How to create a strong password and why it’s important

Purpose of password

Multiple purposes exist to create or use the password on every device you have. But, the main purpose is to differentiate between authorized users or processes from unauthorized users. A password is a phrase, word, or string of characters that combine to make the device inaccessible to unknown users. 

It keeps your work and personal life safe from strangers and also from hackers. A strong password is important because anyone can easily access it if you use common dictionary words or something personal like date of birth. A password is used to prove the owner’s identity or authorize access to a resource. Another point is to keep your data safe from kids. The more your password is strong, the more your device saves from unauthorized access, cyber threats and also from hackers.

How to create a strong password and why it's important by

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How to create a strong password

There are a few steps to follow to create strong passwords.

  • Almost 12 to 14 digit is important when you create a password
  • Use a combination of at least eight letters
  • Make sure the word you compress is not ordinary.
  • The length of the password matters a lot. The Longer the length, the safer it is.
  • Then mix some uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Must use symbols and numbers
  • Remember not to use an ordinary number like date of birth
  • Nothing ties to your personal information
  • Never use dictionary words
  • For example N01#QRst56$0A
  • Make a unique combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols and words
  • Avoid sequence because it is easy to guess
  • Some people use O instead of 0. It’s a very common practice; hackers know this trick, so avoid using it.
  • Unexpected words are better
  • Make sure your password will remember you. It will be tough for computers to recognize but not for you. 
  • Never repeat the same passwords on multiple devices or accounts
  • Every time I use the original for every other device. It lessens the opportunity of guessing the password and hacking your devices for hackers.

Why it is important

As we already know, passwords are important to protect our devices or accounts from access. The stronger the password, the lesser the opportunity for hackers to guess. Everyone has a personal or work life, and we must keep it safe from unknown persons. If your password is common, based on dictionary words or something like Password1. It enhances the opportunity for hackers to hack your accounts or devices and check your daily activities.

You have to suffer from such disastrous situations because of the wrong password, like phishing, brute force attacks, data stolen, your accounts used by someone else, etc. To keep yourself and your life safe, you must have to create a strong password that gives you a tough time if anybody tries to reach your device or account. The most important point is that most people use similar or almost the same password on multiple accounts.

This is not a good idea. It would help if you had to create a new password every time you log into a new account or use another device. In any case, if one account or device is hacked, you can save other ones.