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Bigo live APK is a live streaming app famous all around the world. It is an entertainment app. 500 million+ people are members of Bigo live.
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Bigo Live APK is a live-streaming app famous all around the world. It is an entertainment app. Live game streaming, watching content, chatting with other people all around the globe, and live streaming as a social media influencer are all the main purposes of this application.

500 million+ people are members of Bigo Live. You also join this broad community to enjoy. On Bigo Live, you can connect with others with the amazing features of live videos or chats. This application helps users to socialize. 

You can follow people on Bigo live and see broadcasts and live videos from them. You can also be part of a live broadcast just with one touch on the screen. No limit on followers. You can follow hundreds or thousands of people at a time.


Bigo life is a whole world full of possibilities. Live chat is one of them. You can connect with those who are far away from you or an unknown person from another country and get entertainment. 

It’s a broadcasting app that you can join as a social media influencer. You also watch performances of talented performers from 150 countries. You can broadcast about anything you want, or you are good with. Followers from all around the globe watch you and join you easily.

When you open Bigo Live, you get updates about who is in life at the moment; you can easily join them and be a part of broadcasting. Users can also search for popular personalities and be part of followers, enjoy their videos, and get updated about them.

On Bigo Live, there is a lot of content like fashion, the latest news, games, and support, or so much to entertain their users. The user never gets tired of using Bigo live APK. 

You can share your life experiences, stories, the latest fashion in town, and the games you play the most with your followers easily and comfortably. You can also provide your opinion on presented content from others through live chat or with the person whose presenting. 

On Bigo live you can save your favorite content on your phone and also save channels to help you not miss any video, chat, and broadcasting from them.

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Main Features:

Easy and understandable interface

Bigo Live APK has a very easy and understandable interface for users. No need for any technical information to handle it. Just a normal phone user with some qualities of using a camera and other features can easily work on it.

Event system

On Bigo Live, you can set events, make live recordings, and broadcast whole events. As a social influencer, you can share your personality with others. 

Play talent shows

More than 400 million people are part of Bigo. Some of them are related to the fashion industry; some are sports players or fans of them, some are singing lovers, and much more. They make videos according to their talent. You can also make videos or get entertained by watching your favourite person in them.

Free to use

Bigo Live APK is an entertainment app that is free for Android users. No need to spend your whole income on enjoyment from paid resources.

Live chats and video calls

Bigo Live APK has features of live chat and video calling. You provide your thoughts or opinions to other people around the world and also get their opinions. Video calling is another amazing feature where you can talk to your favourite person easily.

Live streaming and broadcasting

Bigo Live is mainly used for broadcasting. You can easily broadcast anything on it. It is a live-streaming application. You can also join live broadcasting presented by others.

Marketplace to earn money

Bigo Live is also a marketplace where you can earn money. With your high-quality content and number of live broadcasting, you can win gifts and cash in real money as well. All you need is a maximum of 600 beans in your account.

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How to play

Bigo Live APK is a social platform used for live streaming. It provides an opportunity to live to stream your moments to share them with others. Millions of people download this app from our site to get entertainment.

You can also earn money or prices from this application. A great number of followers, trending videos, number of live broadcasting, and how active you are on Bigo live make it easy to earn money. You may work as a social influencer on this application.

There is a lot of content to enjoy like poetry, singing, playing games, dancing, eating, traveling, and much more.

When you open this application, so many people live there; some of them are chatting, some are broadcasting, and some are playing games. You can join them according to your interest. You can start your live streaming on this application.

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  • Watch live streaming and broadcasting
  • Watch videos on all contents
  • Follow your favourite contents
  • Use the live chat option
  • Use the voice or video call option
  • You can also go live
  • Live to the stream of games
  • Create chat rooms of more than 9 people and start meeting


  • Some users use bad content to gain popularity
  • These people can pollute the environment as well as the minds of others with their bad language, violence, dirty content, etc.
  • Sharing personal information is not safe.

How to Download Bigo Live APK?

  • Go to settings on your phone, and enable unknown sources.
  • Go to Google play store and download the latest application of Bigo live APK.
  • You can also download this application from our site.

How to install Bigo live APK

  • After downloading, open Bigo live.
  • Click on the install option.
  • Make an account on it.
  • After proceeding, there is an option full of categorizing
  • Choose the content from the given list
  • Allow permission to handle or corporate with your phone
  • Go to the home page
  • Start enjoying

 What’s new

The latest released version of the Bigo live APK is 5.29.2.

Features of the new version

  • The voice calling option is the main feature of its latest version.
  • Private calls are also held on Bigo Live.
  • The chat room option is old but has been modified in the new version.
  • The private chat option is amazing.
  • The live broadcasting option is more modified than the older one.
  • You also get challenges for the number of broadcasting on it and earn more

Final words

Bigo Live APK is a streaming application mostly used all around the world. A lot of amazing content including music, traveling, live video games, funny content, and many more are present for users to watch and enjoy.

Bigo Live is a free application for Android users. Users can also use this application on a desktop, but it needs a blue stack emulator to download Bigo live. You earn money and gifts from this application by increasing the number of broadcasts and followers. 

You can also work on it as a social media influencer and enjoy videos presented by others. It is most likely an app on the Google play store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is it free to use?

Yes, Bigo Live APK is specially designed for Androids and is free to use. No need to spend a single coin on your entertainment.

Is someone paid by Bigo live APK?

Yes, according to your number of followers, trending videos, and, most important, 600 beans in your account, you can also earn money. Many people already earn from Bingo.

Which country was Bigo banned from?

In India, Bigo is officially banned by its government.

What's new

  • The voice calling option is the main feature of its latest version.
  • Private calls are also held on Bigo live.
  • The chat room option is old but modified in the new version.
  • The private chat option is amazing.
  • The live broadcasting option is more modified than the older one.
  • You also get challenges for numbers of broadcasting on it and earn more



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Requirements5.0 and up
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