Darkness Rises MOD APK Latest Version v1.71.1 (All unlocked ) for Free

NEXON Company launched Darkness Rises MOD APK from the Role Playing category. It is 100 MB and free to download from the Google play store.
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NEXON Company launched Darkness Rises MOD APK from the Role Playing category. It is 100 MB and free to download from the Google play store. 

Darkness rises mod is an innovative action RPG. It meets the innovative gameplay, intense boss battles, and beautiful graphics in the palm of your hand.


The gameplay starts when darkness spreads across the world. A horde of ferocious demons is coming to break our doors. The path will be difficult. Before destroying this evil, you will be patient and go down the hill before it destroys our world.

The prominent heroes are at your backside. Customizing the character lets you select the number of classes according to your playing style. You can design your character as you feel fit. Through their strong skills, they hack and slash the fearsome monsters.

Enter the PVP ground and carry on your power against the other players. This type of epic roleplaying game stands you against the worst and demons. Can you compete in this challenge? Overcome the darkness before it conquers you.

Darkness rises Mod Apk by apkasal.com

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Android gamers will be introduced to a muddled world and chaos during the game. Darkness is preparing its assaults on mankind. If someone only could give them a small glimpse of hope.

Thousands of lives have been wasted because they leave nothing besides the red rivers sweeping in cities that run with blood. In this disastrous and chaotic event, we can cluster ourselves inside the formidable walls and can do little work only.

In this situation, the walls will not secure the kingdom from the enemy’s attacks. It looks like a miracle that can secure the people and city inside its walls. It is like heaven, listening to their prayers. God sent a great leader to defeat the orcs.

It brings peace to the land. As a hero of the stories, you are the only one who will defeat the evil forces and will bring peace to the land. But you cannot do it alone.

We will need all heroes in the circle of our forces. You can join others to defeat the monsters and end their advances. Otherwise, our world will be destroyed and humanity will face loss. You can select your hero in the game. You can also pick your favorite classes. Keep your weapons and gears in the epic battles against the battles of evil.


  • At starting the game, select the best class according to your characters. Try to select a unique class in comparison to other players. 
  • If you are an expert player in this game, you should select the Assassin class. This will let you kill your enemies faster.
  • If you want to get sober and upgraded weapons to overpower your enemies, you should choose the berserker class. Besides this, this class has heavy and large weapons which can kill your enemies with a single shoot. Wizard class is best for those who want to get mana. Mana is expert at killing all opponents with particular skills and advanced weapons.  
  • Another class named “warrior” is best for you if you prefer to fight with swords and use shields to save you from your opponent’s attacks.
  • The gameplay offers various items to collect.
  • However, some premium sources can be accessed after purchasing them.

Darkness rises Mod Apk by apkasal.com


  • The game has different interesting characters to select and learn about their stories. 
  • You will get support to access unlimited helping resources. 
  • The player can participate in various tasks and earn rewards. 
  • Darkness rises is the preferred choice to experience a unique RPG game.
  • You can feel like a hero while defeating other bosses. 
  • The game has stunning graphics and amazing sound effects. 


  • You may suddenly log out despite a good internet connection. 
  • Sometimes you may also face problems downloading it. 

How to Download Darkness rises MOD APK?

  • Click on the downloading button of this website. Or go to the google play store and search for the game.
  • Start downloading and completing it. 
  • Allow the third-party app sources from your phone and install the app.
  • Open it and play. 

How to play Darkness rises MOD APK?

Here are some best tips to enjoy this gameplay at its peak;

  • First of all, select your hero carefully. 
  • Then choose the precise technique to overpower PVE and Co-Op.
  • After that, it prepares the exact services for each mode.
  • You should stay on top of all newly obtained objects. 
  • You should also upgrade your character and gear.
  • Check-in a large collection of your missions.

Darkness rises Mod Apk by apkasal.com

What’s new?

The latest released version of Darkness rises Mod Apk is v1.71.1.

Features of the new version

  • Now the player will enjoy a better gameplay experience. 
  • There is a new rank S++ costume, S++ Kaligo set costume and gilded costumes.
  • You will also see gilded costumes, gilded dragon butcher costumes, Spet, and S Hamster per.
  • It has new LiveOps events and an improved immortal raid. 


Darkness rises Mod Apk is the world’s most popular and trending action game. Enjoy all the street fights, co-op missions, and arena game modes. Always try to defend against the monsters’ attack and secure your kingdom. In addition, this game’s above features will surprise you a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I download Darkness Rises on my computer?

Yes, this game is now available for android, IOS, and PC. You can download it from any source and enjoy playing.

Which is the best character in this game?

Berserker is the best to choose.

How many levels are in this game?

There are a total of 60 levels.

Is this game safe to download?

Yes, it is 100% safe and secure for your device.



DeveloperNEXON Company
Updated2 hours ago
Requirements4.4 and up
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