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FIFA Mobile MOD APK is a general sports game that is introduced by the ELECTRONIC ARTS. It is a virtual soccer game and is played globally.
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FIFA Mobile MOD APK is a general sports game introduced by the “ELECTRONIC ARTS.” It is a virtual soccer game and is well-known and widely played globally. It is an excellent opportunity for players as countries compete with the social distance rule. Presently, FIFA football is one of the most comprehensive and representative simulations of King Sport.

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Moreover, FIFA Mobile MOD APK also gets authorization from the World Football Association (FIFA). Initially, it was started in 1993 and was mentioned as the first FIFA licensed game. So far, the game has been published in 18 languages ​​and 51 countries.

Since its launch, the game has been downloaded by more than 100 million on the Google play store. Furthermore, it has up to 3 million 5-star reviews. The game has specific rules to play. Comparatively, all game modes have similar playing. 

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Game Play of FIFA Mobile MOD APK

You should participate in the “VS Attack” mode as a beginner. Once the mode selection is final, hit the “Play” button to start. As soon as the match begins, you will see two function keys on the desktop. You can use them to move and do further actions. 

You will win if you achieve more scores than your rival. Once a match finishes, the game will award you a player card or gold. 

In the first interaction, you will get two primary keys. However, the players also have to unlock other keys as well. For that purpose, you can hit the double dash icon on the upper side of the screen. After selecting, turn off the “Gestures only” part while spinning the blue bar. After turning it off, there will appear five function keys. 

The first moving key is combined on the left bar of the screen. It is self-governing of all other keys and is structured as a virtual D-pad. For management, you have to move to the white interior color. This way, it is easy for you to control up, down, left, and right.

The “Pass” and “Through “keys help pass and throw the ball to people. Also, with the help of these keys, the player can evade the skill of rivals. Finally, once you reach the 16m50 round, you will see the “Shoot” key. It will help you to practice your kicking services.

In the end, you will get the “Spins and Skill” key which is of utmost significance. It will support you in presenting your simple-complex skills. i.e., throw, catch, and transfer the ball.

The football team can be easily managed from the “My Team” bar. It will also let you handle the total players, real-play, and upgrade players. This section will also combine the purchased players and those you win from awards. 

The player can also implement numerous player trading orders at his throwing away. In addition, the game will let you set the lineup and players to compete in the upcoming tournament to control the gameplay.

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Modes Of FIFA Mobile APK

The game is available in different modes, which can be used according to your preferences. However, some of them are here;

  1. “Division Rivals”: This mode will further provide two other minor methods known as normal battle mode, “VS Attack” and “Head-to-Head.” The “VS Attack” provides a 1-minute game. On the other hand, “Head-to-Head” is a 3 hours complete game. 
  2. “World Tour ”: It will support the player to enjoy matches from countries worldwide. He can play from the Premier League to Seria and other respected contests in this mode.
  3. Fight mode: This is the updated model for the latest version. Here you can make friends and compete with them. It is exactly like a real-life soccer competition. 

Features of FIFA Mobile MOD APK

  • FIFA mobile MOD APK has an attractive 3D graphic design. Hence, it will give you a surrounding natural effect.
  • The dynamic visualization of the characters and background is carefully crafted with every detail.
  • You can set up your final team with any player from the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, MLS, etc. After selection, you can also train them to become a start. 
  • This game will offer you chances to play against your friends. You can develop an in-game friend list and track their record for current arrogant rights.
  • You can also participate in militaries with your friends and other gamers worldwide.
  • This gameplay will let you check your techniques in inter-league challenges.
  • Moreover, you can also select the best gamers globally in League vs. League Competitions to become superheroes. 
  • The player can also invite his rivals to worldwide club tournaments. 
  • FIFA has more than 10,000 different worldwide footballers.


  • It is a free game. There are no hidden charges as well.
  • Its downloading and keeping in the device are 100% safe and free from all viruses.
  • This game is best for people of all ages.
  • It will also permit you to interchange the players according to your desire and requirements.
  • Its free money-winning feature makes it simpler to purchase the required items.


  • It is a heavy game that may result in hanging your phone. You need 1.GB of free space to download it.
  • It has long gameplay.

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How to Download FIFA Mobile MOD APK?

  • First, you should visit the download link of the directed website.
  • But make sure that you have an Android version of more than 6.0. 
  • Once downloading finishes, click on your phone setting and then the security option.
  • Permit unknown sources to install the app.
  • After the installation is complete, please open it and enjoy its use.

How to install FIFA Mobile APK

  • Click on the downloaded file
  • There is an install option
  • Click on it
  • It will take a few minutes
  • Then installed
  • Wait till its loading process is complete
  • Enjoy the game

What’s new in FIFA Mobile MOD APK?

The latest released version of FIFA Mobile MOD APK is v18.2.06.

Features of the new version

  • The latest version is being upgraded with a new “VS Attack” mode. In this mode, you mostly have to play an aggressive contest. The players also have to safeguard counter-attacks from their rivals. Moreover, this model includes non-contemporary turn-based multiplayer characteristics. 
  • The new version’s Live Events, themed on current real-world events, make it more exciting and appealing. 
  • Now the APK file comes with the fastest moves. 
  • All previous version bugs have been fixed in v18.2.06.


Ashraful Islam

Definitely the FIFA Mobile MOD APK best football game out there. On Mobile and Console. The graphics are great, there are only a couple of bugs/glitches, and it is just overall amazing. This is one of EA’s least pay-to-win games, which is another bonus. One thing I wish they added, though, is the feature to practice your free kicks or penalties, etc. Kinda like training. That would really make it more fun. Besides that, it is an amazing game if you are into football/soccer.

Akshat Dhaon

Great game… But one issue which is really don’t like is the time factor in FIFA Mobile MOD APK. The play must be on when there’s a counterattack, but even if I’m in the box whilst there’s extra time, the match just ended. Once I was in a counterattack and just dribbled past the keeper… And whilst I was about to shoot… The match just ended. Fix the time factors, please, EA. Other than that great game

Deng Thomas Ayor

FIFA Mobile MOD APK is nice game for Soccer ⚽ lovers, especially the coaching tactics, lineup skills, and playing skills; I love it. Honestly, I recommend this app for a person who needs to be a Football Coach or a great player in the future. Please work on referees. They end the match unnecessarily, even when you are in action to score 🤣🤣. Also, working on the market, selling players takes a long time until prices drop or no one buys your unwanted player. The new version is excellent 👍👍

Clement Ujjwal

FIFA Mobile MOD APK is one of the best soccer games I have ever tried. The graphics and ping are good, but you might need a good internet connection. One common problem that I had was that when I was playing division rivals, sometimes it would disconnect me from the match, so I would lose the game that I was playing. I did check my internet connection, and it was good, so I would love it if EA could solve this problem, but in general, it is ok.

Marouane Massaoudi

I hope that the game will be in the following form: The shot is in the direction of where the control arm is directed: For example, if you direct the control arm to the audience area, then the ball must go toward the audience, and I hope this is clear Now, any shot is often in the goal even the eyes are closed.

Abhijit Paul

Probably the best football game on mobile. The graphics are good, and the gameplay is good. Kinda pay to win, but still, it’s great. I would love it if you added some more content like Fifa street mode… Or made a separate mobile version of Fifa Street, as there are players who really want some more. Thanks for the game anyways; the recent update made the game great. 🙂


There is no denying that FIFA Mobile MOD APK is among the best football games. This gameplay supports the actual feeling of living in a dynamic and exciting environment on a real football field. So yes, it is time to download the game and enjoy playing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How to Hack FIFA Mobile APK?

You can easily hack the server of the FIFA Mobile game by using our latest game FIFA Mobile MOD APK. All you need is to download and install the FIFA Mobile MOD APK for free on your mobile.

How to get free coins on FIFA Mobile MOD APK mobile?

FIFA ‏‏Mobile hack APK offers you infinite coins for free. You need to download the modded version of FIFA Mobile APK by following the download link on this page.

Who launched FIFA Mobile MOD APK?

EA launched this game in 1993.

Is it safe to download FIFA Mobile MOD APK?

Yes, FIFA Mobile MOD APK is safe and secure to download.

Why is FIFA Mobile MOD APK not good?

It has a large file size that can hang your phone.

What's new

  • Welcome to the latest major update for FIFA Mobile!
    Download now to experience the only mobile game where you can play the authentic FIFA World Cup 2022™ Tournament with all 32 licensed teams, new advanced passing mechanics, updated commentary, updated player rosters, new kits and crests, a fresh new look, and more!
  • The latest version is being upgraded with a new "VS Attack'' mode. In this mode, you mostly have to play an aggressive contest. The players also have to safeguard counter-attacks from their rivals. Moreover, this model includes non-contemporary turn-based multiplayer characteristics. 
  • The new version's Live Events themed on current real-world events make it more interesting and appealing. 
  • Now the APK file comes with the fastest moves. 
  • All previous version bugs have been fixed in v14.6.01. 





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