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The Tree Team launched Miracast APK from the "General" category. It is the requires Android version 5.0 plus.
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In today’s digital world, the ability to effortlessly share content from one device to another has become increasingly important. Miracast APK is a powerful application that allows users to mirror the screen of their Android device onto a larger display, such as a TV or computer monitor, wirelessly.

With Miracast APK, users can enjoy a seamless and immersive screen mirroring experience, making sharing videos, photos, presentations, and more with a broader audience easier.


Miracast APK revolutionizes how we share and collaborate by providing a wireless and convenient solution for screen mirroring. With its features like wireless connectivity, and high-quality audio and video,offers a seamless and immersive experience for sharing content from Android devices to larger displays.

While it brings advantages like convenience, versatility, and real-time interaction, it may have limitations based on device compatibility and network dependencies. Overall, empowers users to effortlessly showcase their content on a bigger screen, making it an invaluable tool for presentations, entertainment, and collaboration.

Miracast APK is a game-changer when it comes to wireless screen mirroring. With its easy-to-use interface and seamless connectivity, users can mirror their Android device’s screen onto a larger display with just a few taps.

One of the standout features of is its ability to provide high-quality audio and video streaming during the mirroring process. Whether watching a movie, playing a game, or giving a presentation, the audio and video quality remains crisp and clear, ensuring a truly immersive experience for both the user and the audience.

Another impressive aspect of is its real-time mirroring capability. With minimal latency and lag, users can interact with their Android device in real time, and the actions are mirrored instantaneously on the receiving display.

This makes Miracast APK ideal for activities that require immediate responsiveness, such as gaming or video conferencing. Users can enjoy the freedom of navigating their devices, launching apps, and performing tasks, all while the screen is mirrored seamlessly.

Miracast APK by apkasal.com

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Main Features:

Free to download

Miracast APK is completely free to download and use for everyone. You can use such admirable apps that are available for free now. All features are unlocked, and users are free to enjoy this fantastic application whenever possible.

Ads free

Miracast APK is free from unwanted ads. You can enjoy this exciting application without any disruption. To enjoy the app without disturbance, download it with APK from our site. It removes all ads.

Wireless Screen Mirroring

Miracast APK enables users to wirelessly mirror their Android device’s screen onto a more prominent display without cables or additional hardware. This feature allows for convenient and hassle-free content sharing.

High-Quality Audio and Video

With Miracast APK, users can enjoy high-definition video and audio streaming while screen mirroring. Whether watching a movie, playing a game, or giving a presentation, audio and video quality remains intact for a seamless viewing experience.

Real-Time Mirroring

Miracast APK ensures real-time screen mirroring, providing a responsive and lag-free connection between the Android device and the receiving display. This feature is essential for activities that require real-time interaction, such as gaming or video conferencing.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Miracast APK is designed to work with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and computers. This compatibility ensures that users can easily connect and mirror their screens regardless of the devices they own.

Privacy and Security

Miracast APK prioritizes user privacy and security by offering a secure and encrypted connection for screen mirroring. This protects sensitive information from unauthorized access during the mirroring process.

Simultaneous Multitasking

Miracast APK allows users to multitask on their Android device while screen mirroring. Users can continue using their devices for other tasks, such as browsing the web or replying to messages, while the screen is mirrored.

Easy Setup and Configuration

Setting up Miracast APK is straightforward and user-friendly. Users can quickly connect their Android device to the receiving display by following simple on-screen instructions, making it accessible even for those with limited technical knowledge.

Compatibility with Third-Party Apps

Miracast APK is compatible with various third-party apps, allowing users to mirror content from various applications. Whether you want to share a YouTube video, a presentation from Google Slides, or a photo slideshow, Miracast APK supports seamless mirroring from popular apps.

Unlock all features

Miracast allows users to use and unlock all premium features of the application. It provides unlimited support, unlocks the latest tools, upgrades the features, and more. APK helps you to enjoy every single feature of the app.

Safe to use

The app is free from malware and another virus. You can safely use the application on your phones and other devices. Miracast is safe and accessible for Android users because our expert team checks this app.

Miracast APK by apkasal.com

What does it do?

Miracast APK works by utilizing the built-in Miracast technology present in Android devices. It establishes a wireless connection between the Android device and the receiving display, creating a direct link for screen mirroring. The APK acts as a mediator, facilitating communication and synchronization between the two devices.

Once the connection is established, Miracast APK mirrors the Android device’s screen onto the receiving display in real time. Users can navigate their devices, launch apps, play videos, and perform any other tasks, and the actions are mirrored on the larger screen.


This allows for seamless sharing and collaboration, making it ideal for presentations, gaming, entertainment, and more. Moreover, Miracast APK offers multi-device compatibility, ensuring that users can connect and mirror their screens regardless of their device.

Whether you have a smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or computer, designed to work with a wide range of devices. This versatility allows for easy sharing and collaboration in various settings, from professional presentations to casual entertainment.

One of the critical advantages of Miracast APK is its simplicity in setup and configuration. Users can quickly connect their Android device to the receiving display by following the intuitive on-screen instructions.

This user-friendly approach makes accessible to individuals with different technical expertise levels, ensuring that anyone can enjoy the benefits of wireless screen mirroring without hassle.

Miracast APK by apkasal.com


  • Free for everyone
  • Fast to download
  • User-friendly interface
  • Straightforward to use
  • A vast number of users present
  • No need to root your device
  • Registration is not required
  • Provide notification to keep you updated
  • Convenience
  • Versatility
  • Real-Time Interaction
  • Privacy and Security
  • Exciting graphics
  • Enjoy premium features with unlimited items
  • Ads free


  • Limited Compatibility: Some older devices or operating systems may not support Miracast technology, limiting the compatibility of Miracast APK.
  • Network Dependency: Miracast APK relies on a stable Wi-Fi network for seamless screen mirroring, which can be a limitation in areas with weak or unreliable internet connections.

How to Download Miracast?

  • Go to your phone settings,
  • Enable unknown sources
  • It is also available to download on our site.
  • Click on the given link
  • It will be downloaded in minutes

How to install Miracast?

  • Click on the downloaded file
  • There is an install option
  • Click on it
  • It will take a few minutes
  • Than installed
  • Give necessary permissions
  • Enjoy the app

What’s new

The latest released version of the Miracast APK is v2.1.

Features in a new version

  • Remove lags
  • Fix bugs
  • Unlimited support
  • Updated system


In conclusion, Miracast APK revolutionizes sharing and presenting content by providing a seamless and immersive screen mirroring experience. With features like high-quality audio and video streaming, real-time mirroring, multi-device compatibility, and user-friendly setup, Miracast APK empowers users to share their Android device’s screen on a larger display effortlessly.

Whether for professional presentations, entertainment purposes, or collaborative work, Miracast APK is a valuable tool that enhances connectivity and convenience in our digital lives. If you are also interested, check our site to download this fantastic application on your phone.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s)

Is Miracast APK safe?

Yes, the app is safe and sounds safe from viruses or malware. Anti-malware tools check it and then post it on the site.

Is Miracast APK free?

Yes, this fantastic application is 100% free to download and use. You can download it from our site.

Is It Compatible with all devices?

You can use it on your laptops, Windows, and tablets. It is also definitive with IOS and other Smartphones.

Which app competes with Miracast?

EZMira is the biggest competitor of Miracast APK; this application still has more followers than other related apps.

What is the maximum size of Miracast?

The size of the app varies through devices. Almost 7 GB RAM is necessary to use the application on Windows.

What's new

  • Remove lags
  • Fix bugs
  • Unlimited support
  • Updated system





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Requirements5.0 and up
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