality.

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  • The game is the best source to advance your challenging and strategic planning characteristics.
  • IStick War Legacy follows an interesting theme and story.
  • It is free to download and does not ask for personal data.
  • You can easily download it on Android smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • The game gets regular updates and gets you in touch with the newly added functions. 


  • The game has in-app purchases that are not easy to get.
  • You cannot upgrade your characters or skills if you don’t have real money.
  • You cannot download it on IOS devices.

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How to Download Stick War Legacy MOD APK?

  • The game can be simply downloaded from the given download button. You just need to click on it.
  • Permit the third part app source and install Stick War Legacy.
  • Open the game and challenge your skills and strategies.

What’s new?

The latest released version of Stick War Legacy MOD APK is v2024.1.54.

Features of the new version

  • There are no bugs as having been seen in the last versions.


In this game, you will be on a return journey over time and demonstrate your bravery by giving you troops to manage, train and lead you to success against an adversary area to reestablish peace. You step into the shoes of a royal and realize what is required to become a king, “one”! The tournament mode will set you to compete with players worldwide to see who is the best, the last fighter. Hence, download the game and check your fighting and managing skills and strategies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For which strategy is the game known best?

Gathering supporting material and attacking enemies are excellent plans. 

How can I award free gems?

You can visit the shop and purchase any item. It will grow your gems.

What's new

  • There are no bugs as having been seen in the last versions.
  • New and updated missions!





DeveloperMax Games Studios
UpdatedFew second ago
Requirements4.4 and up
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