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Kefir launched Grim Soul MOD APK from the "Survival" category in 2018. It is 155 MB and is free on the Google play store to download.
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Kefir launched the Grim Soul MOD APK from the “Role Playing” category in 2018. It is 155 MB and is freely available on the Google play store to download. 

Grim Soul MOD APK is a survival game full of dangers for the player’s experience. When you come to it, it gives the players an attractive sense of survival. However, it is surrounded by threats that are waiting to eat you.


This game is often compared to the last day on earth. In survival, both have similar gameplay, but there are many other things. If you say that the game’s last day on the planet is set in modern times, then it comes to the medieval atmosphere.

So, you experience the plague lands, one of the Imperial’s wealthy cities. But it is only in the past. The primary reason for this, the power of the dark lord was solid. But now, anyone can do anything. Humans cannot compete with her power. A mist surrounded the earth and other places.

All humans turned into Zombies to attack the survivors. What do you need to survive in that dark and gloomy world? All decisions are yours.

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This play takes place in a desert land. Where a prosperous Imperial province existed. Now only things are left, which are predators and undead. All of this is started by his people after a disastrous plague. Many half-humans turned into half-monster creatures.

Their only purpose of them is to find survival and to eat them. On top of this, no man is living in the village. The wild animals take over the land. There are some left. They are one of the few lucky survivors in the grim Soul of your ultimate goal.

The dark fantasy survival is trying to be alone in the hard land. It is trying to clean the surrounding environment for the available resources. Hunt the animals, feed yourself, and make a formidable base. They can save themselves when night comes. The attractive online gameplay is included at the top of the game.

Gamers all over the world can participate in the survival challenge. Build up the bases with your friend together and play with the groups. A better chance can create your survival.

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  • The gameplay will let you create your customizable character using unique features. You just have to choose the desired gender and give them facial qualities to look different from others.
  • You will enjoy this game like addictive classic RPG gameplay with different stimulating features.
  • Here is the best chance to select your desired weapons and vital apparatus.
  • When you clear the ground for available resources, go out into the woods.
  • Remove beasts and opponents as you gain experience.
  • Discover practical crafts and building features to set up tremendous contrasts.
  • You can do practically anything in the world of Grim Soul.
  • To ensure your survival in this crumbling world, you must learn crafting and building techniques. This art will support you in making handy tools and items that will support you during your journey.
  • There are no charges to get the desired design and upgrade your items.
  • The world outside the door is cruel and brutal. So, you have to power up your character well for your survival. Otherwise, you can die because of hunger, lonely, nasty monsters, and crafty enemies.
  • The gameplay revolves around your skills of mastering your fate to conquer nature, defeat your opponents, and learn to live in such a distressing world.

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  • The availability of a massive map with numerous land exploration features will let you see yourself traveling to every corner of the once-prosperous kingdom before the effects of the Gray Erosion.
  • You can explore dark forests, dungeons, or peaceful cities and towns.
  • Find yourself caught up in internal fights between different groups and find all sorts of different mysteries.
  • You must build your stronghold to secure against enemy attacks and other wild predators.
  • During your journey, you will know the stories of the empire of the past. So don’t miss them. They will help you reveal the secrets to defeat enemies.
  • Get a good horse, construct a shelter, raise him and try to make your friend make your journey easy.
  • The gameplay offers you different highly challenging tasks to achieve and unlock a reward in return.
  • The game is entirely free to download. It does not have any in-app purchases.
  • It has stunning 3D graphics and an effective beating sound system.

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  • The game has an intuitive user interface that is easier for naïve users to understand and learn.
  • This game, along with its customizable characters, is free to download.
  • It does not have any in-app purchases and is safe to download.


  • It will use too much data.
  • There are also some complaints about bugs.

How to Download Grim Soul MOD APK?

  • Hit the given downloading button and finalize it.
  • Allow the required permission and install the app.
  • Open and play!

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What’s new?

The latest released version of Grim Soul MOD APK is v5.2.7.

Features of the new version

  • Now you can shift your Exile’s looking at your home location.
  • Make a rack to protect your weapons, and place the boss’s head on your trophy spear.
  • There is an addition of powder bombs to demolish stone walls.
  • There are also new active and passive skills.
  • Furthermore, you can add new hints and scrolls.


Fantasy Survival MOD is one of the best games in this genre. There are several ways available to achieve the goal. First, you have to gather resources and arrange a shelter to start it. Then, after it turned into a real castle and fought with the enemies, they made unique weapons from the extracted materials. The main thing is to beware of the night. It is full of more dangers from your imagination.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much larger is Grim Soul?

It is 155 MB.

What are the requirements to download this game?

You should have 2GB RAM and 1GB Internal storage.

Is it possible to play this game offline?

No! It is an online game and needs a stable internet connection.

Can I play this game with my friends?

Yes, you can invite your friends, make a group and enjoy this game with them.

What's new

  • Now you can shift your Exile's looking at your home location.
  • Make a rack to protect your weapons and place the boss's head on your trophy spear.
  • There is an addition of powder bombs to demolish stone walls.
  • There are also new active and passive skills.
  • Furthermore, you can add new hints and scrolls. 





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