Whatsapp Postpones New Privacy Terms Amid Backlash [Latest]

Whatsapp Postpones New Privacy Terms Amid Backlash by APKasal.com

Whatsapp is an end-to-end encrypted platform that means a person who sends a message and the receiver can only see and read the message and process it further. The history of messages couldn’t be saved on any other platform like Facebook. Moreover, As we all know, WhatsApp is the most central server of business marketing. 

It sells records to companies or others. Whatsapp’s new policy warns all its users that business owners aggressively use Facebook servers to save consumer messages. Facebook guarantees that no mishap or ads will ever present to disturb you while chatting. 

But, it is still risky, and some users take it so seriously. They are confused about their private messages. They think they are being watched, and their conversation is read by an unknown person as well. Language issues concern so many people also.

But on all these serious issues, Whatsapp has to announce a new privacy policy. But suddenly, it postponed the new policy. The main question of the user is what type of data they store or share with Facebook Inc. Is it their personal information or conversation or some ordinary encrypted data?

Whatsapp Postpones New Privacy Terms Amid Backlash by APKasal.com

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Whatsapp wrote Friday in a blog post. But they didn’t publish any news, so the users want to know why they postponed the new privacy policy or if any other issue occurred. We are trying to help the users to know the exact reason and facts that explain the principles.

Firstly the deadline that was announced for the users to agree is Feb 8, but later it goes on May 15, and then still changes from time to time. WhatsApp excuses its acts and then makes it the same as end-to-end encryption. 

They make the conversations private with your family, friends, and others again. It provides some relief to users who are worried about their messages. Most people use multiple accounts for shopping or so many other purposes. So WhatsApp is one of many sources to get the exact data that private companies want. 

The companies wrote that the users must be aware of those servers. Whatsapp faces challenges from Facebook to convince the users, and they promise that the user’s personal data will not harm unless there are some language issues. But those issues are so relatable to the 2016 rollout. Everyone can quickly go through them.

Moreover, Facebook made a settlement with the Federal Trade Communication of $5 billion for those privacy issues. So WhatsApp refuses the challenges and steps forward for users’ privacy concerns.

The owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, made policies highlighting the importance of private messages and how to keep them private, but it only worked for a short time. All this matter puts WhatsApp under Facebook’s control, and it will never happen. So all the policies refused by WhatsApp and its original privacy policy remains the same.


The new policy from Whatsapp will relieve users of all the confusion and answer all their questions. But, the main thing is users must be aware of other major marketing apps like Instagram, Telegram, and signal.