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GeForce Now APK is an official gaming service application. It provides more than thousands of games to play on your desktop and Android.
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GeForce Now APK is an official gaming service application. It provides more than thousands of games to play on your desktop and Android. It makes your device faster and more active for playing games. 

We all know that playing games on a mobile phone is not so easy. Sometimes it will harm your phone, like a speed decrease in charging, apps may stop working, or sometimes downloading games from the Google play store will be harmful or have a virus that affects your phone.


NVIDIA introduced a gaming app that provides thousands of games with no side effects on your phones. New games are also updated on it every month. Most popular games are present on it for regular users.

No more need to download or waste time on the installation process. Users can play games online without downloading, installing, updating, or any other formalities. Streaming services are present on GeForce Now. You can also broadcast your game.

This application needs a subscription or membership. You can enjoy the free trial for some days and then pay for membership. It provides amazing features and games that your payment is back to you in the form of enjoying a lot of games of its good quality.

GeForce Now also has a desktop version. You can enjoy its features or gaming now on your laptops, tablets, desktop, or also on your tv. But it will take a maximum of 1GB of space to install on a desktop.

It provides the latest games also that are new in the market. Almost six million people already use this application on their phones or desktops from all around the world. It provides live streaming of games. 

This application is specially designed for teenagers or game lovers. You can play with others or unknown people from all around the world. This is the best streaming application for games used nowadays.

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Main Features:

Easy to use

This application is easy to use. No need to download games or wait to install or update them, you just need to log in to the GeForce Now APK and then start playing games.

Free to download

GeForce Now APK  is free to download from our site.

Live to stream

It provides live streaming of games to play and watch. You can easily play with others live and win.


This application is totally virus free. So, you can download this application without worries. It will not be dangerous for your phone or any other device.

Always available

The games on it are always available. No issue or any obstruction ever happened on it. You just need a good internet connection and then play free. 

Fast services

Its services are never questioned. Whatever game you want to play, it always provides you with that. No need to download or wait to install and waste your time. You just login into it and start playing whatever you want to play.

One hour

This is an amazing feature introduced in the new version. Users can enjoy playing any game for one hour daily.

Technology support

GeForce Now has the latest technology to support physical games on phones. They provide high-quality games to play.

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How to work

GeForce Now APK is also known as the GeForce app or NVIDIA GeForce Now. NVIDIA is the platform from where it was launched. This application is especially for game lovers. Already millions of people have downloaded this amazing application on their phones or desktop. 

The amazing part is that on this application, thousands of the latest games are present to play. Latest, updated, or those games are also present that are not easy to find on other platforms. It allows playing those games also.

GeForce Now has the highest rating from its users. It will boost your phone, and you can easily play on it. Also, increase your battery timing for phones. It has hundreds of special games. You can also enjoy this application on your laptops, desktop, or tablets. 

It provides users a great opportunity to play with others, whether they are friends, family members, or unknown persons. Nothing matters at all. You can easily invite people to come and play with you.

A good internet connection will help you to play on it forever. You can also chat with your partners in games on it. Live streaming or broadcasting of games are also present on it. You can easily play on it 24/7.

If once you start playing on it you will never be able to stop yourself from playing continuously. You just need to pay a membership fee and then you become a part of the GeForce family. It is free to download.

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  • Game streaming
  • Play with other people
  • No need to download games
  • Play online
  • Prizes and giveaways
  • video/picture upload
  • Broadcasting of games
  • Multiple games to play
  • Latest games to play


  • Not free to play. You have to pay a membership fee
  • A good Internet connection is important to play on this application

How to Download GeForce Now APK

  • Go to your phone settings, enable unknown sources
  • It is easy to download this application from this site.
  • You can also download it from our official website.

How to install GeForce Now APK

  • Open the application from the file manager
  • Click on it
  • There is an option to install
  • Click on it
  • Wait a few seconds; it will be installed 
  • Create an account on it
  • Give permissions
  • Pay for membership with a card or any other method, if available
  • Search your favourite game
  • Start playing

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What’s new

The latest released version of the GeForce Now APK is v8.00.32705137.

Features of the new version

  • Its latest version is 5.52.31822823  with a lot of amazing changes in it.
  • Upload new or more interesting games
  • The search option becomes fast
  • Security of threatening virus decrease
  • Changes on the homepage are amazing


NVIDIA introduced this amazing application. This application has zero effects on your phone or desktop system. It has thousands of the latest and old games to play and enjoy. It also has a desktop version and a bunch of special PC games. The security system is very high, so there is no chance of viruses coming and harming your phone. 

You have to pay a minimum amount for being a permanent member of GeForce Now APK. And then all is yours. Whatever you want to play and with whom you can decide on your own. It is like a new world for game lovers. If you are a game lover, you will love it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

GeForce Now APK Is Free?

Yes, GeForce now is free to download but for the next procedure, you will have to pay a membership fee. 

Is there any way to access this application for free?

NVIDIA introduced a new giveaway in which they provide GeForce Now for free for a six months trial and they promise quality and good experience.

How many new games are coming on the new version?

Almost 20 to 30 new games are introduced by GeForce Now. Some of them are Heroes hour, Highrise City, Story Of Season, Tunic, Survival quiz City, Conan Chop Chop, Hundred Days, Power To The People, and many more.

What is one hour on GeForce?

This is another amazing feature on GeForce in which you can enjoy playing free on GeForce for one hour daily.

What's new

  • Its latest version is 5.52.31822823  with a lot of amazing changes in it.
  • Upload new or more interesting games
  • Search option becomes fast
  • Security of threatening virus decrease
  • Changes on the homepage are amazing



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