SimCity Buildit Mod APK v1.41.5.104402 For Android [Money+Keys+Coins]

Electronic Arts introduced SimCity Buildit MOD APK in 2014. The electronic arts modify the famous game SimCity into SimCity Buildit.
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Electronic Arts introduced SimCity Buildit Mod APK in 2014. The electronic arts modify the famous game SimCity into SimCity Buildit. It is a free app that demands nothing but basic tools. But it has an in-app purchasing offer for gamers. You can purchase some premium features for better running of the game. Purchasing demands real money.


This Buildit game provides its players with the true scenario of their dreams. It allows the gamers to become the mayor of a city you designed according to your and your people’s desire. You, as a mayor, must take steps to bring prosperity and happiness to your citizens.  

There are three notable categories;

  • Residential 
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Each category builds its buildings and upgrades them at high levels. This upgrading enhances the production rate, revenue, population, and their influences on the environment of a residential area. 

When the city grows rapidly, you also need to show more responsibility. At this time, ensure to deliver all the basic requirements that a citizen can demand. Check that all city departments like waste management, power generators, water plants, and sewerage companies are doing their jobs properly. Police stations, fire controllers, CNet towers, and health facilities are the common civil rights you should provide to your societies. 

Five types of in-game currencies support getting premium features. These currencies are SimCash, Platinum keys, Golden Keys, NeoSimoleons, and Simoleons. Gamers can purchase these currencies by spending real money or earning. Every type of currency has different demands. These in-game currencies are also used to upgrade resources, buildings, and other functions like shipping and trading. 

The endless content of SimCity Buildit entertains gamers and creates a real-time environment. SimCity Buildit has fantastic features that create the surroundings like real life and pushes you to feel like a real mayor. There are also entertaining activities and events organized for the relaxation of players. These activities also boost the players to win rewards for great performance. SimCity Buildit has live, friendly, and fantastic features that bring endless joy to its players. 

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The genre of the SimCity Buildit game is construction and management. This genre offers gamers to construct their cities as they like. Randomization is an extraordinary feature of this game. This feature creates unique content and exciting opportunities that encourage gamers to add new things. It is also suitable and helpful for players who need practical experience before joining their construction and management careers.


play the role of mayor in this game, so according to their role, their mission should revolve around the city’s betterment. They work to upgrade their city to an advanced level to meet the level of modernism and development. If their city shows high progress, it can attract investors to participate in its successfully running projects. Gamers can design and construct a great number of buildings. 

The management process of SimCity Buildit is more complex and flexible than other entertainment games. It is complex but friendly to play and other attractive activities for gamers. There is no time limitation for designing or constructing the buildings. Players also have endless time to upgrade their particular building. 

Enough resources are required for efficient and parallel functions. So the players should build important and high-level buildings to boost efficiency. The moods and capabilities of citizens and other investors also influence revenue and progress. SimCity has advanced features allowing players to use all resources available on the dashboard. These resources can help to improve the progress rate. The rate of revenue also increases as the player increases their buildings. Experience level also increases with city growth. 

Mind-blowing and majestic pieces attract people. So, if the mayor (player) creates unique design pieces, it will increase the city’s beauty. More beautiful buildings mean a high level of growth that leads to higher investment. Players can also get rewards like the most beautiful buildings at the global level or the most advanced level buildings. When the unique architectural pieces of your city get global fame, your revenue will boost automatically. With high revenue, the life of citizens also improves. 

The city management, quest system, and rewards are the main sources of revenue. 

Features of SimCity Buildit Mod APK

Build your city

This game is the only game that builds a real city game. It is compatible with android mobiles. In this game, you play the role of mayor. Build the buildings in certain city areas in a well-organized structure and get the taxes in your account. The great revenue in the shape of taxes grows your city towards development. The game has customized features like relocating the buildings, degree of rotations, zoom in and out, and pinch. For example, you can rotate the building at 360 degrees, pin it, and zoom it for a clear view. 

Bring life to your city.

It is the main task of the SimCity game that brings life to the city and keeps it growing. For more growth, you may see notifications of doing some specific tasks. For example, when you reach a high level, you may be allowed to build a copy of some world-known buildings like the Arc de Triomphe and the Empire State. 

It brings happiness and prosperity to citizens.

As this is a real-life game, you must recognize the public problems and take strict notice to solve them as a mayor. Pollution, over traffic, and fire are the common problems you have to handle. Because you are responsible for the development and prosperity of your city, focus on the education system, and build parks and hospitals. 

Excellent 3D graphics

The game comes with excellent, clean, and real-like 3D graphics. It makes the game famous in all other games. The developers also design real-life disasters like terror attacks or road accidents.  

Trading experience with other players

You can get a trading and shipping experience by selling your resources to friends or players playing this game. If you won many awards for amazing performance and got resources, store them in your storage cells. You may have some sources in excess, so you can sell them to someone who needs them. Trading is available at the advanced version of SimCity Buildit which allows you to purchase and sell within and out of the country.

How to Download?

It is much simpler and easier to download and use. Just follow the given steps to get this app on your device;

  • First, you need to install InternetGuard from APKasal or Google Play. It will prevent the app from accessing the internet and playing smoothly. 
  • Now download and install the mod game version to your device. 
  • Open InternetGuard, and activate the app. You should block all Wifi and Mobile Data access to the app.
  • Finally, open the game and enjoy playing. 


  • The game has wonderful 3D graphics to make it interesting to play. 
  • It is an addictive game that can be played for hours without boredom. 
  • The game is free to install and play. 


  • It is a space-consuming game. Hence you may face lagging issues while keeping it on your phone. So what’s new in SimCity Buildit Mod APK?

SimCity Buildit Mod Apk by

What’s new in SimCity Buildit Mod APK?

The latest released version of SimCity Buildit Mod APK is v1.41.5.104402

Features of the new version

  • The new version will work with the new Mayor’s Pass Season. 
  • Now there will be the best chance to bring the magnificence of the Roman Empire to your city by constructing the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Pantheon. 
  • You can construct Ponte Milvio and view the Roman Trireme sail through the rivers and lakes display.
  • The latest changes to the competition of Mayors are made by familiarizing task Streaks. 
  • Now you can earn bonus points to achieve particular tasks in a sequence.


SimCity Buildit Mod APK is one of the best simulation games for Android devices to build a city. It is from the SimCity license that offers you numerous resources and money chances. It is also the best entertainment source game. Here the player can work on different construction phases, including factory, and transportation while using his earned coins. We can say that this game pretends to be a real-life sample of city construction.

FAQ About SimCity Buildit Mod APK

Is this game free to play for free?

Yes! SimCity is free to install and play. Moreover, it offers all unlocked in-game features. 

Is it safe for my device?

Yes! It is 100% safe and secured for your device. There are no security concerns.

How much space does it need to be installed?

It is 144 MBs. You may find it somewhat heavy to install on low specs devices. 

From where can I download this game?

You can download it from the directed website link. Unfortunately, it will not be available on the Google play store as it comprises the game’s mod versions.

What's new

  • The new version will work with the new Mayor's Pass Season. 
  • Now there will be a best chance to bring the magnificence of the Roman Empire to your city by constructing the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Pantheon. 
  • You can construct Ponte Milvio and view the Roman Trireme sail through the rivers and lakes display.
  • There are latest changes to the competition of Mayors by familiarizing task Streaks. 
  • Now you can earn bonus points to achieve particular tasks in a sequence.



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