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Amazon APK is an official shopping app that helps users to buy things easily and conveniently at a cheap price.
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Amazon APK is a shopping store that provides its users with a variety of things to purchase at cheap prices. This application is especially for Android users.

Amazon shopping store is the second official app from amazon with amazing features. The Amazon interface is very easy to access and manage. It allows their user to search for their favorite things, read reviews about them, pick the thing and put it into their giant shopping cart, and place the order easily. 

Amazon APK also has features to buy second-hand things for example books, mobile phones, computers, and other gadgets as well as good quality and in good condition. This application has a categorized interface that provides users with the ability to buy things with just one click. This interface is specially designed for touch screens so just with one touch you can buy anything.


Amazon APK shopping stores have menus on the menu bar like books, phones, computers, clothes, gardens, homes, movies, and others. Users can easily go to the menu bar and click on the chosen item and start shopping easily.   

Amazon also has a feature to provide information about new comings in a market like a new model of iPhone, new dress collection, etc with full information and reviews about these things. That helps users to buy new products easily and conveniently.

Amazon APK shopping stores have similar features to amazon. Users can just search for their favorite things, add them to his /her cart and place an order. You can read reviews about anything and give your views also which helps others to buy easily.

You can also search anything with a name on amazon like games, iPhones, computers, etc it will show the results according to your demand. Buying anything is not so easy on other apps/stores but amazon makes things comfortable, faster, and cheaper.

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Main Features:

Compare prices

You can compare the prices of objects like phones easily. It provides all the information about prices, models and also 2nd handphone prices. You just have to pick one and order according to your demand and budget. Users can also search for things with price tags.

Tracking orders

Amazon APK has an amazing feature that you can track your order as well. You know the exact location where your order is right now.

Use barcodes

Users can scan barcodes with their phone cameras and also check barcodes of ordered products easily which helps his/her to know the product identity, size, weight, manufacture identity, where it was manufactured, and also other information about the product.  

Millions of products to purchase

There are millions of products on amazon to purchase like computers, home appliances, and games. Books, movies, and other gadgets are as easy and faster than other apps.  

Keep an eye on the latest deals

Amazon provides a feature to their users that they can keep an eye on new products coming into the market and also provide information about those products which helps them to purchase those products. 

Read and write reviews

Amazon has a feature to read reviews about products before buying and also write reviews about products that you purchased or know about them. 

Safe application for buying

Amazon APK is an official and safe application to purchase products. No frauds happen in prices or no extra charges to pay by users that they do not know first.

Safeguard personal information

Amazon is a safe application that protects your personal information. No need to worry about the information that you provide for purchasing or for other matters.

Shop globally

Amazon has amazing features to purchase globally according to your interest. You can search for international products and purchase them. But, it may take more charges.

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What does it do

Amazon shopping apps provide their users to purchase millions of products in one place easily and conveniently. This application works globally. Users can also purchase international products easily but charges are high for international products.

Amazon has categorized menu bars. You just click on your chosen category which may be home, garden, movies, books, phones, computers, etc, and pick your favorite one according to your budget and place an order.

On Amazon, you can pay for your purchases with a card. So there is no chance of fraud in money. You can also track your order easily and know the location where it is right now. Users can also check the barcodes of products with their phone cameras and collect information about products.

Amazon APK is an official app so there is no chance to leak personal information. No worries about personnel information it will be safeguarded by amazon itself.

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  • Vast Inventory
  • Saving money with a discount on products
  • Categorized arrangement of products
  • Fair shipping charges
  • Focus on customer satisfaction
  • Information about product launches
  • Information about ratings of products read and write reviews
  • Fast deliveries
  • Reliability and quality of products


  • Not having access to amazon seller 
  •                 Amazon did not provide any information about the product seller. So you cannot have direct contact with the seller.
  • Lack of interaction 
  •                 You don’t physically touch the product so there is a chance of the wrong product being delivered.
  • Amazon limits your brands.

How to Download Amazon APK

  • Go to your device settings and enable unknown sources
  • Go to the play store and download amazon or you can download it from our site link given below. 

How to install Amazon APK

  • Click on the amazon app it will be open
  • There is an option to install 
  • Click on it
  • Make an account on amazon 
  • After that, there is a home page open 
  • There is a menu bar on the left side of the screen 
  • Choose the right option and start shopping

What’s new

The latest released version of the Amazon APK is

Features of the new version

  • The latest version of the Amazon APK is for androids with more and more features.
  • You can track your products easily and have faster deliveries. You can also buy products through your card. Users can read barcodes with their phone cameras. 
  • Amazon also provides a feature to know the latest products in the market.


Amazon APK is a shopping app where you can find everything like books, movies, phones, laptops, home appliances, games, etc. You can buy things easily and conveniently through amazon. It will take fine shipping charges and free service charges. 

Amazon is the most used app for shopping globally. It also announces discounts on certain products or for specific seasons so users can take an opportunity to buy products at discounts as well. 

The payment method is very easy. The buyer paid through the card so no chance of losing money.

Amazon is an official and safe application for shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Does Amazon use APK?

Yes, you can also use the APK file of amazon by enabling unknown sources from your phone setting.

Is amazon downloaded by the play store?

For some reason, the Amazon APK file is removed from the google play store so you can directly download amazon APK from our site.

Is the Amazon app free to download?

Yes, it is free for Android and ios users. You can download it without any charges.

What is the size of the Amazon app?

Its size is approximately 60MB for Android.

What's new

  • The latest version of the Amazon APK is for androids with more and more features.
  • You can track your products easily and have faster deliveries. You can also buy products through your card. Users can read barcodes with their phone cameras. 
  • Amazon also provides a feature to know the latest products in the market.



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