Dragon City MOD APK v22.11.3 [Unlimited Food + Money + Gems + Gold]

Dragon City MOD APK was first launched by social point in 2013. This game is also the best multiplayer mode source to make new friends online.
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Dragon City MOD APK was first launched by social point in 2013. It comes from the “Simulation” category. It is also a virtual social point game with your friends or actual casual players while signing in with social accounts. This game is also the best multiplayer mode for making new friends online.


It revolves around building a Dragon City MOD APK on various moving islands. You will purchase resources, safety shelters, farms, houses, and locales here. The player will train his dragons for battle and different other challenges.

However, starting their travel from the dragon city is good for starters. It will not be easy for them to collect coins and earn gold and gems to build their houses in the town. But after reading this article in complete detail, it will be pretty easy for them to achieve their levels and use game modes. 

The app of Dragon City will let the player buy food to breed his dragon. Playing dragon is the same as entering a world of magic and war. You will have the chance to take care of your pets, feed and grow them: from eggs to grown-ups. You will raise them while considering that they are your future army to defeat other players.

We can say that Dragon City integrates the best civilizations of plan and action. Different beautiful creatures, the capacity to raise hybrids, and the battle with worldwide players made the game trendy. It is a unique app where you have something to do in both PVE and PVP modes.

Dragon City Mod Apk by apkasal.com

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How to Play Dragon City MOD APK

As a Dragon controller, you must collect as many dragons as possible and store them at your gathering. Gathering as much as possible makes your team much more powerful. Thus, you can be triumphant in your fights.

The game is based on the fact that players will run Dragon Farm. Once you have collected the dragon‘s eggs, you must cut them. If you catch a hatch, take the dragon to your hometown instantly. The player also has to take care of the kite every day.

The game revolves around the food mechanism. The stimulus you create to feed your kites clarifies why it should be engrossed.

With higher altitudes, it becomes much more potent. You will also need to build structures for it. For example, one of the basic things you need to set up a firm is to provide a consistent food supply.

The player can also use the hacked app to gather more games and gold. The app will support you and help you enjoy all the attractive features of the game. Moreover, you will be free to play with all your abilities. Your power in the game will be supreme.

Features of Dragon City MOD APK

This game is undoubtedly the best choice for those who are simulation or online fight game lovers. But it has a distinctive fanbase. It has numerous notable updates, which selected it from the most certified crack offered for Dragon Fire. Here are some highlights of its best characteristics;

Simple and easy to manage

The game has a simple interface with the official Dragon City MOD APK. It also has similar resources as the actual game. It is simple to manage and has easy-to-control plugins. Here is what it’s all about: creating a dragon city, including buildings, farms, and locales. Moreover, you have to get eggs to make dragons, breed, and boost the level of your dragon for a pleasing battle. 

All Dragons Unlocked

Here you will get more than 500 classes of dragons free of cost. In addition to the elemental dragons, you will also get dragons with many particular characteristics and skills. As you achieve more tasks, you’ll be able to reach more dragons. The player will also be permitted to build hybrid dragons in this app to breed and integrate more than ten types of dragons simultaneously. They may be of;










and Pure. 

Everything Unlocked

Using the Dragon City MOD APK, you’ll access unlimited resources at no cost. The official Dragon City game player knows the total time and money needed to create resources. Moreover, they also work hard and play throughout the day to get some coins and gems. Contrary to this, Dragon City MOD APK offers unlimited resources. The player does not need to spend real money to access them. You will also get unlimited gold and gems to buy all the other resources.

Online Multiplayer entree

There are many multiplayer simulation mode games to offer you with all of the above features. However, they never allow you to play online. It clarifies that there’s no difference between these modes and automatic VS computer simulation games.

After downloading Dragon City MOD APK from here, the player can enjoy any multiplayer game with real players accessible in Dragon City. There is also no tension of account ban restrictions because Dragon City mode is an anti-ban mode of the app.

Visualization and sound

Dragon City has attractive and appealing graphics. It is decorative with 3d models and smooth animation. All characters are developed carefully. Each dragon is unique in its role and characteristics. The gameplay has a high-level sound. There is also a combo of funny dragon voices. 

Attack other users

The game supports the players in setting up their teams and recruits fighters to participate in online fights with other players. In war, you only have to depend on yourself, as you can select the element for the following attack. You should develop strategies and tactics for war. You should not ignore the occurrence of robust lizards with a high level in the team. Moreover, the player should judge the competitor carefully and concentrate on attacks on his weak points.


  • Dragon City is an addictive game and can be played freely.
  • The game has an intuitive and attractive graphical user interface.


  • Some people consider it a tedious game boring category.

Dragon City Mod Apk by apkasal.com

How to Download Dragon City MOD APK?

Dragon City MOD APK can be downloaded and installed on your device by following the given simple steps;

  • First, click on the download APK button of the directed source to start downloading.
  • Now click on the file manager and choose the required app file. 
  • Allow the third-party app source to proceed next. 
  • As soon as the downloading process ends, click on its installation. 
  • Finally, the game is available to open and enjoy. 

What’s new in Dragon City MOD APK?

The latest released version of the Dragon City MOD APK v22.11.3.

Features of the new version

  • You can meet a new family of VIP dragons to know their story, power, and aptitudes with the Divine Pass.
  • The player can experience new techniques to earn the highest rewards.  
  • You will see Unlimited Food, money, and gems in the latest version. Now there will also be no root. 
  • It comes with an anti-ban. 
  • Now you can achieve your daily and weekly tasks to gain Divine scores and proceed further.
  • It’s time to open the premium style with the help of Divine Pass and bask in the list of unlimited unique loot.

Tips for beginners to win more diamonds and gems

Here are some valuable tips for beginners to earn more gold and gems;

  • Construct Homes: Building homes is the best and quick way to earn free gold and skills while investing 200 gold.
  • Breed: The breed process of any two dragons will reward you with more gems and gold. 
  • Complete daily Tasks: The gameplay will offer you daily tasks to complete. You should finalize them to earn more gems and coins. 
  • Fight with other players – PvP fight is an effective way to earn gold and gems. Moreover, if you win a fight, you will be rewarded by a dragon. Hence, you can achieve a 100s dragon collection.


The game has the same user interface as the Dragon City game. You can easily access its features which are simple to understand and use. The most noteworthy aspect of this game; there is no need for rooting access to play it. 

Besides this, we tried to cover all details about Dragon City MOD APK and its rich features. For your ease, we have also embedded the downloading link in the article. You need to click on the download button and enjoy its playing.

FAQ About Dragon City MOD APK

Is Dragon City MOD APK game safe and secure for my device?

Yes, the game is 100% safe and secure to download and play.

Why should the player Feed dragons?

At the starting phase of the game, you will get a cute little dragon, which is weak enough. You should feed it to make it powerful to win the fight. You should make it a monster against your rival’s higher level dragon.

Is it possible to create a legendary dragon?

Yes, you can create a legendary dragon. You can do this while unlocking it from the shop or through the breeding process. While doing business with the shop will require you to invest in many gems. However, you must select two strong dragons of changed classes and breed them during the breeding process. But you may have to wait for some days to reach the final process of the legendary dragon egg. 

Is Dragon City MOD APK game free to play?

Yes, Dragon City is free to play.

What's new

  • You can meet a new family of VIP dragons to know their story, power, and aptitudes with the Divine Pass.
  • The player can experience new techniques to earn the highest rewards.  
  • In the latest version, you will see Unlimited Food, money, and gems. Now there will also be no root. 
  • It comes with an anti-ban. 
  • Now you can achieve your daily and weekly tasks to gain Divine scores and proceed further.
  • It's time to open the premium style with the help of Divine Pass and bask in the list of unlimited unique loot.





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