5 Top Google Photos Alternatives with FREE Storage

Alternatives have plenty of options whether you are an amateur photographer or a seasoned pro using the latest mirrorless cameras, a secure and convenient solution from the best cloud storage.

The best Google Photos alternatives provide easy-to-use storage spaces enabling you to back up images from any device. Many allow users to tag and collate images, creating organized photo databases to search pics by date, type, subject, location, and more.


The IDrive isn’t just one of the best Google Photos alternatives – it’s TechRadar Pro’s top pick for best cloud storage overall. That makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants a secure place to organize their image collections online (as well as other file types).

During our time with IDrive, we felt “while IDrive certainly has a few rough edges, you can’t fault the service in terms of the ground it covers and the high reliability.” Thanks to its security measures and range of storage options, it’s especially good for business users.

What we also love about IDrive is that it offers some useful features for photographers. Namely, you can use the Auto Camera feature to automatically back up all the photos and videos stored on your device to the cloud.

5 Top Google Photos Alternatives with FREE Storage

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SmugMug offers what many of the best alternatives to Google Photos don’t: unlimited photo cloud storage at full resolution. But this is far from just another cloud storage provider. Like Flickr, owned by the same company, SmugMug fully focuses on photographers.

So, as well as storing images online – with full support for RAW files through SmugMug Source – users can build their own website simply by dragging and dropping content boxes into place in a matter of minutes. The results are impressively professional, with granular customization across the board for higher-level subscribers. We found it a great way to help photographers broaden their audience reach and showcase their art their way.


Dropbox has been an industry favorite since its inception in 2008. Like Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox does not cater directly to photo storage users but offers a limited selection of features with appealing advantages in shareability and storage space.

Free accounts (Basic) only include 2GB and are more suited to documents than albums of photos. However, they have sharing and collaboration features as well as secure settings and apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

5 Top Google Photos Alternatives with FREE Storage

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a powerful, general cloud-based storage solution. The limited features for photo storage (photo editing, smart tagging) are made up for by the account size and ability to upload almost any file type. High usability for Windows-based customers, options for file organization, strong layers of fire protection, and auto-categorization features are also useful.

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos is one of the best Google Photos alternatives partly because it feels like a carbon copy of the top photo storage site. Ideal if you’re not seeking a radical change in experience.

The interface is largely the same, following the same basic flow – great for beginners or anyone wanting no-fuss photo cloud storage. Better still, the Google Photos alternative offers unlimited photo storage.