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Magisk Manager APK is a chaotic rooting system. Which helps you to alter your phone system without touching its core code.
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Magisk Manager APK helps you to get those features that are not working on other platforms or may be stopped for some reason. Topjohnwu is the founder of Magisk and this amazing application was launched in 2016.

Suppose you want something new on your phone as other technology experts do like your friend or a family member. You must try the Magisk manager. The phone is an integral part of our lives. We get tired of using the same features or the same outlook. Magisk helps us to try something new and unique on our phones.


Magisk Manager APK is a chaotic rooting system. Which helps you to alter your phone system without touching its core code. This application makes using financial applications easier and more convenient for people.

Almost one million people used this application from all around the world. The Magisk is used for youtube also. It makes youtube faster and easier. No ads to interrupt while watching movies, tv shows, or series. It blocks the ads.

It helps to root your phone as early as possible. Otherwise, we all know how hectic it is to root or unroot your phone whenever we try to access any finance application. If you want to give permission or deny any permission to your phone when downloading any application, or when you want to run a new application on your cell phone, Magisk does it faster than a manual process that is so time-consuming. 

Magisk Manager APK has heaps of faculty from where you can download any application and games or whatever you want for your phone. This feature makes it so popular among teenagers. As time passes it becomes more popular day by day.

It provides the ability to control your phone. The minimum system required to run this application on your android phone is 5.0. Below 5.0 this application will stop working and also create problems for you to run your phone.

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Main Features:

Clear safety test

Magisk helps you to clear the Google safety test. These tests are important to pass before downloading any application from Google.


This feature helps you to make changes to your phone, and also changes the inbuilt features of the phone.


Magisk helps to download the latest applications, games, and wherever you want for your phone. It has a classified collection of faculty to download things.

Advance installation

Magisk provides an advanced tool for the installation process. In which the installation process becomes faster and automatic installation for several applications.

Check status and notification

In this application, you can check the status of the applications. You can also set notifications for every single application on your phone. So whenever an update comes for any application it will show in the notification bar.


If something is bothering you on your phone you can easily add it into Magisk hide. So, it will never be shown on your phone again. 


By going on Magisk settings you can see new and amazing features and also by using its setting options you can change your phone settings.

Free to use

Magisk Manager APK is free to use and download for android users. No subscription or any other extra charges to pay.

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How to work

Magisk Manager APK is a great application that helps you to root your device faster than any other platform or manual process. It has many amazing features to deal with. It helps your phone work faster than before.

Magisk works without putting any harmful effect on your phone core settings. So this application is much safer than any other application. It makes several changes to your phone but cannot disturb its actual settings or system.

It provides permission or also safety to download anything from a third-party source. We all know that downloading anything from a third-party source is not safe for our phones. But, it provides security, if the user wants to access a harmful application it will provide alerts and stop processing it.

It helps you to manage, install, upgrade, configure, and change the actual system of your phone. This application is free to use. This application works on both rooted devices and non-rooted devices equally.

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  • Easy and free to use
  • Persistently updated
  • Never make changes in the actual system
  • Make the rooting process easy and faster
  • Hide root process when no need
  • Pass safety tests easily
  • The security process is faster and hidden
  • Helps to run various applications like banking, Netflix, Amazon, etc
  • Heaps of modules present on it


  • If you have any other rooting application already present on your phone, this application collapses with the other one, making your phone stop working.
  • You cannot be able to put the Magisk app into your external settings.

How to Download Magisk Manager APK

  • Go to your phone settings, enable unknown sources
  • It is easy to download this application from this site.
  • You can also download it from our official website.

How to install Magisk Manager APK

  • Open the application of Magisk manager
  • There is an option to install 
  • Click on it
  • It will take some seconds, then installed
  • Restart your phone so it works faster and easily
  • Start rooting your phone
  • If you have any other application to root device make sure to enable it before using Magisk

What’s new

The latest released version of the Magisk Manager APK is 29.2.

Features of the new version

  • Fix tracking in UID
  • Set compression
  • Minimum changes in its settings
  • Improve rooting process
  • Improve the loading process in the search bar
  • Improve the whole mechanism and make it faster and easiest to access for users


Magisk Manager APK is the best application for the rooting process better than chain fire supers. Its security process is so good that it never allows doing something that is harmful to your phone. This application works without touching the actual system of the phone. It provides amazing features to deal with. You just have to download this interesting application from our site and start rooting your device easily and fastly without any changes in the core system of the phone. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Magisk Manager APK Is it free to use?

Yes, this application is totally free to use and download.

Is this application safe to use?

Yes, this application is totally safe to use on your phones. It never touches the core settings of the phone and works in its own way.

Can Magisk Manager APK be installed without root?

No, it will not happen. The main reason is some devices are not rooted devices so make sure to root through Magisk.

What's new

  • Fix tracking in UID
  • Set compression
  • Minimum changes in its settings
  • Improve rooting process
  • Improve the loading process in the search bar
  • Improve the whole mechanism and make it faster and easiest to access for users