Freedom APK Latest Version v3.4.0 (No Root Required) Free for Android

Kominike Development launched Freedom APK No Root from the “Root” genre. It is 1.85 MB and is free to download from the Google play store.
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Freedom APK is an excellent application that helps get coins and gems from premium apps without paying anything. It bypasses the detection system of Google while using fake credentials. In this way, you can purchase in-game items or coins.


Freedom APK allows you to access any game according to your requirements freely. Moreover, it will also help you block irritating ads, get unlimited coins, show fake payments as real, and many more. We can say that you can crack the code and hack any game or application using this app.

You can use Freedom APK to unlock premium items or characters in games. It has a smooth and easy-to-understand user interface. Besides all this, the app is entirely free to download and use. You can even quickly access it from the Google play store. So, using it, you don’t need to face the trouble of international wallet absence.

Just download Freedom APK no root and fill your wallet to make fake purchases, but they seem like real buying.

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  • You don’t need to spend any money to access your gaming target.
  • Freedom APK will support you in overcoming license verification issues.
  • It has a simple and attractive user interface. So, you can quickly learn about its work within a single attempt. Furthermore, you can watch tutorials to learn more about it. 
  • Using this app will let you purchase any premium feature in the games and apps for free. 
  • It is also a quick updating app that is compatible with all new smartphones. 
  • If you want to upgrade your character within a game, this app will support you in purchasing unlimited premium features. 
  • You can use this app to buy any level of the game. You can skip one level if you don’t like it and buy the next one. So, using it can reach you your highest scores. 
  • Moreover, the app can use different patches and modes to adventure the games.  
  • If you are irritated by ads from any game or app, you can use Freedom APK no root to block them.
  • Some apps or games have limited access. But having this app will not face such troubles. You will have the entire Freedom to enjoy a game or app use at its peak.
  • You just need to click on the play button to buy any game and add your payment details. The payment will not be deducted in reality, but it will consider the authority to make the actual payment.

How to Use Freedom APK No Root in 2023

  • As you click on the play button to purchase a specific game, the next step will be to enter in credit card details.
  • This step is skipped here, and the credit card details are automatically entered to Pay the amount of money.
  • No loaded credit is there in it, but this can convince the application store that the payment has been made in real money.
  • If not, you shall be asked to enter the details of any card. This is very unlikely to happen.

It’s better than the user understanding “how games and apps work with the application.”

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Apps and Games competent with Freedom App

Music Premium: It will perform unbelievably at unlocking required items.

Pin Shuffle: You can unlock all features.

Frozen Front: You can search for whatever you need for a memorable battle. 

Tap Cleaner: You can purchase the license to access the full version.

Weather Conditional: You can buy a PRO version after restarting your device. 

Fuse Working: You can buy numerous things like a Volt booster.

Acapela TTS Voices: You will access the full game with multi-language support. 

Adventure Bar Story: You can purchase an unlimited number of crystals. You should clear the data and download Freedom APK again when facing a problem.

Agent Dash: It will work smoothly with this app. 

Alien Hive: You can access all premium features. 

Angry Birds Star Wars: You can make all required purchases.

Anime Radio: You can enjoy it freely.

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How to Download Freedom APK No Root 2022/2023

  • Click on the given downloading button and download the app.
  • Now permit third-party app sources from your mobile setting.
  • Click on the desired app or game to install on your device. 
  • Open it and enjoy its work. 

What’s new?

The latest released version of Freedom APK No Root is v3.4.0.

Features of the new version

  • Now you don’t have to face the previous version bugs. 
  • New updates boost the stability of the application. 
  • It becomes simpler and faster to download this app. 
  • The interface also has been updated.



I’ve had several apps. Free and paid. Freedom APK is very reliable and has not disconnected me even once. It has lots of security features. I am going to buy a subscription. I highly recommend Freedom APK No Root. Internet security is so important. Ron

Ridge Main

The fantastic app is Freedom APK. Keep it up. Maybe try to make all the features on the app 100% free all the time.

Benjamin Dexter Ayensu

The best Freedom APK ever, one time click to connect, and it’s super fast. Sometimes I wonder if the FREEDOM is still on. It has extra features like App protection and all that. It’s a must download App.

Alex Herring

Just seems to work. I have tried others that would not work at different places. I couldn’t get the Internet if I tried to use Freedom APK. At the same locations, this one works.

Peter David Asige

I Was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. I found that I could install it on up to 3 devices. It keeps my device secure and allows me to access more of the web. Having a Freedom APK is becoming essential, and Freedom APK is one of the best. Don’t lose your registration code if you need to reinstall it. I did, but I found it in my files. Merry Christmas.

N. Wulfward

Easy to use, has a good design and works fast. Provides its features plenty of Information. Runs smoothly in the background.


Freedom APK No Root is the best helper to play and use your favorite game or an application with premium features. It will give you the ease of use of any app or game according to your desires. You can use it to purchase game objects from its store for free.

It means you can earn free gems and coins to enjoy your favorite games at their peak. You can also use these gems and coins to upgrade your character to enjoy the game like a pro. So, download it now, use apps, and play games according to your desires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can I download Freedom APK no root from the Google play store?

Yes, the app is available on the Google play store.

What are the charges for Freedom APK?

There are no charges. You can download it without paying any charges.

Is Freedom APK safe for my android phone?

Yes, there are no virus threats or malware risks.

Should I have to root my device to download Freedom APK?

Yes, this app needs a rooted device to download and install.

What are the requirements to download Freedom APK?

You should have at least a 4.4 or above android device version to download Freedom APK.

What's new

  • Now you don't have to face the previous version bugs. 
  • New updates boost the stability of the application. 
  • It becomes simpler and faster to download this app. 
  • The interface also has been updated.
  • Users no longer need to spend a signal penny to arrive at their gaming targets.
  • The application is utilized to help Users to conquer license check matters.
  • It is easy to use; not much exertion is expected to get the hang of utilizing it. Additionally, users can likewise learn fundamentals on the "How to Utilize" page. It is not vital to watch instructional exercises and top off any sort of review.
  • With this, Users can purchase any exceptional component inside games and applications free of charge. It doesn't make any difference what the application or game would they say they are; they are given full power to buy for nothing. Would you confirm or deny that you are invigorated much more at this point?
  • A quick refreshing application is accessible on the lookout for all users. Use it on practically every one of the most recent brilliant gadgets with the most recent updates.
  • If you need more game coins or diamonds to overhaul the game's personality or now and again, you don't have game lives to finish any level, you can utilize occurrences. There are no restricted those exceptional highlights.
  • Users can purchase any degree of interactivity. If they can't finish any level because of intricacy or whatever else, they can buy a higher level through it. However long you have it on your cell phone gadget, nobody will have the option to arrive at your most noteworthy score.
    It conveys the capacity to involve various patches and modes to take advantage of most games.
  • Promotions are viewed as a disturbance to ongoing interaction. You can now dispose of the multitude of futile advertisements and erase them as you need.
  • Many of the opened applications stir up a particular degree of the game. After this comes a cutoff. This application conveys an alternate story, allowing users to encounter any of their number one games and applications without limit.
  • As nobody out there will have the option to beat your score, it could make you a considerable player in every one of the games that you play.



DeveloperKominike Development
UpdatedFew Second Ago
Size1.85 MB
Requirements4.4 and up
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