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What is Battlefield Mobile?

Battlefield Mobile provides an exciting gameplay franchise for all mobile screens. Moreover, gamers add some unique features and amazing changes to make them interesting. The latest mobile game will now provide unique modes and multiplayer features. The destructive environment is the main feature of trademark Battlefield Mobile games. 

Wherever multiplayer modes are necessary, environmental destruction makes them a better deal for players. Ecological destruction is of different types. Some of them are used in wild games, like bringing down buildings and changing the whole environment of the game.

While some of them are just cool, they make a few changes to the features of the gameplay. Battlefield mobile games provide both of them. It is exciting to find to what extent EA will deliver to the players. 

When was Battlefield Mobile released?

The Battlefield Mobile beta will be released on November 8, 2022. It was only available for Android devices. As it was released and came to all Android phones, it expanded the sizes and covered other regions. 

Who developed Battlefield Mobile?

Battlefield Mobile is an EA Mobile game. It was developed by Industrial Toys, the mobile development studio owned by EA. DICE and Battlefield team collaborate on this project with others, and soon they make it available for all Android users.

Battlefield Mobile Release date by

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System Requirements

Its actual system requirements still need to be confirmed by the developers. The publisher should have announced something about it. They suggest Play Test so that they make it available for Android as well as IOS devices. The minimum requirement that was indicated for Android is Android 7. IOS requirement is not stated. The game did not support other platforms like PCs, desktops, tablets, laptops, etc.  

Cost of Battlefield Mobile

The Battlefield Mobile game is free for everyone. It is free to play and download for all Android as well as IOS users. Microtransaction features will be added to the game that generates revenues for the developers. These transactions are not accessible to players. They must purchase it for extra weapons and modify characters to win the game. This feature is similar to other games like Apex Legends Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. 

Features of Battlefield Mobile game

It’s not so confirmed about its all features now, but some of them that developers stated are.

Microtransaction features are the most crucial feature of the Battlefield to generate revenue for the players. Multiple game modes are added to the game. The latest weapons and equipment are all available for everyone, and all are free. Maps are provided in the game, making it more exciting for the players.

Battlefield Mobile Release date by


If you are also tired of playing the same games and want something new to try, especially from EA, then wait for some time and enjoy the Battlefield Mobile game. Your Android 7 or also IOS devices will support it to perform well. If you are also interested in this fantastic app, stay tuned and never miss the latest update about Battlefield Mobile.