Live NetTV APK latest version 5.9.6 Specially Designed For Android users

Live NetTV APK is an application specially designed for androids. Live NetTV APK ensures their viewers about the quality of entertainment.
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Live NetTV APK is an application specially designed for Androids. This application also works on the desktop. Live TV provides more than 800 channels on one platform. Many movies, songs, series, TV shows, dramas, games, and support are present on it. 

The quality of movies and shows is standard, with high-quality content available according to application. You can enjoy the features of TV on your desktop now. No charges to pay. It’s a free app for Androids. This application is mainly designed for those who want more and more entertainment on one platform.

Live NetTV APK ensures their viewers about the quantity and quality of entertainment. No need to compromise on your enjoyment anymore.


We all want an application that provides live streaming of all TV channels. There are other platforms for entertainment like Orio TV, Geo TV, etc., but the one among them that defines our need is Live NetTV APK. Now Android users can bring their tv with them wherever they go. You need to connect to the internet and start enjoying more and more entertainment with never-ending programs on Live NetTV APK.

Live NetTV APK is the most downloaded application by Android users. It is very famous among them. This application is one of the live-streaming applications that are famous all around the world. Youngsters and old age equally like it.

Live NetTV also has a desktop version so you can easily use it on your laptops, Macs, computers, tablets, etc. The number of movies and tv shows is very big so you will never be able to stop yourself from using this application.

There are a lot of options for live streaming apps on the Google Play Store, but most of them are not working perfectly; some of the links for such apps are harmful or activate different types of viruses on your phone, but Live NetTV is the one which is secure to use and easy to handle because of its easy interface.

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Main Features:

Live NetTV APK has many features, some of which are discussed below:

Search your favorite channel

There is an option on Live NetTV APK for users so they can search for their favorite channel.

It is a common hobby of TV lovers; when they have a remote to use, they start searching. Now on Live NetTV, you simply go to the search option and write its name. You get precisely the same channel that you want.

Easy and accessible interface

Live NetTV has a very easy and understandable interface for its users which helps them in controlling and enjoy this application quickly and comfortably. This application is designed entirely, so there is no need to know unique tactics. The person who regularly uses the phone can easily use this application.

Free for Androids

Live NetTV is free to use for Android users. You can enjoy more and more without spending a single penny.

No need for registration and subscription

After downloading Live NetTV, there is no need to register to start watching movies and tv shows. It’s a free app, so no subscription fee is needed. Most applications need personnel information like name, age, etc., for a different process but on Live NetTV, these formalities are not present. You can use this application freely. 

A broad collection of contents

As we said earlier. Live NetTv has more than 800 channels from all around the world. The contents are as much as its channels working. A broad basket of movies and tv shows are present for its viewers.

Playback support

Live NetTV has built-in video players that provide HD quality with high resolution. You can also set the quality of this application according to your demand or presented content.

Plan for Live events

Live NetTV has a feature to make plans or schedule coming live events. Cricket lovers love this feature. So they can never miss their matches anymore. This application is famous because of its HD-quality live streaming. 

Good compatibility

Live NetTV has good compatibility with other devices. You can also use it on your desktop, laptops, tablets, computers, and Mac. By downloading the Blue Stacks emulator, you can easily use this application in any window.

Set channels

You can set channels according to your region or choice. You will choose countries like Pakistan, Turkey, China, the United States, India, etc. Then view contents or shows from the selected country easily and quickly.

Provide updates

Live NetTV automatically updates itself, you can enjoy amazing features coming in new updates. If one channel stops working or places an error no need to worry it will automatically update by live TV itself.

Channel requesting

Live TV has more than 800 channels, but in case any of them disappear, you can request a certain channel with its name. It will be in your access soon.

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What does it do

Live NetTV APK is one of the best live streaming applications mostly used and downloaded all around the world. It provides a simple and accessible interface. Regular phone users easily operate this application on their phones.

It provides almost all channels present on the globe. It provides live streaming for cricket matches and has a feature to set a schedule for upcoming live events. There is no chance of missing or forgetting about the latest updates.

It has so many features to enjoy, as discussed earlier. This is an entertainment app. It also provides the latest content to watch according to users’ interests. No ads to interrupt while watching movies or TV shows. Indeed this application has all that users want to watch. You can select the country or region you want to see the contents from. According to demands, chosen country contents are on top of the list so you can watch quickly. 


  • Free of cost.
  • No need to register an account on Live NetTV APK.
  • A broad collection of movies, TV shows, series, and dramas to watch.
  • Channels for kids and news from all around the world are also present.
  • Live to cover crickets or news.
  • Simple and accessible user interface.
  • HD quality video player.s


  • Pop-ups are annoying sometimes.
  • Live NetTV APK is not present on the Google Play Store.

How to Download Live NetTV APK

  • This application is not present in the Google Play Store. The link is posted by the official Live NetTV APK app. You should download this application from there.
  • There are too many links present on their official site. If one is not working, you can download it from another one easily.
  • Before downloading, go to the phone setting, and permit to allow unknown sources to download.

How to install Live NetTV APK

  • After downloading, turn off the unknown source option for the security of your phone.
  • Click on the downloaded app
  • Click on the install option
  • It will take some time to install
  • No need to register; start enjoying

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What’s new in

The latest released version of the Live NetTV APK is 5.9.6.

Features of the new version

  • The latest Live NetTV APK is 6.9.6, specially designed for Android users.
  • It was recently updated on Few seconds ago.
  • Its latest version has many unique features, like built-in video players with HD quality. You can choose a country for special scene content from there. 
  • The latest updates about news from around the world are presented on it.
  • Live tv provides live streaming of more than 800 channels. If any channel is not working, it will automatically update.
  • Its new search button is amazing. By tapping on it, you get a channel according to your choice, and no need to scroll anymore.


Live NetTV APK is an entertainment application that provides a lot of stuff from around the globe to watch and enjoy. It provides live streaming of more than 800 channels. This application is equally important and enjoyable for all age groups.

It also provides movies, tv shows, dramas, kids’ stuff, news, and live streaming of matches as well. Its interface is very simple and understandable by users. An internet connection is important to watch something on live tv.


Andrew Jackson:

Live NetTV is hands down the best streaming app out there. The user interface is clean and easy to navigate, and the selection of channels is impressive.

Oliver Wilson:

I’ve tried a lot of streaming apps, but Live NetTV is the only one that consistently delivers high-quality streams without any buffering or lag.

William Robinson:

The best part about Live NetTV is that it’s completely free! I can’t believe how many channels are available without having to pay a dime.

Christopher Baker:

I love the fact that Live NetTV offers channels from all over the world. It’s a great way to stay connected to news and events in other countries.

Thomas Johnson:

As someone who enjoys sports, I appreciate the wide selection of sports channels that Live NetTV offers. I can watch live games from anywhere in the world.

Matthew Green:

Live NetTV is my go-to app for watching TV shows and movies on my phone. The picture quality is excellent, and there are no annoying ads.

Edward Turner:

I’ve been using Live NetTV for months now, and I haven’t had a single issue with the app. It’s reliable and easy to use.

Harry Brown:

The developers of Live NetTV are constantly updating the app and adding new channels. It’s great to see that they’re committed to providing a top-notch streaming experience.

Richard Evans:

Live NetTV is a must-have app for anyone who loves to stay up-to-date with current events. The news channels are always reliable and informative.

Robert Phillips:

I’ve recommended Live NetTV to all of my friends and family. It’s simply the best streaming app out there.

Stephen Thompson:

Live NetTV is perfect for anyone who wants to cut the cord and get rid of expensive cable TV. With so many channels available, you won’t miss a thing.

George Wright:

The user interface of Live NetTV is sleek and modern. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for, and the app is very user-friendly.

David Scott:

I’ve been using Live NetTV for years, which has never disappointed me. It’s a reliable app that always delivers high-quality streams.

Michael Turner:

The selection of channels on Live NetTV is incredible. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re into sports, movies, or news.

Kevin Baker:

Live NetTV is the best app for streaming live TV on your phone. I can watch my favorite shows and sports games from anywhere, at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Does the Live NetTV APK need special instructions to install?

No, you can install it as easily and quickly as other ordinary apps.

Is it safe to install?

Yes, it is 100% safe to install from an accurate link provided by their original app.

Which is the best live tv app for Android?

Live NetTV APK is an amazing app for live TV. It contains more than 800 channels.

What’s the Name of the app from where we watch local TV for free?

Live NetTV APK is an application that is free of cost and specially designed for Android users.

What's new

  • The latest version of the Live NetTV APK is 5.8.6, specially designed for Android users.
  • It was recently updated on Few second ago.
  • Its latest version has so many amazing features to enjoy, like built-in video players with HD quality. You can choose a country for special scene content from there. 
  • The latest updates about news from all around the world are presented on it.
  • Live tv provides live streaming of more than 800 channels. If any channel is not working, it will automatically update.
  • Its new search button is amazing. By just tapping on it you get a channel according to your choice, and no need to scroll anymore.


UpdatedFew second ago
Size24.2 MB
Requirements4.0 and up
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