10 Best Anime Download Websites For 2023 [100% Tested]

Now the growing popularity of Anime among the young generation, the request for Anime torrent has increased significantly. Earlier, it took a lot of work for Anime lovers to discover many Torrent sites online. But now, the rules have changed.

Most well-known torrent sites have made their different sections, especially for Anime. In addition, many have also opened sister places on the net, especially for ANime. You can easily download the latest and sloping, tending to see from these places on the net. So, it is clear that lovers will not get low on their exceptional support. Let’s see from now.

Most of us may be every day with some of the places on the net as they are on the net for a long time, not only but for making ready other outstanding value records. However, we have also included some new places on the net that have come out soon.

10 Best Anime Download Websites For 2023 [100% Tested]

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Here are the best ANime Torrent Websites in 2022

  • 1337X
  • LimeTorrent
  • Torrentz2
  • Pirate Bay
  • Anime tosho
  • Tokyo Toshokan
  • Anime Ultime
  • BakaBt
  • NYAA
  • Anime Layer

10 Best Anime Download Websites For 2023 [100% Tested]


It has several Anime torrents on the net that point to almost everything you want to download. Lately, 1337x has added a dedicated section for Anime, where you will discover sloping, tending to record. You can also look for your mainly supported, let’s see, controlled by hand using the search bar.


If you are looking for some old Anime shows, like Dragon Ball Z or Naruto, then lime torrent can help place them on the net. It is used by many people everywhere on earth so that you can discover healthy torrent links of various movies and shows in it.


It is not a torrent website but a torrent search engine that can look for your mainly supported Torrentz2 events and all the Torrent sites in which you’re desired what is in is ready (to be used). The website works by rubbing facts from different torrent sites and listing them for you.

Pirate Bay

It is another long-lived website providing torrent links since its existence. You will discover movies, television shows, sound records, software, etc., on this place on the net. Though it is not an uncommon, exclusive site, you can quickly discover your favorite show here.

Anime Tosho

The site has the most active anime uploaders you will ever come across. You will get almost all that you need. Thanks to the wide fanbase, you will be shocked by its range of what is in and the fast downloading speed. It has a straightforward UI and comes with a looking glass.

Tokyo Toshokan

If you are looking for a website specializing in Japanese events, you will not discover a better option than Toshokan. You can get almost every Japanese Anime here, as the highly active group constantly uploads records that may occur in an additional minute.

Anime Ultime

Our inclusion in the list is a French-originated Torrent tracker website. Anime Ultime also has a high-action-looking group that makes you a sizable group with a quickly moving, breakless downloading general condition. You can discover different groups of pre-categorized on the starting page here.


It is a private group-based Anime torrent website on the net. BakaBT is a highly safe place on the net that its members can only get in, so you must get a note from their group to list and download their records. Users may need an IRC and go after their #BakaBT and # BakaBt support channels to get a note.


It is a well-known place on the net for lovers. In NYAA, you will get a wide range of good-looking anime, working with a precise number of viewers for smooth downloads.

Anime Layer

It is an uncommon Anime torrent that will give you a different taste of reading the net. The Russian site on the net has nothing like its features. You will get detailed news about seeders and leechers in the company by viewing output pictures that will help you select from the selections ready (to be used). Although the first language used at level is Russian, you can easily make it clear with a living sense of words.