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IDBS Studio launched the IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK from the "Simulation" category. It is compatible with Android 4.4 plus.
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IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK is a simulation game based on bus management. All the events in the game are flattened in Indonesia. Players have to drive the bus in Indonesia. From different countries, passengers come, and players go to their desired destination.

When the game begins, it controls the player’s hand completely. Players can freely drive and accomplish tasks, have freedom of action, start a full-fledged career, and upgrade transport.


Players have a right to buy new buses or other vehicles available in the store to drive and enjoy. MOD players get a lot of money that is difficult to earn in the original. A maximum of a month is needed to make the desired income. 

You can enjoy a free tour of the gaming world. Its graphics are so exciting, and the buses do not look as actual or ordinary. They provide upgraded or decorated buses that attract passengers to come and get a ride.

The game has three-dimensional simulators. Players are tested first as they can accomplish desired missions. Driving skills are most important in the game. You also know different parts of the bus in case of difficulty that helps you. 

You can upgrade the buses according to your taste and color. It is essential to illustrate your missions and make your career. Drivers have to please the passengers with amazing rides. Your bus will be more comfortable if you want.

You can use scenery or different paintings to decorate your bus. Or you are free to use the latest technology on the bus. It is an entertaining game with various missions for players. It would be best if you learned traffic rules with all the safety measures that help in an emergency.

Suppose you want to be the best driver in the game, then you must know all the driving tactics and how to please passengers. You have a map to find ways to reach your destination on time. Here are some fantastic features that are important to discuss.

IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK by

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Main Features:

Free to download

IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK is free to download and play. It is compatible with all Android latest versions. You can conveniently download it from our site.

Exciting graphics

The game has fascinating graphics that attract people. The bus’s colors are so charming, and the technology used in the bus, comfortable rides, pictures, sceneries, and inside and outside views make the bus adorable for drivers and passengers.

Real driving experience

The game provides a complete experience for drivers. You have predetermined locations. You go there, pick up passengers, and drop them safely at their desired destination. In the end, you earn money used in the game for various purposes.

Buy busses

You can buy buses, trucks, police cars, and other vehicles with your earned income. Now with MOD, you have unlimited money to purchase anything without seeking price tacks. 

Free tours

After every accomplished level, you get a free tour of Indonesia. Or whenever you want, you get time to discover the world in the game. 


It provides various characters to enjoy. You can easily choose your character as a driver in the beginning and then start driving. You can upgrade your character’s outfit and others whenever you want.

Sound and visuals

It provides a very realistic sound for vehicles. It’s a plus point of the bus simulator game. Its visuals are so amazing to attract people towards it.

Different missions

When a driver knows all the driving tactics or different ways to use them, safety measures to use in an emergency, and other rules that are most important for professional drivers, they can proceed to the next step, where they have to accomplish various missions.

Easy to play

Learning all the positions where you go will be more straightforward for you to drive. You can quickly go to your place, pick up passengers, and drop them at their destination without using a map.

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IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK game is the most famous game of 2022. In this game, players must drive buses on the roads of Indonesia. You can enjoy all the buses whether it is regular or tourist. You can dive both freely.

Drivers have to learn all the traffic rules and not get hit ever. The journey in the game will take place on different days and times or with multiple weather conditions. It affects the gameplay nicely, and players never get bored of it.

This game is for those who love to drive buses on roads and pick up different passengers or explore the buses and routes of Indonesia. It shows realistic views, places, roads, and buses of Indonesia. The game provides an intelligent way to explore Indonesia. 

The game provides a GPS navigation system, a map for openers, a realistic control option to stop the bus at the desired location, and traffic instructions to help the drivers. Following the basic steps and driving safely will make you a professional driver one day.


  • Free for everyone
  • Simple to play
  • No need to registration
  • All features are unlocked
  • Unlock new latest model buses
  • Enjoy free tours
  • Earn Money
  • Simple to control
  • Compatible with all Android latest devices
  • Exciting graphics to enjoy
  • Realistic sounds
  • Unique characters and upgrade them whenever you want


  • It is not good with routes.
  • Its control buttons are sometimes stuck or covered with other regulators, making them difficult to handle.

IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK by

How to Download IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK?

  • Go to your phone settings, enable unknown sources
  • You can download this application from our site.
  • Click on the given link
  • It will be downloaded in minutes

How to install an IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK?

  • Click on the downloaded file
  • There is an install option
  • Click on it
  • It will take a few minutes
  • Than installed
  • Enjoy the game

What’s new

The latest released version of the IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK is v7.9.

Features in a new version

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited coins and gems
  • Remove lags
  • Crane introduced
  • Mp3 player included
  • Latest cameras 
  • Latest Indicators
  • Mp4 video player included

Final words

IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK is the most entertaining game you have ever played on your phone. It was entirely crafted in Indonesia. It provides realistic views of their roads, places, buses, and others. Millions of people already download this fantastic game on their phones. It gets 4 stars from players. If you are also interested in the game, you must visit our site to download it.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s)

Is the IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK safe to play?

Yes, it is entirely safe and secure to play. It is a very lightweight application. It is safe to download from our site.

Is IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK free?

Yes, it is entirely free to download and play the game. You can enjoy it freely. You can conveniently download it from our site.

Does this game work well with MOD?

The original application makes various features hard to get and use in the game. With MOD, you can enjoy all features freely and safely.

Can I play the bus simulator with another country?

No, it was designed based on Indonesian roads, buses, culture, places, and others. You can drive freely in Indonesia.

What's new

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited coins and gems
  • Remove lags
  • Crane introduced
  • Mp3 player included
  • Latest cameras 
  • Latest Indicators
  • Mp4 video player included





DeveloperIDBS Studio
UpdatedFew second ago
Requirements4.4 and up
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