5 Best Apps To Change Text Message Background (Android)

There’s a lot to change in the default messenger on Android. The best thing you can do with it is to provide each interaction with custom images. Read about the best apps to change Text Message Backgrounds for Android.

You can also select a few applications (and various skins) to add fantastic themes and text backgrounds to your Messenger to help ensure your Messenger looks and manages the best.

5 Best Apps To Change Text Message Background (Android)

Best Apps to Change Text Message Background for Android

Keyboard Pro

The Software to send a message to your friends, family, and others is the Emoji, GIF, Cute, Swipe Faster program. You can set a background image, also your picture in this application. However, it provides a lot of other features.

The device interface is double-glazed. Message chains are in the first window, and connections are in the second window. To the left, a picture can be set in the browser, a phone number listed, a nickname is taken, and an avatar posted.

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Go SMS Pro

GO SMS was around for a long time, but it is now used for several reasons.

SMS functions such as right security, photo pop-up messages, pin-text, and party messages are bundled with GO SMS. It also contains a detailed emoticon list. It’s not impossible to love.

It’s similar to the regular Android messenger. However, when GO SMS Pro is free, advertisements are available as part of your messaging experience until you make a small charge to uninstall it. Shopping also does not end with advertising. Several subjects and histories are available for sale.

Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger is convenient and instantly helps you express yourself with various emoticons and emojis based on its settings.

Hundreds of themes and backgrounds are included in the app to help reflect your and people’s moods. You don’t need an extra plugin. What’s interesting about this app? The notification mechanism is another of our favorite features. It tells you who texts with an easy-to-check or reserves tiny bubble.

It’s not only about SMS; Mood Messenger fits even for MMS. If you are short on SMS or MMS info, you can also text a friend via the mood message via Wi-Fi.


Text is an easy-to-use text messenger with a substantial number of adaptive features.

The text enables you to adjust the color of your subject, the design, the form, and even the emoji style of your text on the base level. The Software has some additional downloads, which we will get later, so it’s worth messing with even the simple kit now. If you are unhappy with the app’s over 100 themes, you should vote for your own.

Like GO SMS, it isn’t entirely open for Textra. Additional shopping is available in-app. The Textra store isn’t as big or even more overwhelming than GO SMS Pro, but you’ll need to get used to it.

Plus Messenger

Plus, Messenger uses the Telegram API, which has a lot of customization to satisfy everyone. Messenger is fast, stable, has many themes and colors, and supports various media files such as gifs. And as Telegram’s API is running, it has several advantages.

This Software syncs with all your applications and helps you send texts, videos, images, and files without restrictions. To use this service, you do not even need your number. It would be best if you had a username. You can’t play with the theme and background system independently, even though you don’t play around.

5 Best Apps To Change Text Message Background (Android)


Standard chat apps seem old and dull. Modern users want their phones to represent their attitudes and mood. In every detail, we want to configure the handset. However, without added functionality, it isn’t easy to do so.

You can find the best applications to adjust the context of the message in this list. You will make contact more relaxed, elegant, and comfortable with your help.